Chapter 17.1: Compensation Scam (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 17.1: Compensation Scam (1/2)

Zhang Shenxu’s face turned black, and his heart grew anxious. He swung the folded fan toward the palanquin once again.

“Outrageous!” A loud cry came from afar.


A beam of light was shot toward Zhang Shenxu, which was a flying sword aimed at his head while going at an extreme speed. It would have cut off his head had he not stopped his attack to blast the palanquin.

“Who is that!” Zhang Shenxu turned around in shock and deflected the flying sword with his white fan.


A loud explosion followed. The flying sword flew back after clashing with the white fan, but the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were right by Zhang Shenxu’s face by then. The leading middle-aged man caught the flying sword and stared at Zhang Shenxu.

“Who are you? How dare you act as you please in the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s territory!” said the middle-aged man with glaring eyes.

While all of this happened, Wang Ke’s eyes were glowing as he stood near the palanquin. The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples don’t know the man with the white fan?How fortunate! No need to trouble ourselves with the speech I prepared!

Wang Ke kicked Zhang Zhengdao lightly, prompting him to cry out for help.

“Aiyo! He’s going to murder me. Save me, please! My waist, my intestine! It hurts so much. Aiyo! Help me!” Zhang Shenxu cried out to play the part, which interrupted Zhang Shenxu and the man with the flying sword.

The middle-aged man raised a brow as he pointed toward Zhang Shenxu, “All of you, don’t move! Surround him, and don’t let him escape!”

“Yes, sir!”

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples surrounded Zhang Shenxu while the man with the flying sword looked toward Zhang Zhengdao.

“I’m Sun Song, from the Heavenly Wolf Sect! How are you?” the leading man asked.

Before Zhang Zhengdao could reply, Wang Ke interjected, “My senior apprentice-brother is tasked with escorting our eldest apprentice-sister on the way to her wedding. Where is your hospitality? Are we really being ambushed at your sect’s doorsteps?”

Sun Song felt threatened. It would indeed be a humiliation that such an accident were to take place right outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate, even if the Golden Crow Sect chose not to pursue the matter.

“Don’t listen to his lies! They are fake!” Zhang Shenxu shouted.

Fake? All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were astonished.

“Fake? Hahaha! Well, well, well, Heavenly Wolf Sect. It seems like you have deliberately set up this trap to ambush my eldest apprentice-sister! Does this murderous man work under you? Is he on your side? Did you pick this day intentionally to kill my eldest apprentice-sister and humiliate the Golden Crow Sect? Do you want to break your relationship with the Golden Crow Sect and become our mortal enemies?” Wang Ke snapped at them.

“No, no! We don’t know him!” Sun Song cried out immediately.

“You don’t know him? Ha! We are right at the gate of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. It’s your turf! Do you think you can absolve yourself from all responsibility just by claiming not to know him? My senior apprentice-brother was badly injured while protecting the bride riding the palanquin. You must be held accountable for this!” Wang Ke kept on pursuing the issue.

“I didn't injure him!” Zhang Shenxu cried out in frustration.

Wang Ke. How shameless!Are you trying to peg false claims on me? 

“You didn't injure my senior apprentice-brother, and yet he fell? Let me tell you! My senior apprentice-brother isn’t a nobody; he is the bride’s younger brother. His name is Zhang Shenxu! Have you heard of him?” Wang Ke cried out.

Zhang Shenxu: “................!”

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples looked toward Zhang Zhengdao with frowns. Zhang Zhengdao was stupefied by that revelation. How did I become Zhang Shenxu?

What was the reason for Wang Ke to make Zhang Zhengdao pose as Zhang Shenxu? Because he recognized that his attacker was the real Zhang Shenxu. Although he hadn't seen the Golden Crow Sect disciple’s face, the Wang Clan members had described him in the intel they had collected. Wang Ke knew that Zhang Shenxu was a Golden Core cultivator who rode on a crane and used a white folding fan. It had to be the person in front of him!

The best way to keep him silent was to discredit everything he said.

By being the first to claim Zhang Shenxu’s name… The fake will become real, and the real will become fake!

“He’s Zhang Shenxu?” Sun Song asked in surprise.

Zhang Zhengdao, who was lying on the ground, felt rather uneasy. Wang Ke was really dragging him into a pit by asking him to pose as Zhang Shenxu. I’ll be the one in trouble if the real Zhang Shenxu goes after my life when all this is over!No way. I cannot continue pretending.

