Chapter 28.2: Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 28.2: Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique (2/2)

“Virtue merits? No wonder those cultivators were so desperate for them! It’s awesome!” said Wang Ke, excited by the results.

But the next moment, he felt that the virtue merits received some kind of guidance and rushed into his core cradle—

And there was a long golden sword inside his core cradle: The Indestructible Solar Divine Sword!

That treasure had been passed down to Wang Ke by his ancestors while he was still on Earth. He had activated the sword with his blood by coincidence, and the sword transmigrated Wang Ke across galaxies until he reached the current planet. It was a pity that the energy sealed within the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword had been used up after arriving on that planet. It had then turned into a golden radiance which slumbered inside Wang Ke’s body.

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Wang Ke thought there was no way to activate the sword again until a decade before. It was when Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao had dug out the ancestral grave of a bestial demon king, a demon who had faked its death and jumped on them. Zhang Zhengdao fled immediately and left Wang Ke to his own demise. Just when Wang Ke despaired since the suddenly not-dead demon was about to kill him, the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword automatically protected its owner and slaughtered that demon.

Alas, after the demon died, a vaporous black ball enveloped the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword. That was the starting point of a decade filled with misfortune for Wang Ke.

It was then that the virtue merits entered Wang Ke’s body, which were absorbed by the ancestral sword immediately. The sword instantly glowed with a blinding brilliance.

My ancestral sword needs virtue merits to activate? Wang Ke was surprised.

He suddenly heard a shriek coming from within his body. Wang Ke focused his mind and immediately realized it originated from the gaseous ball enveloping his ancestral sword. The odd sphere transformed into the shape of the demon that had attacked him. The demon seemed to be struggling for dear life while the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword hacked and slashed at him.

“Roar! No, no! Merge with me, merge with me! No, no~~~~~~!” the gaseous demon cried out miserably.

Wang Ke was so shocked by this that his scalp grew numb.

“The divine sword didn’t fully kill the demon? The demon had actually hidden inside my body? If not for the sword’s protection, I would have been possessed by the demon?” Wang Ke was horrified.

“Little pal, put your divine sword away. Please! I have many cultivation techniques! Countless treasures! I will give them all to you! If you’re willing to merge with me, I will give all my cultivation techniques to you and make you become number one in the world, number one!” The dark, vaporous demon pleaded pathetically.

Only Wang Ke could influence the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword at the moment; the demon would be spared if he so agreed.

“You think I’m stupid? Merge with you? Merge your head! You can’t even deal with my ancestral sword, and you promise to make me become number one in the world? Ptooey!” Wang Ke spat his saliva in disdain.

“Ahh, no! Ahhhh~~~~!” The demon gave his last cry for help.


The next moment, the gaseous black demon was obliterated by the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword. Wang Ke instantly basked in a golden radiance.

The divine sword showed a greater affinity towards Wang Ke after being infused with virtue merits.

Still, Wang Ke remained incapable of taking it out from his core cradle.

It’s okay if I can’t take you out, as long as you protect me the need arises. Since you’ve absorbed that many virtue merits, you should become more powerful. You are the treasure that my ancestors passed down to me. O my ancestral treasure, protect me well… I’m the only descendant from the Wang family back on Earth!

Wang Ke looked forward to the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword’s response, but there was none because it was just an inanimate object after all.

Still, after the great amount of virtue merits entered the sword, it projected densely packed words in Wang Ke’s core cradle.

The font was very small, and Wang Ke was only able to “see clearly” by sensing with his mind.

Wang Ke read the instructions: ‘This cultivation technique belongs to my Wang Clan’s descendants. Work hard for it and progress quickly to become a Terra Immortal! Still, you must tread carefully as you cultivate!’

“I really have immortal ancestors? This Indestructible Solar Divine Sword really belongs to my ancestors? And my ancestors left me with a cultivation technique? Terra Immortal? What level is that? Is that a cultivation technique for immortals?” Wang Ke talked to himself, ecstatic.

He read on carefully while excited for the opportunity.

“‘Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique’? It sounds domineering. Fortune is smiling upon me now! Virtue merits? They’re awesome! Hahaha! Also the Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique!” Wang Ke said to himself, still unable to control his excitement.

But, the excitement in his face died down as he read on. The “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique” was a complete cultivation technique, but there were just too many words; the word count was terrifyingly high.

Layers of densely packed words began to overlap inside Wang Ke’s core cradle. Wang Ke was only able to have a gauge of the word count through his mind.

This cultivation technique has at least twenty billion words! Is it a cultivation technique or an online novel? This many words? It would take me at least three to five years if I read on without eating or drinking! And if I try to briefly understand that profound cultivation technique, fifty to sixty years will pass quickly! And that’s without considering when I start cultivating… And the years I need to cultivate it…! Wang Ke’s face slowly became blackened.

“The immortals I saw on television looked like grandpas and grandmas. Is it because their cultivation manuals had too many words, so they could only start cultivating until they were old?” said Wang Ke in suspicion.

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