Chapter 16.1: Electrified (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 16.1: Electrified (1/2)

The second day—Wolf Cultivation Town! Inside Wang Ke’s mansion.

“Wang Ke, I don’t want to meet Brother Murong with a disguise!” Princess Youyue looked toward Wang Ke expectantly.

“You want to remove your disguise?” Wang Ke asked with a frown…

“Yes. I want to meet him with my most beautiful appearance. Can I?” Princess Youyue requested as she looked at Wang Ke.

Princess Youyue’s heart was tormented after learning of Murong Luguang’s betrayal. She didn't want to look unsightly when she confronted him; she wanted to look her best when she met him. Even if she was rejected, at least she wouldn't look too miserable. Or, it might be her last ditch effort.

“I intend to become a Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple through you. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything! Not only will I not let you end up miserable, I will also make you the highlight of this wedding. You will become the most beautiful woman in the entire ceremony! But first, go and remove your pimples!” Wang Ke took out a box of antiseptic cream and gave it to the princess.

The princess applied the cream on her face while checking herself on the mirror. The pimples disappeared quickly; her skin became smooth and clean as usual in a short while. Still, the grim-looking scar left by She Tianba remained.

“Ha, it’s a scar. It could have been worse!” Princess Youyue looked at the scar and laughed bitterly.

Wang Ke shook his head and said, “We are far from done. Hold on, let me get someone!”

“Oh?” Princess Youyue was confused.

Soon, Wang Ke summoned a lady. “Little cousin sister, I shall entrust you with Princess Youyue’s scar!” Wang Ke instructed. That lady replied with great respect, “Rest assured, Clan Lord. With the help of the foundation and BB cream you personally made, my skills will surely satisfy your needs!”

Wang Ke nodded, “Good. Help Princess Youyue with the scar. I will take my leave to make some arrangements!”

“Yes, Clan Lord!” The little cousin sister acknowledged respectfully.

Princess Youyue was at a loss. She saw the little cousin sister take out a box and open it in a very ritualistic fashion. She made adjustments to the brushes inside and dipped them into oddly-looking liquids before applying them on her face.

Princess Youyue was increasingly amazed as she looked at her own reflection in the mirror. The terrifying scar on her face seemed to have been repaired. No, more like concealed. It only took a short while for the scar to disappear from her face. It was as though her face had really been restored.

Even though she knew it was only makeup, it was too amazing for her. Women always had appearance as one of their main topics of interest. Wang Ke’s little cousin sister was this good as a makeup artist? It seemed that this girl was a good choice to pursue a deeper friendship with!

“This... My face...? You’re Wang Ke’s little cousin sister? Why are you such a good makeup artist? What’s your profession?” Princess Youyue asked in shock.

“I used to work as a mortician!” The little cousin sister replied without further details.

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

Someone who prepares the dead?And puts makeup on dead bodies? Princess Youyue was at a loss for words. She then gave up the idea of making friends with the little cousin sister; she just sat there and allowed the makeup artist to do her work.

The makeup did more than just recover her former beauty; it made her look even more glamorous. Princess Youyue looked extremely beautiful and charming.

Soon, a maidservant appeared to deliver a fresh set of clothing.

The maidservant walked up to the princess and said, “Clan Lord’s instruction. Please change into this bridal gown!” 

“Bridal gown?” Princess Youyue observed the peculiar red bridal gown.

“Clan Lord calls this Qipao. He personally designed it for you, and we tailored it as fast as we could! Please put it on. Clan Lord is waiting!” the maidservant explained.

Wang Ke’s little cousin sister left after she finished with the makeup.

Bridal gown?What’s a Qipao? Princess Youyue was confused but she still listened to the instructions.

The little cousin sister’s makeup further refined the princess’ already beautiful facial features, making her even more dazzling to the eyes. The bridal Qipao revealed her magnificent figure, making her look extraordinarily gorgeous.

Princess Youyue was amazed as she looked at herself in the mirror. That Qipao was prettier than all the dresses in her wardrobe. Her long legs looked even more attractive and elegant, fading in and out of the gown. The only embarrassing part was the overly revealing breast area, which spoiled the immortal-like look. Princess Youyue felt that she had never been so beautiful before.

“Wang Ke? How does he know my size? In any case, this Qipao is prettier than all the wedding gowns I’ve ever seen before!” Princess Youyue marveled.

“Princess, are you done?” Wang Ke’s voice came from outside the door.

“I’m done!” She opened the door and walked out with elegant strides. Her extraordinary beauty and the bright red Qipao were quite dazzling to everyone’s eyes.

Wang Ke, Zhang Zhengdao, and a group of Wang Ke’s subordinates were standing outside in the courtyard at the moment.

Wang Ke’s subordinates only dared to take a glance, but Wang Ke was shocked. He felt that a cord in his heart had been strummed, and his heart was pumping excitedly, falling for her beauty. The only time he had felt this before was when he had a secret infatuation for a senior back in his school on Earth.

“How do I look?” the princess asked.

“Waahh. Princess Youyue, your beauty is out of this world!” Zhang Zhengdao praised profusely, and she was very pleased. She looked toward Wang Ke with a thankful gaze and said, “Wang Ke, your gown is so gorgeous!”

Wang Ke’s heart trembled as he returned from his daze.

“Brother Wang, why are you standing like a mute block?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“I was electrified!” Wang Ke mumbled instinctively.

“Electrified? Why electrified?” Zhang Zhengdao was unable to understand.

Ignoring Zhang Zhengdao, Wang Ke turned his eyes away from the princess and tried to suppress the fire burning in his heart. What’s wrong with me?I fell for her because of how sexy she is?No! This is a man’s normal appreciation of beauty!

Wang Ke took a deep breath. “Okay, princess,” he said, “Time to get on the palanquin. We will go and pay a visit to the Heavenly Wolf Sect now!”

Only at this moment did Princess Youyue realize that Wang Ke’s subordinates had been arranged like a wedding procession, surrounding a grand palanquin carried by eight men. 

TL: An eight-man palanquin signified a grand wedding.

“This is...?” Princess Youyue asked in surprise.

“From now on, you are Zhang Li'er! We are your bridal entourage!” Wang Ke explained.

“You asked me to change into a bridal gown to disguise as Zhang Li'er so that we can sneak into the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Princess Youyue was shocked.

Wang Ke replied, “Yes. This is the only chance for us to enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect today. This is also the quickest way for you to meet Murong Luguang!”

The princess bit her lips and finally nodded. “Okay, I will listen to you.”

She slowly stepped into the palanquin while Zhang Zhengdao asked with uncertainty, “Brother Wang, can we really fool our way into the sect with this? The people guarding the gate are disciples of the Heavenly Wolf Sect! They are not fools!”

“Let’s try!” Wang Ke said with determination in his eyes.

“Try? What if we are exposed?” Zhang Zhengdao stared at Wang Ke.

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“No worries. You’ll be standing at the front to bear the blame for whatever problem may arise,” Wang Ke explained.

“Me? Stand at the front? What do you mean? Wang Ke, you better explain this clearly. Are you going to trick me again?” Zhang Zhengdao shouted.

“Raise the palanquin and move out!” Wang Ke instructed with a deep voice.

“Yes, Clan Lord!” Wang Ke’s men raised the luxuriously decorated palanquin and headed out of the mansion.


On a high peak outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect—

Zhang Shenxu and his fellow Golden Crow Sect disciples were keeping watch from that vantage point. One of the fellow disciples tried to persuade the former, “Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, let’s stop this monitoring. Six more hours and our eldest apprentice-sister’s bridal party will be here! We should get ready to get down and welcome them!”

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