Chapter 16.2: Electrified (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 16.2: Electrified (2/2)

“No,” Zhang Shenxu replied with narrowed eyes, “We still haven’t found Princess Youyue!”

“We have already investigated the area for any news about three people holding your token. No one knows where they went. Let’s forget about it!” The junior apprentice kept trying to persuade him.

“No way. There’s no room for mistakes when it comes to my older sister’s wedding! What if Princess Youyue comes to stir trouble? We haven’t searched in the Wolf Cultivation Town!” Zhang Shenxu looked afar at the cultivation town.

“The Wolf Cultivation Town is right beside the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Some of the cultivation clans have the backing of the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples… It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to search there!” said the junior with a bitter smile.

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“Not appropriate?”

“Yeah. Although the Heavenly Wolf Sect pretended not to see that we had set a bounty for the princess, we cannot overdo it either. If we went as far as to rummage at the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s doorsteps, that would be like slapping their faces!” the junior replied.

“Heavenly Wolf Sect? Humph! Why would they care about face?” Zhang Shenxu mocked coldly.

“What you say is true. Everyone knows that Murong Luguang joined the Ghoul Empire to pursue Princess Youyue’s love. Even though he pretends not to know that we’re trying to capture the princess, it would be too humiliating for him if we go and search within his turf! After all, he’s going to become your brother-in-law. We mustnt overdo it! Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, you’ve only been in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains recently. You’re still not fully aware of the situation! The Heavenly Wolf Sect has a hot temperament!” the junior replied with a bitter smile.

Zhang Shenxu didn’t answer back after that response.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, don’t worry. The Heavenly Wolf Sect cares deeply for their honor. Even if Princess Youyue were to appear, their disciples will capture her and ensure that the wedding goes as planned! So, you don’t have to worry!” that junior apprentice tried to persuade him again.

After a short silence, Zhang Shenxu responded, “Okay. Go ahead and meet up with the bridal party. I will look around again!”

“Sure! I shall make my move then!” That junior apprentice bowed respectfully and left.

But Zhang Shenxu was in a bad mood. He was seething, just by thinking that Princess Youyue had his Golden Crow Token and that he couldn’t find her.

His older sister’s wedding ceremony would take place on that very day. He could not allow anything to go wrong!

If I were Princess Youyue, what would I do? Would I look for a way to sneak into the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Zhang Shenxu thought about it as he looked toward the entrance of the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

Many Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples stood by the gate, waiting to welcome the bridal party. They were also keeping watch in case anything untoward happened.

“Humph. They have a tight guard on the gate. Princess Youyue will never be able to sneak inside!” Zhang Shenxu laughed coldly.

At this moment, he heard the crashing of cymbals and the high-pitched melody of Suona coming from a faraway forest.

TL: Suona is a woodwind instrument.

“Hmm?” Zhang Shenxu was dazzled.

He saw a group of people dressed in bright red robes carrying a large plaque with words written, like “Silence” and “Make Way.”

They were followed by a musical band consisting of suona, horns, cymbals, and drums. Behind them was a huge crowd of people in festive wear gathered around the grand palanquin decorated with the image of a phoenix.

A bridal party from the mortal realm?

“Is today a special day? I didn’t expect someone to get married on the same day as my older sister. What a coincidence!” Zhang Shenxu exclaimed, smiling.

But the next moment, Zhang Shenxu’s expression changed. Something’s wrong. Why is this bridal party heading toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect?

Someone else is getting married in the Heavenly Wolf Sect?Impossible. Murong Luguang would never commit such a low-level mistake!

Right at that moment, a loud voice called out outside the palanquin, “The Golden Crow Sect’s bridal party is here. Is the Heavenly Wolf Sect not going to welcome us?”

With the boost of his essence Qi, the person’s voice reached the gate of the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples guarding at the gate looked at each other in dismay, “The bridal party from the Golden Crow Sect? They arrived this early?”

While everyone was suspicious, the person who had just cried out suddenly flung a black sphere into the sky.

