Chapter 13.2: The Sabotaging Princess Youyue (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 13.2: The Sabotaging Princess Youyue (2/2)

Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue took out their swords and attempted to deflect the attack.


Following a loud boom, She Tianba’s slash sent them flying backwards again; they vomited blood and shrieked miserably in midair. However, Wang Ke managed to evade that slash.

“Wang Ke, where’s your camaraderie. Didn’t we agree to charge together? Why did you dodge!” Zhang Zhengdao shouted after he crashed into the ground and vomited blood.

“The two of you can rest for now. I will deal with She Tianba!” Wang Ke said as he shook his head.

“What? You alone?” Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

“You?” She Tianba was also stunned. “You want to deal with me alone? Hahaha. Wang Ke, am I too intimidating that you were shocked dumb? You think you can fight against my Wind Divine Technique?”

“The poor rely on mutation. The rich rely on technology. Ptooey, no, wrong... You, She Tianba, rely on a cultivation technique to cultivate. I, on the other hand, rely on my wealth to cultivate!” Wang Ke said coldly.

“Rely on your wealth?” She Tianba was at a loss.

“I’m wealthy, so I can buy enchanted artifacts! Look, how’s my sword?” Wang Ke laughed.

Then, he took out a long green sword from his storage bag. The sword looked average at best, but it started glowing with a green radiance the moment Wang Ke took it out. A horrifying and murderous aura locked onto She Tianba, which made the powerful cultivator’s hair instantly stand on end.

She Tianba instinctively felt that something was wrong. Just when he was about to charge, he saw Wang Ke release his sword grip and the sword strangely levitated in the air.

The sword hovered in the air, without anything propping it up.

“Flying... flying sword?” She Tianba cried out, not daring to move an inch.

Zhang Zhengdao wiped the blood off his lips and said in astonishment, “Wang Ke, where did you get a flying sword? I didn’t expect you to have an enchanted artifact of that level!”

“Flying sword? Impossible. How can you have a flying sword? Very few Golden Core Stage cultivators in the immortal sects have the privilege of getting a flying sword. Only Astral Infant Stage cultivators can forge flying swords. Impossible! You’re merely an insignificant Innate Stage cultivator. How can you have a flying sword!” She Tianba screamed.

Zhang Zhengdao was elated. He said, “A flying sword can even become the Guardian Treasure of a small immortal sect. You can control the flying sword with your mind and instantly behead someone from miles away in an instant. Not even Golden Core cultivators would dare to fight against it. Wang Ke, you’re so rich! Where did you get it?”

The flying sword was locked onto She Tianba at the moment; he was stock-still, not daring to charge forward. That was an artifact that could slay even a Golden Core cultivator in an instant. What should I do?

“Don’t move. Put your hands up. I’ll shoot if you don’t! …I mean, I’ll shoot my sword!” Wang Ke said coldly.

She Tianba’s face froze. Since there was a flying sword aiming at him like an arrow that could be released at any moment, She Tianba didn’t even dare to blink. Wang Ke, what kind of fortune did you stumble upon to get a flying sword?If you have a flying sword, why did you come to the Zhu Cultivation Town?

Wind Divine Technique?It’s useless!Could it be that I’m really a poor bastard?My poverty limited my imagination?The rich only have to rely on enchanted artifacts to cultivate? The ball was suddenly on Wang Ke’s court again; he would decide She Tianba’s fate.

She Tianba wallowed in despair, cursing himself for being so unlucky.

Wang Ke then ordered, “Zhang Zhengdao, take his weapons and search him!”

“Haha! This is something I’m good at!” said an excited Zhang Zhengdao who jumped to handle She Tianba.

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The latter didn’t offer any resistance because the flying sword was aimed at him. Zhang Zhengdao took his saber and his storage bag; he could only be angry and frustrated about it

Damn. Wang Ke already cheated me of all my money. And now, you’re going to rob me blind?

“Clan Lord Wang... There are too many misunderstandings between us. Feel free to rescue Princess Youyue, if that’s what you want. We have no deep grudges between us. Why not just let me go? I promise you the She Clan will never trouble you again. No, we’ll definitely turn around and take a detour if we ever encounter your clan members!” She Tianba pleaded.

“Clan Lord She, everything that’s happened was of your own choosing. You asked for it! I didn't intend for more people to die!” Wang Ke sighed.

“Yes, yes. I asked for it. I won’t do it again. Wang Ke, thank you for showing me mercy. I will take my leave now!” She Tianba wanted to twist things around in order to leave immediately.

“You cannot let him go! He killed two of my subordinates and damaged my face!” Princess Youyue refused to let She Tianba go.

She Tianba’s face froze. Your face is already in such an inhumane state, and you’re still concerned about the scar I left?

“Princess Youyue, I know I offended you previously. But those were the Golden Crow Sect’s instructions. I’m also a victim here!” She Tianba laughed bitterly.

Wang Ke continued to point his flying sword at She Tianba. He only wanted to intimidate him.

But when Princess Youyue saw that he had the advantage, she refused to let him go.

“No, Wang Ke, you cannot let him go just like that. I can take care of him if you’re too forgiving. I will do my best to help you enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Quick, cripple him first, then give him to me!” Princess Youyue said angrily.

“Princess Youyue! Be merciful whenever possible!” Wang Ke attempted to persuade the princess.

“No way!” Princess Youyue insisted.

She Tianba felt utter despair because of the princess’ words. Ask for forgiveness, and it’s useless?Since I’m going to die anyway, it’s better if I risk it.

“Wang Ke, I will not make it easy for you since you want me to die. Wind Divine Kick!” She Tianba roared as he pounced toward Wang Ke.

“Die!” Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao said while laughing.

Only Wang Ke was indignant. This princess is really here to sabotage me!She Tianba was already about to retreat. And yet you sabotage me again?

While outraged, Wang Ke could only retaliate with his flying sword.

Unfortunately, the flying sword was not what everyone expected. It didn't move in a flash; instead it hobbled like a dying old man. It shivered before flying slowly toward She Tianba.


The flying sword clashed against She Tianba’s kick. Immediately after, numerous cracks could be seen on the sword, as though about to disintegrate.

The Wind Divine Kick and the flying sword locked onto each other. But the flying sword squeaked under pressure and even released a plume of thick, black smoke. It was going to break!

“What’s happening?” Princess Youyue asked in a daze.

“My flying sword is second-hand! You really think that any immortal would sell me a flying sword? The deal was made only because this sword was about to be scrapped. I only wanted to scare She Tianba away, but then you called him back. Are you She Tianba’s spy?” Wang Ke was so frustrated that he almost vomited blood.

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