Chapter 29.1: The More Words, the More Powerful It Is (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 29.1: The More Words, the More Powerful It Is (1/2)

Heavenly Wolf Sect!

Wang Ke was not in a hurry to rush into practicing the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.” It was too peculiar after all; he decided to wait and ask his revered teacher about cultivation techniques in general first.

Chen Tianyuan finished the sect’s issues and went to see Wang Ke.

“Revered teacher, my subordinates will be in charge of all the maintenance for now. Meanwhile, Princess Youyue will need some servants, so I decided to have my subordinates settle down, to send them out later!” Wang Ke reported respectfully.

“How’s the princess?” Chen Tianyuan was curious.

“Princess Youyue has a scar on her face. She’s still getting used to it!” Wang Ke replied with a bitter smile.

Wang Ke had seen the scar before, but somehow, Princess Youyue had recently been trying to hide the scar from him; so much so that she refused to show up.

“The princess is of noble birth; she grew up in great comfort and countless maidservants. Being the case, get your subordinates to stay and serve the princess!” Chen Tianyuan nodded.

“Yes, revered teacher!” Wang Ke’s eyes glistened.

The Heavenly Wolf Sect has abundant spiritual Qi. If my subordinates can stay here as servants, won’t they be like disciples?The only difference would be their official position!

“What about Zhang Zhengdao?” Chen Tianyuan was curious.

“He started sulking after unlocking the seal of a storage bangle yesterday, then shut himself away!” Wang Ke replied.

Chen Tianyuan was puzzled. Sulking? But Chen Tianyuan didn't really care.

“Okay, I’ve been busy for quite a while. Today, I will take you to choose a cultivation technique!” Chen Tianyuan said.

“Thank you, revered teacher!” Wang Ke’s eyes lit up.

Chen Tianyuan lifted Wang Ke and flew toward a valley on his flying sword.

“That’s the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Cultivation Technique Library. There reside our twelve elders who specialize in teaching cultivation techniques! All of them are Golden Core disciples who had no hope of reaching the Astral Infant stage, but they are extremely loyal to the sect. That is why they were chosen as elders and were tasked with teaching cultivation techniques to our disciples!” Chen Tianyuan explained.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples don’t learn from their own revered teachers? They are taught by these elders?” Wang Ke was astonished.

Why does this sound like modern schools?Twelve Teaching Elders are like school teachers?

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect is different from other sects. Our disciples are grouped into four halls and are under the authority of the four Hall Lords! East Wolf Hall, South Wolf Hall, West Wolf Hall and North Wolf Hall! Each has an appointed Hall Lord. I used to be the North Wolf Hall Lord. Once I became Sect Lord, my first disciple took over my Hall Lord position; that’s your senior apprentice-brother. However, he’s out on a highly classified mission with the other disciples from the North Wolf Hall, so I can’t tell you more about him!” Chen Tianyuan continued explaining.

“Under the Sect Lord, there are four Hall Lords who respectively lead a quarter of all the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples? Murong Luguang tried to hold his wedding at the East Wolf Hall’s gate. Does that mean he belongs to that Hall?” Wang Ke came to a realization.

“Correct! Disciple seniority is determined in our sect by how powerful a disciple is! It’s sufficient for ordinary Innate Stage disciples to receive their cultivation techniques from the library's elders. But, for Golden Core disciples, the four Hall Lords will take turns to provide guidance. I also take time to give pointers to Golden Core stage disciples, hoping they can grow to reach the Astral Infant stage! At the same time, our sect’s disciples can also earn rewards by slaying demons!” Chen Tianyuan said.

“No wonder you only have two direct disciples! That means the four Hall Lords also have only a few disciples! They can at most be regarded as lecturers, right?” Wang Ke wondered.

“You’re right; you need to cultivate, and so do we. Even though our longevity increases when we become Astral Infant cultivators, we cannot waste time taking in a lot of disciples. I have two, and that’s more than enough!” Chen Tianyuan said.

Wang Ke was quite perplexed.

“Why? Does it sound too different from the immortal sects you heard about before?” Chen Tianyuan chuckled.

“Yes, I feel that the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s mode of operation is not following the immortal ways. It’s more like…!” Wang Ke said with a frown.

“Like what?” Chen Tianyuan was expecting Wang Ke to continue.

“Like a military camp, uhh no, like an army camp! Revered teacher, you are the chief general, while the four Hall Lords are generals leading soldiers on the field; the disciples under the four halls are the soldiers!” Wang Ke answered with a weird expression on his face.

Chen Tianyuan looked toward Wang Ke, surprised. There was praise in his eyes, but he needed no further explanation.

The two of them landed in front of a great hall.

Two elders instantly welcomed them.

“Greetings, Sect Lord!” The two elders bowed at Chen Tianyuan respectfully.

“Teaching Elders, this is my direct disciple Wang Ke. Please guide him along if he ever comes to ask for assistance while I’m not around!” Chen Tianyuan smiled.

“Sect Lord, you are too courteous!”

“We will surely do our best!” 

The two Teaching Elders were extremely courteous toward Wang Ke, and the latter returned the favor with a respectful bow.

After having gone through the recent demon-slaying war, only a few disciples were found at the library.

The elders led the pair into the Cultivation and Skills Library. There were two levels inside; the first level was already filled with densely packed manuals.

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“The first level consists of all sorts of spells, sword skills, as well as methods to craft treasures and brew medicines! All of these are skills! All the cultivation techniques are on the second floor. Follow me!” 

Chen Tianyuan took Wang Ke directly to the Cultivation and Skills Library. All the books and manuals on the second floor seemed to be divided into four categories; each category contained about a hundred books in total.

Wang Ke looked at the four hundred books with open amazement. “The Heavenly Wolf Sect is indeed a top immortal sect in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. We already have hundreds of cultivation techniques as it is!” 

The two teaching elders smiled at each other without uttering a word, as though having grown accustomed to dealing with bumpkins.

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