Zhang Shenxu was shocked because he realized who that person was. She Tianba had shown him that person’s portrait; that person was Zhang Zhengdao, who had posed as him back in the Zhu Cultivation Town; it was the person who had worked in kahoots with Wang Ke to trick She Tianba into handing over the princess. And now, Zhang Zhengdao didn't wear any disguise; he openly and blatantly led the bridal party toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Also… What’s the black ball he threw into the sky?


The black sphere exploded high in the sky while the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were still at a loss. They could see little destructive power, only a bright light and a thousand beams of auspicious colors. The colors filled up the sky and created a never-seen grand and festive atmosphere outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

That was the Grand Ceremonial Light that Princess Youyue had invented. She still had two with her.

The Grand Ceremonial Light instantly boosted the atmosphere. Not even their Sect Lord had enjoyed such a grand display when his succession took place. This must be the Golden Crow Sect’s bridal party! What else could it be?

Those who doubted the bridal party’s authenticity immediately changed their attitude. “Quick! The Golden Crow Sect’s bridal party arrived much earlier. Inform our eldest apprentice-brother! Quick!”

The early arrival of the bridal party disrupted the flow of the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s preparations. This also bolstered Zhang Shenxu’s anger even further.

Today is my older sister’s wedding! And someone is here to stir trouble? Moreover, the troublemaker was Princess Youyue, whom he was supposed to take care of. That was a straight-out face slap for him.

“You bastards! Prepare to die!” Zhang Shenxu raged.

He summoned his crane with a wave of his hand and swooped down toward the fake bridal party while riding his flying mount. He descended from the sky and landed right in front of the bridal party.


Zhang Shenxu landed and blocked the bridal party’s advance.

“How dare you pretend to be our Golden Crow Sect’s bridal party! Are you tired of living?” Zhang Shenxu threatened coldly.

Zhang Zhengdao stood in front of the palanquin and said with a bitter look, “Wang Ke, I told you! We were too conspicuous! It’s over for us now. He’s a Golden Crow Sect disciple, and he knows we’re fake. It’s over for us! We were exposed in the end! Let’s run!”

“Run? Hahaha! Let’s see if you can run away from me!” Zhang Shenxu said coldly.

As he spoke, he fanned toward the bridal party with the white fan in his hands. A violent gale instantly blasted toward Wang Ke and his men, and the ground around them exploded. The horrifying aura paralyzed everyone present.

“Golden Core stage? Oh no! He can kill us all single handedly! Wang Ke, you really got us in big trouble this time!” Zhang Zhengdao said with a bitter look.

“Zhang Zhengdao! Now’s the time for your performance!” Wang Ke pushed Zhang Zhengdao forward.

“Me?” Zhang Zhengdao was at a loss.

“Did you forget what I told you? You can lie down now!” Wang Ke whispered.

“You...” Zhang Zhengdao’s expression changed. “You want me to scam for compensation now? What if I fail? I’ll be dead for sure if he rolls over me! Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“We’ll split the profits equally this time!” Wang Ke said.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes sparkled immediately. He laid down without hesitation.

“Aiyo! I’m so badly injured! Help! Save me! Someone come and save me! Come and see! Someone help me! A pitiful Golden Crow Sect disciple! Help!” Zhang Zhengdao immediately cried out with tears in his eyes.

After the dust and smoke settled down, Zhang Shenxu saw Zhang Zhengdao lying on the ground, and could only be stunned by this. He had only tried to stir up the smoke and dust to prevent them from fleeing. That person was completely healthy! How did he fall?And that look of pain on his face... Is it true he’s badly injured?

Zhang Shenxu stepped forward as he spoke coldly, “You dare to play dead in front of me? Humph. I’ve been searching for you for a long time. You have nowhere to run now!”

But at this moment, a fearsome cry came from the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate.

“Stop, you scoundrel! How dare you murder right at the doorsteps of the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” A crowd of Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples rushed over from afar.

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