Indestructible God King
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Indestructible God King

A modern-day money-grubber transmigrated into a cultivation world, where he dealt craftily with both the righteous and the demonic factions. How will his money-mindedness shape the fate of this world?

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Guan Qi — Watching Chess
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Eastern Fantasy (Xuanhuan) Humor Cultivation Weak-to-Strong Transmigration Smart MC


Original Synopsis:
Wang Ke transmigrated to the Divine Continental Planet with his ancestral enchanted sword. In a fortuitous encounter, he obtained the Great Solar Indestructible Divine Cultivation Technique. With a sword in hand, he purged the world of demons with his overwhelming strength, exposed the unfairness in the world, suppressed the righteous sects, and destroyed the demonic ones. Eventually, he rose to become the indestructible God King.

TL Synopsis: 
Wang Ke was a money-minded merchant with knowledge from modern-day Earth. Possessing a brilliant mind, silver tongue, a ‘uniquely powerful’ cultivation technique, and some luck, he overcame the obstacles that stood in his way.
He once rescued an influential princess and escorted her back to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. In return, the Sect Lord took him in as his disciple and later backed his business and dispelled the curse that haunted him. 
However, this newfound position dragged him into conflicts with both the righteous and demonic sects. He treads across a thin rope with his craftiness, fooling both factions and gradually climbing to prominent positions on both sides. 
With all that had been said and done, money remained his top priority; he was determined to use his knowledge from modern Earth to rake in big bucks!
How would this money-grubbing fellow influence the balance between righteous and demonic, and the fate of the entire world?

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