Chapter 15.2: Murong LuGuang’s Grand Wedding (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 15.2: Murong LuGuang’s Grand Wedding (2/2)

“If Murong Luguang loves you so much, why did he allow the Golden Crow Sect to catch you?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, feeling puzzled.

“It must be... It must be that Brother Murong doesn't know about the bounty!” Princess Youyue immediately tried to defend her lover.

“It’s been such a long time. Could he really not know?” Zhang Zhengdao was a little suspicious.

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Princess Youyue threw him a stare and threatened, “Zhang Zhengdao, I’m going to beat you up if you continue to slander my Brother Murong!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll stop!” Zhang Zhengdao immediately relented and looked toward Wang Ke. “Brother Wang, you’re not done telling us. Why does the Golden Crow Sect want to capture the princess?”

“Because the Golden Crow Sect wants to prevent Princess Youyue from arriving at the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Wang Ke said after a short pause.

“Why?” Princess Youyue was at a loss.

“Because... Tomorrow is Murong Luguang’s wedding day!” Wang Ke explained.

“Wedding? Brother Murong’s wedding? Impossible. You must be joking!” Princess Youyue was petrified.

“Murong Luguang? Who is he marrying?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, intrigued.

“A Golden Crow Sect’s disciple, Zhang Li’er!” Wang Ke explained.

“Zhang Li’er? The Golden Crow Sect’s eldest apprentice-sister? I heard that she’s a ruffian. I didn’t expect that someone would actually marry her! How is that possible?” Zhang Zhengdao was baffled.

“Their marriage seems like a political one. The Golden Crow Sect takes it seriously and will not allow anyone to disrupt it. But the Heavenly Wolf Sect also appears to be looking forward to their marriage, so they pretended not to see the bounty set up by Zhang Li’er’s younger brother, Zhang Shenxu. Her younger brother took the initiative to capture Princess Youyue and prevent her from disrupting the wedding!” Wang Ke explained.

“Zhang Li'er has a younger brother? Zhang Shenxu? How didn’t I know that? I’ve never heard about him. Did he come from outside the Ten-thousand Great Mountains?” Zhang Zhengdao frowned as he thought hard about that person.

“My subordinate said that Zhang Shenxu came back from outside the Ten-thousand Great Mountains because of his sister’s wedding. He hasn’t appeared in public to make things easy for his missions. The Golden Crow Sect has given him a Golden Crow Token to authenticate his identity!” Wang Ke clarified.

“Could that be the token we took from She Tianba?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“You’re right. Zhang Shenxu tasked She Tianba and his men to search for us. Zhang Shenxu was able to give She Tianba orders because he could defeat the latter with one finger! Zhang Shenxu should be a Golden Core cultivator!” Wang Ke explained with knitted brows.

“Impossible! That’s impossible! You must be lying to me! How can he marry another woman? He promised he would give me a grand wedding. It’s impossible!” Princess Youyue cried out with tears streaming from her eyes.

“You mean that even if we pay the Heavenly Wolf Sect a visit, they would never let us in, even if they knew Princess Youyue is with us?” Zhang Zhengdao was at a loss.

“What do you think?” Wang Ke replied deeply.

“Then, what should we do?” Zhang Zhengdao asked anxiously...

To expose Princess Youyue was to surrender and fall into their hands. They originally expected the Heavenly Wolf Sect to protect Princess Youyue, but even their expected protector had turned against the princess.

Wang Ke glared at Zhang Zhengdao and asked, “Zhang Zhengdao, let me ask you again. Are you sure that the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord will protect the princess and take her side?” 

“I swear with my lifeblood! For sure! The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord would surely rescue her if he knew the princess was wandering out there, he would surely rescue her! I promise! I’m sure he doesn’t know about the princess, or else he wouldn't have allowed his disciples to act like this!” Zhang Zhengdao swore desperately.

Wang Ke finally believed him after sizing him up for a long time. The risk would be too big if he were to continue helping Princess Youyue to enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

“Wang Ke, take me there. I want to see Brother Murong. I want to meet him and question him face to face. Why is he doing that! I want an explanation from him!” Princess Youyue clenched onto Wang Ke’s sleeves and begged him while overwhelmed by sorrow.

The princess understood that she would be unable to simply enter if she stood at the gate of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Her only hope was Wang Ke.

The latter fell into silence.

Zhang Zhengdao tried to persuade the princess, “Princess Youyue, the Heavenly Wolf Sect is one of the top immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. Their disciples are guarding the gate along with their guardian spell array. We cannot deceive our way in; I wouldn't have waited for a decade if he could do that! I think we should just wait here. The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord will come out one day! Why don’t we give it a try when he’s out?”

“No, we can’t. Brother Murong’s wedding is tomorrow. He promised to marry me… How can he marry another person? Why must I wait here? I’m going to question him personally! I want him to explain this to me!” Princess Youyue sobbed with reddened, tearful eyes.

Zhang Zhengdao felt helpless at the moment. With the current situation, how is it possible for us to enter the sect?

In the meantime, Wang Ke was pacing back and forth with a frown beside them.

Princess Youyue suddenly squatted down and bawled. “Bwaaah! My mother left me. All the officials and generals betrayed me. And now, even Brother Murong…!”

“Stop crying!” said Wang Ke after taking a deep breath.

The princess then looked up at Wang Ke with teary eyes.

“I will get you in!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Brother Wang, are you nuts? That’s the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Can you go in? Both the Golden Crow and Heavenly Wolf Sects have their eyes on you, and yet you dare promise to help the princess to get in? How can that be possible?” Disbelief was written all over Zhang Zhengdao’s face.

“There’s nothing impossible in this situation; I will fulfill my promise. Not only are we going to enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect, we will do so by the main gate in the most blatant manner! Not only that, even the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples will also give us a warm welcome and invite us in!” Wang Ke said in a serious tone.

“Thank you, Wang Ke!” Princess Youyue said with watery eyes.

“Oh no.” Zhang Zhengdao’s jaw dropped. “Wang Ke has gone insane!”

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