Chapter 14.2: Second-hand Flying Sword (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 14.2: Second-hand Flying Sword (2/2)

Zhang Zhengdao was only pretending?

Princess Youyue was stunned. She felt so aggrieved that she almost vomited blood again. She was the truly miserable one. Why did I pity him? He was only pretending.Zhang Zhengdao is too shameless!

Wang Ke ignored Zhang Zhengdao’s pretense. He then inspected She Tianba’s storage bag carefully.

“Brother Wang, you don’t trust me?” Zhang Zhengdao protested unhappily.

“You’ve never been trustworthy. Of course I have to take a look!” Wang Ke replied, without caring about Zhang Zhengdao’s feelings.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Wang Ke was satisfied after looking through the storage bag. As for the treasures inside, Wang Ke did take them out for the other two to see, and simply put it away. The only thing he took out was a golden token.

“Hmm? A Golden Crow Token in She Tianba’s storage bag? How?” Zhang Zhengdao said ini shock.

“A Golden Crow Token?” Wang Ke asked.

“This is a Golden Crow Token. It represents the authority of the Golden Crow Sect Lord. Although the holder cannot give orders on behalf of the Sect Lord, Golden Crow Sect disciples still have to be respectful! How could She Tianba get it?” Zhang Zhengdao was perplexed.

“It must have been given to him by a Golden Crow Sect disciple, all to give him the authority to find us!” Wang Ke analyzed.

“To capture the princess, they are even willing to give out the Golden Crow Token so easily?” Zhang Zhengdao was surprised by this.

“A Golden Crow Token then, isn’t that great? We can finally stop hiding. With this, we can walk blatantly toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Wang Ke’s eyes glowed.

“Oh?” The other two also brightened up.

“Our disguises were quite successful. If not for your ‘perfect’ cooperation, not even She Tianba would have recognized us. If that’s the case, it would be even more difficult for other people to find us. Secondly, the Golden Crow Sect disciples and the Zhu Cultivation Town’s cultivators should have locked down all the paths heading toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect. But even so, no one can stop us because we have the Golden Crow Token!” Wang Ke laughed.

“Yeah!” Their eyes glowed in joy.

“Let’s go, right now!” Princess Youyue said expectantly.

“Hold on!” Wang Ke suddenly stopped the two.

“What else?” Princess Youyue asked in confusion.

“Princess Youyue, take some time to recover. Zhang Zhengdao, bury She Tianba! Remove all the evidence first!” Wang Ke ordered.

“What? Why me?” Zhang Zhengdao was reluctant.

“Just now, I was forced to detonate a flying sword because of your mistakes. That’s 8,000 pounds of spirit stones,” Wang Ke said with a grim expression, “I only wanted Princess Youyue to repay me. Or do you want to share the costs? ”

Zhang Zhengdao was stunned. “Brother Wang, let’s not talk about money. I really don’t like it when people talk to me about money! I love burying dead bodies! It’s my favorite hobby! You’re in luck!”

As he spoke, Zhang Zhengdao shamelessly headed over to bury She Tianba’s corpse, all for the sake of not paying for Wang Ke’s sword.

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

Soon, She Tianba’s corpse was buried beside the ruins of the old temple.

The three of them did a simple clean-up in the vicinity. Once they made sure there were no traces left, they touched up their disguises and continued their journey.

The three headed directly toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect with the Golden Crow Token. They naturally chose not to let the princess lead the way; Wang Ke took the lead instead.

However, on the second day the trio left, a blood-colored radiance appeared in the ruins of the Demon Suppressing Temple. Something that resembled blood welled up from underground and flowed into the place where She Tianba was buried.


A hand suddenly burst out from the ground. Next, a corpse, or rather, a person climbed out. It was She Tianba.

Wasn’t She Tianba dead?

She Tianba then sat in the muddy crater. A droplet of blood was between his brows like a worm digging into his forehead, to later disappear inside.

She Tianba’s body spasmed before he woke up and looked around in a daze.

“I... I’m still alive? Wang Ke’s flying sword didn't kill me?” She Tianba climbed out of the crater in confusion.

His entire body was charred and extremely weakened. After looking around, he left the place, staggering and stumbling along the way. Soon, he disappeared into the forest.

Another three days later. A young monk wearing a red kasaya appeared at the ruined temple. He had a chain of blood-colored beads in his hand. His face twitched uncontrollably as he looked at the ruins of the Demon Suppressing Temple.”

“Amitābha!” I only left this place for less than a month. Who bombed the temple that I’m supposed to guard? Who? Who did this? Which dumba** did this? I dare you to tell me your name! Even a rat will leave this rundown temple hungry, and yet you’re unwilling to let it be? You think this is your home? Do you have any conscience? Where am I supposed to live now? Amitābha, Amitābha. I cannot be angry. But, damn. I cannot calm down! You bombed this old temple. I will be the one held responsible! Since you bombed this temple, the imprisoned blood demon escaped! The Ten-thousand Great Mountains will descend into chaos! How am I supposed to tell this to the Chief Monk? This is more than enough to get me fired! Now I need to hide!” The monk stomped in anger.

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