Chapter 14.1: Second-hand Flying Sword (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 14.1: Second-hand Flying Sword (1/2)

A second-hand flying sword that’s about to be scrapped?Scrapping flying swords is a thing?

Cracks sprawled across the sword as it squeaked loudly. Plumes of smoke rose from it. The sight of it made Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao fall into despair.

Once She Tianba landed his Wind Divine Kick on the sword, the cracks multiplied, and the sword trembled as though it was going to break apart at any moment.

“Hahaha! Flying sword? You call this a flying sword? Hahahahah!” She Tianba burst out in wild laughter.

He thought he was going to die. He even wanted to kill Wang Ke with a last ditch effort before his imminent death. However, who would have thought that the flying sword was in such a state? He just had to press his Wind Divine Kick against the sword a little longer. He would be able to break it into pieces.

“Quick, kill him!” Princess Youyue cried out fearfully.

Princess Youyue was so regretful that she wanted to slap herself. I should have just let She Tianba go!Why did I talk so much? And, Wang Ke, you should have said earlier that your flying sword is downright scrap material!

Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao endured the pain of their injuries and pounced at She Tianba.

“Booom! Booooom!”

She Tianba punched back at his two attackers and sent them flying back once again.

“No hurry. I will deal with the two of you after I destroy this flying sword. Hahaha!” She Tianba roared in laughter.

While he guffawed, he pressed even harder with his kick. More cracks appeared on the flying sword and the plume of smoke grew larger. It was on the verge of breaking.

“She Tianba, I can still give you a chance if you choose to leave now!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Leave? Haha! Wang Ke, you must be dreaming! Why would I leave now? Don’t worry. I will give you a horrible death. Hahaha, you think I will leave now? I won’t leave even if I die!” She Tianba pressed his leg against the sword even harder while he kept on laughing.

“Then die!” Wang Ke shouted coldly.

Suddenly, countless green rays beamed out from the flying sword.

“What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? You’re detonating your flying sword? No, no... Don’t!” She Tianba screamed.


The flying sword exploded.

Although the flying sword was second-hand and was about to be scrapped, it was because something went wrong with its spell array and stability. Even if it had depleted much of its energy, it was still a flying sword! It was detonated right next to She Tianba, and its explosion was terrifyingly powerful.

The explosion was like a lightning strike from the mighty heavens, lighting up the entire place with its fiery radiance. The dilapidated temple crumbled under the loud explosion; even its broken buddha was rendered to pieces.

Close to the edge of the explosion, Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue screamed as they were sent flying off by the shockwaves. The two vomited blood, but fortunately, they were still alive.

The billowing dust covered the entire vicinity as the old temple collapsed. She Tianba—who was at the epicenter of the explosion—bore the greatest impact. The explosion created a massive crater surrounded by charred earth in front of him. Similarly, She Tianba's body was badly charred and mutilated; he had stopped breathing altogether.

On the other side, Wang Ke had a gigantic enchanted shield that protected him.

After the dust and smoke settled, Wang Ke stored up his shield and immediately searched She Tianba’s body. He only felt relief after making sure that She Tianba was truly dead.

“I asked you to leave, but you stubbornly refused. You see, it’s okay if you die, but my flying sword is gone too. I spent 8,000 pounds of spirit stone on it! 8,000 pounds! You jerk! Ptooey!” Wang Ke felt so angry that he spat at She Tianba.

Then he turned around and looked toward Princess Youyue.

“Princess, are you all right?” Wang Ke asked.

Princess Youyue had already gotten back up. She wiped the blood off her lips and shouted furiously, “Wang Ke, why didn’t you warn us before you detonated your flying sword? Pfffff!”

“Come, use my towel to wipe away the blood. You can still be angry? That means you weren't badly injured. You saw it just now; She Tianba might have run away if I warned you. It would have been the end for us if I didn’t kill him!” Wang Ke explained.

Princess Youyue thought about it and realized that Wang Ke was right.

“Humph! Forget it!” Princess Youyue was unhappy as she wiped away the blood from the corner of her lips.

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“Princess Youyue, I just suffered a huge loss while saving you. This flying sword was worth 8,000 pounds of spirit stone. Remember to refund me after you unseal your storage bangle! Wang Ke laughed.

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

Youyue used to be a princess and was accustomed to seeing large sums of money. She couldn't be bothered about 8,000 pounds of spirit stone, but that was her very first time experiencing how straightforward Wang Ke handled debts.

“Brother Wang, ouch! I’m so badly injured!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out miserably nearby.

Wang Ke walked up to Zhang Zhengdao and saw him covered with mud, looking quite miserable.

“Stop acting. Where is She Tianba’s storage bag? And his saber, give them to me now!” Wang Ke demanded.

“Brother Wang, where’s your conscience? Look at how miserable I am. Can you let me have them, please?” Zhang Zhengdao pleaded pitifully.

Princess Youyue looked at Zhang Zhengdao sympathetically and criticized Wang Ke for being so heartless.

“Should I do it myself? If that happens, whatever I find will belong to me,” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

Zhang Zhengdao’s face froze upon hearing that. Only then did he take out a storage bag and passed it to Wang Ke. After that, he stood up swiftly and cleaned off the mud on him as though he was only slightly injured.

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