Chapter 15.1: Murong LuGuang’s Grand Wedding (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 15.1: Murong LuGuang’s Grand Wedding (1/2)

Half a month later, in the Zhu Cultivation Town! The She Clan!

Zhang Shenxu looked at the group of She Clan members with narrowed eyes and the fan in his hand.

“She Tianba hasn't returned yet?” Zhang Shenxu said coldly.

“Immortal, we were either searching for Princess Youyue or waiting for updates from the Clan Chief after you left. It has been more than half a month, no news came from our Clan Chief. We…!” the She Clan members said, trembling in fear.

Another Golden Crow Sect disciple behind Zhang Shenxu said, “Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, could it be that She Tianba knew he couldn’t find the princess, so he chose to make a run for it?”

Zhang Shenxu’s face turned stiff. She Tianba ran off?What about my Golden Crow Token?


The She Clan members knelt down. “Immortal Zhang, please quell your anger. Our Clan Chief would never do that. He wouldn’t leave the She Clan and us to meet our doom!” they pleaded.

But it’s been half a month already. Whether you found Princess Youyue or not, you should at least give me an update. My Golden Crow Token is still in your hands!

It’s the Golden Crow Token! That’s the only one I have. If it ended up in the hands of another cultivation clan, wouldn’t I become a laughing stock when I return to my sect?

“Humph. Keep searching! Find She Tianba, or else I will slaughter the entire She Clan!” Zhang Shenxu commanded coldly.

“Yes, sir!” all the She Clan members kowtowed continuously.

The junior cultivator behind him asked, “Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, was your Golden Crow Token used by another person?” 

Zhang Shenxu’s face froze. He thought that his junior apprentice-brother had realized what he had done. It was too shameful for him to continue the conversation. He could only reply with a cold face.

“A few days ago, I met with someone who carried your Golden Crow Token. I asked him where he was heading, but he held his head high and refused to answer! Is he working for you?” that junior apprentice-brother asked curiously.

“What did you say? You’ve seen my Golden Crow Token?” Zhang Shenxu was taken aback.

“Yeah! He answered none of my questions and scolded me! He said that I was just a low-ranking disciple and had no right to question why he was holding such a high-ranking token. I… I didn’t fuss over it because I thought they were working for you. Senior apprentice-brother, I didn’t cause trouble for them!” that junior said.

“What did he look like? Was he She Tianba?” Zhang Shenxu asked curiously.

A She Clan member immediately passed them She Tianba’s portrait.

“Uhh, I don’t think so. It’s hard to describe his appearance, but I’m sure he’s not the man in the portrait!” that junior replied.

“Something happened to She Tianba?” Zhang Shenxu raised his brow.”


“Where? Where are they?” Zhang Shenxu asked as he stared at his junior.

That junior apprentice-brother remembered. “They? I don’t know about their location now. But I think they were heading toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect!”

“Toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Princess Youyue? Oh no!” Zhang Zhenxu was shocked.

As he spoke, he waved his hand.


Two cranes landed beside him.

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Zhang Shenxu leaped on one of the cranes and shouted, “Take me there!”

The two stood on their cranes, which soared into the sky and moved northward.


Eighteen days later, Wang Ke and his companions had finally reached the outskirts of the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

The sect had a vast territory protected by a powerful magical array which encircled countless mountains. Everything inside was veiled by clouds of dense mist, and no outside onlookers could see what was happening inside. Only a stone stele was placed outside the perimeter; it looked massive and impressive.

Somewhere near the Heavenly Wolf Sect, there was a town called the “Wolf Cultivation town.”

The settlement was actually quite close to the sect. Many cultivation clans had flocked to the area, making the Wolf Cultivation Town a few times larger than the Zhu Cultivation Town.

The cultivation town made it convenient for the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples to purchase special products like spirit herbs and materials. That was why the Heavenly Wolf Sect acknowledged the presence of the adjacent cultivation town.

Wang Ke and his companions had recently arrived at the Wolf Cultivation Town and chose to stay in a grand mansion.

“Brother Wang, your clan members are really mysterious. The land in the Wolf Cultivation Town costs as much as gold, yet your clan can purchase such a huge mansion here? This close to the Heavenly Wolf Sect? You can even keep an eye on the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate from your roof!” Zhang Zhengdao exclaimed as he walked up to Wang Ke.

Princess Youyue also walked over after she finished washing up.

Wang Ke was in the courtyard, listening to his subordinate’s report.

“You may leave,” Wang Ke instructed his man.

“Yes, Clan Chief!” That Wang Clan member backed away respectfully.

That clan member was not from the Zhu Cultivation Town; he had been appointed by Wang Ke to settle there a long time before. No one would think he was related to Wang Ke after living there for such a long time.

“I wanted to join the Heavenly Wolf Sect a decade ago. Of course, I must find a way to get in!” Wang Ke explained.

“Wang Ke, I just realized… You really have a lot of secrets! What else do I still not know? Could it be that you’ve stationed subordinates in all the 72 cultivation towns of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains?” Zhang Zhengdao was curious to know.

Wang Ke rolled his eyes and didn't bother to reply. Why would I reveal such confidential matters to you?

“Wang Ke, we’re already outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Why don’t we go in? What are we staying here for?” Princess Youyue asked curiously.

“It’s a habit of mine to settle down for a little while first to know what’s happening up there. Hehe, fortunately, I collected some intel!” Wang Ke then let out a bitter laugh.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Zhengdao was confused.

But Wang Ke looked at Princess Youyue with a troubled expression in his eyes.

“What happened?” Princess Youyue was unable to understand what he meant.

“Now, I finally realized why the Golden Crow Sect wants to capture you!” Wang Ke laughed bitterly.

“Why?” Princess Youyue was puzzled.

“I remember you saying that your eldest apprentice-brother aimed to court you, right? Back then, your mother didn’t allow the two of you to get together. And you’re here now to find your eldest apprentice-brother to begin this relationship?” Wang Ke asked the princess, while looking at her.

“Yeah, it has to do with my eldest apprentice-brother in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. He’s called Murong Luguang, who is a Golden Core cultivator. He previously rose in ranks and became the Great General in the Ghoul Empire to pursue my love. He was a hero to the Ghoul Empire, but my mother rejected his multiple requests to marry me. He told me that he would only love me for the rest of his life and that he would wait until my mother allowed us to get married. When that time comes, he will marry me with a grand wedding ceremony!” Princess Youyue seemed a little shy as she told this to Wang Ke.

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