“That is correct. This is my senior apprentice-brother, Zhang Shenxu. He suffered terrible injuries because of the ambush. You were all here to witness it. A few hundred thousand pounds worth of spirit stones is the least required to heal my senior apprentice-brother. I want compensation! I want him to compensate!” Wang Ke pointed at Zhang Shenxu and chided.

Just when Zhang Zhengdao was about to stand up and explain everything, he heard Wang Ke mentioning ‘a few hundred thousand pounds worth of spirit stones.’ He lied down again almost immediately. Wang Ke promised to share the profits equally with him just then! A few hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones!

“Aiyo! I cannot go on any longer! I, Zhang Shenxu, am going to die at the gates of the Heavenly Wolf Sect! Pfff!” Zhang Zhengdao forced internal injuries to manifest, all to spew a mouthful of blood. He looked extremely pathetic.

“See! That is how badly injured my senior apprentice-brother is!” Wang Ke continued reprimanding Zhang Shenxu.

“Hahaha, Wang Ke? Zhang Zhengdao? And Princess Youyue inside the palanquin? You charlatans dare to try swindling people outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate? You think you can fool us that easily?” The real Zhang Shenxu laughed coldly.

“Princess Youyue?” All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples raised their brows in suspicion.

“Disciples of the Heavenly Wolf Sect, what are you waiting for? Capture this scoundrel! Not only did he ambush us but now is also aiming to tarnish our good name. A few hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones aren’t nearly enough to cover this humiliation!” Wang Ke said, staring at him.

“Pfff—” Hearing that the compensation had increased again, Zhang Zhengdao forced himself to vomit yet another mouthful of blood.

A few hundred thousand pounds is still not enough?How much more is Wang Ke going to milk from them?I will get half of it! Vomiting blood is just a small matter in comparison!

“The truth can never be falsified! And the false can never be validated! Wang Ke, you will surely die today!” Zhang Shenxu said coldly.

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples looked toward Wang Ke with suspicion.

“Why are you looking at me? Do you think that I’m a fake? Do you think our Golden Crow Token is fake too? We journeyed over such a long distance to escort the bride to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Are we really being humiliated, right here, by all of you?” Wang Ke raged as he tossed out the Golden Crow Token.


The token landed in Sun Song’s hands, who immediately recognized its authenticity. The Golden Crow token was the emblem of the Golden Crow Sect Lord. It represented the Sect Lord himself. They had heard that the Golden Crow Sect had given the token to Zhang Shenxu so that he could have the freedom to mobilize people.

All verifications would be taken care of while having the token.

“Ohh! You’re indeed our senior apprentice-brothers from the Golden Crow Sect. Please forgive us. I will interrogate this brat now!” Sun Song apologized immediately.

Zhang Shenxu was petrified. That was the Golden Crow token he had given to She Tianba. It had just been used to authenticate Wang Ke’s identity?

“Brat, who are you? How dare you murder outside our Heavenly Wolf Sect’s doorsteps and slander these brothers from the Golden Crow Sect! We shall show no mercy if you don’t give us a proper explanation!” Sun Song stared at Zhang Shenxu.

“Senior apprentice-brother Sun! The spell array is locked on the target area. I will activate the spell array if anyone poses a threat!” One of Sun Song’s juniors shouted from afar.

Everyone immediately felt as if something was targeting them. Their hairs stood.

Zhang Shenxu’s face froze, “Are all of you blind? They are a group of scammers! I’m the real Zhang Shenxu from the Golden Crow Sect!”

“You are Zhang Shenxu?” Sun Song walked up to him slowly.

“Yes, I am Zhang Shenxu. The one lying on the ground is fake! He’s called Zhang Zhengdao. The one in the palanquin must be Princess Youyue! Just look inside and you will know!” Zhang Shenxu explained with a deep voice.

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“Are you suggesting that we lift the bridal veil to see who’s inside?” Sun Song stared at Zhang Shenxu.

“Yes, lift the veil and you will know!” Zhang Shenxu repeated himself confidently.

Sun Song’s face turned grim and gave Zhang Shenxu a tight slap.


The slap sounded so loud and clear that Zhang Shenxu took a long time to realize what had happened. Damn...What just happened?Did he just slap me?On the face?

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