Chapter 17.2: Compensation Scam (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 17.2: Compensation Scam (2/2)

Zhang Shenxu’s eyes grew wide in anger; he was about to flare up.

“You scoundrel! How dare you pretend to be Zhang Shenxu? Do you think we’re all fools? Today is our eldest apprentice-brother’s wedding day, and you dare to ambush the bride? You even injured senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu! You’ve already injured him this badly, and you still dare to slander, saying that he’s fake? Can’t you just pretend to be someone else? Do you really think we’re blind? And you dare goad us into unveiling our eldest apprentice-brother’s bride? Do you think we’re stupid? That’s the bride! No one can remove her veil except the groom!” Sun Song vilified him with a glare.

“You are the one tired of living. How dare you slap me! How dare you! No one has ever dared to slap me since I was young! How dare you!” Zhang Shenxu raged with piercing eyes.


A bolt of heavenly lightning struck. Zhang Shenxu was shocked; he looked up and said, “The Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array?”


With a thunderous roar, the lightning bolt struck Zhang Shenxu. He still fell to the ground and vomited blood while he covered himself with his fan. His clothing was also torn and charred.

“Brat, how dare you disguise yourself as Zhang Shenxu and ask to unveil the bride? This is what you get for humiliating both sects and disrupting the marriage between their disciples!” Sun Song chided with fierce eyes.

Zhang Shenxu was so frustrated that he spurted out another mouthful of blood. F***, I'm pretending to be Zhang Shenxu?I’m the real one!

“Wang Ke? Zhang Zhengdao? I will kill you!” Zhang Shenxu got up and was about to pounce on Wang Ke.

“Rumble... Booom! Boooom!”

Bolts of heavenly lightning struck continuously in the blink of an eye; not even Zhang Shenxu could dodge them in time; his body was quickly burned black.

“I’m going to kill all of you!” Zhang Shenxu roared amidst the lightning strikes.

Sun Song looked behind him and shouted, “Continue! Strike him! Don’t stop the array. Use as many spirit stones as needed. How dare this bastard pretend to be senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu! How dare he humiliate our eldest apprentice-brother and these senior apprentice-brothers from the Golden Crow Sect! Strike him! Strike him hard!”

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Not even ordinary Golden Core cultivators were able to withstand those terrifying lightning bolts. Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao watched with twitching eyes as the ceaseless lightning bolts struck down. However, they were truly enjoying the show since they weren't the ones being struck. Exhilarating!

“Senior apprentice-brother Sun, did he stop moving?” One of Sun Song’s juniors asked worryingly.

“Stop!” Sun Song ordered with a loud shout.

The lightning bolts stopped immediately.

“Dear apprentice-brothers from the Golden Crow Sect, I apologize for putting you through this.” Sun Song bowed respectfully toward Wang Ke and his companions.

“Is he dead? Then what about my spirit stones?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in a daze.

Aren’t we going to ask him to compensate us with a few hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones?If he died, who are we going to scam?

“He’s not dead yet. We will take him inside the sect and put him into custody. I will interrogate him after he wakes up so that he settles matters with you!” Sun Song reassured Wang Ke.

“Then what about my injuries?” Zhang Zhengdao said in frustration.

Have you any sympathy for me?I’m still lying here! How many mouthfuls of blood have I vomited! You knocked out the person I’m trying to scam; what do I do now?I can’t get out of this embarrassing situation!

“We have a Golden Core senior apprentice-brother who specializes in healing. Shall I ask him to take a look at your injuries?” Sun Song asked.

A doctor?Would I be exposed?

“It’s okay. Our Golden Crow Sect can take care of the healing. Your help is not necessary! Right now we’re questioning your interest in marrying our eldest sister after being ambushed right outside your doorsteps!” Wang Ke said with an icy tone.

“Everyone, please rest assured. I will surely do something to appease your anger!” Sun Song replied immediately.

Wang Ke used his eyes to hint at the charred Zhang Shenxu who was about to be captured.

“I can’t hand him over to you for investigation. Don’t worry. We will give you an answer as soon as possible!” Sun Song responded.

That person had to be hostile toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect; after all he had chosen that particular timing to ambush the Golden Crow Sect’s bridal procession at the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s doorsteps. The Heavenly Wolf Sect had the right to interrogate the ambusher since they had managed to subdue him. That was to ensure no accidents would occur.

“Humph, fine. I hope you’ll give us a satisfying answer soon. However, he wounded senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu, and we can’t just let him go like that. We must take possessions from this scoundrel to make up for it!” Wang Ke demanded.

“How can that be allowed?” Sun Song disagreed.

Even setting aside the possibility of the charred man possessing anything of importance, he surely had a ton of valuable things since he was a Golden Core cultivator! How could Sun Song just let Wang Ke do whatever they liked?

“If so, let’s cancel the wedding then. Eldest apprentice-sister, the Heavenly Wolf Sect was not sincere in the end. They allowed an unidentified man to injure your younger brother right at their doorsteps. We may encounter even more danger once we reach their place. I think we should go back!” Wang Ke said toward the palanquin.

Sun Song was shocked. You’re not going to proceed with the wedding?You want to cancel the wedding and leave?

The two sects did countless preparations for this wedding, and they have invited a lot of guests from powerful immortal sects to attend the ceremony. And now, you’re saying that you’re going to cancel it just like that?I can’t bear such a big responsibility!

“Okay, fine. Do as you wish; you can temporarily be in charge of his possessions!” Sun Song acquiesced.

Wang Ke looked toward Zhang Shenxu and asked, “Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, what do you say?”

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While still lying on the ground, Zhang Zhengdao was dumbfounded. This isn't just a compensation scam for a few hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones. Wang Ke is trying to take everything from him!How vicious!But I like it because half of it is mine! Ha!

“Forget it. We cannot cancel my older sister’s wedding just because of me... Cough, cough. This is fine!” Zhang Zhengdao replied weakly, but his heart was blooming with happiness.

“Thank you for your understanding, senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu. I’m deeply grateful!” Sun Song heaved a sigh of relief.

The group quickly plundered Zhang Shenxu’s possessions. His body belonged to the Heavenly Wolf Sect, but his storage rings and enchanted artifacts belonged to Wang Ke and his companions. In his stupor, Zhang Shenxu was able to sense his body being emptied... No, it was more like being stripped clean. He felt so helpless, hopeless, and in such despair!

“Hmm? Where’s his white fan?” Wang Ke asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe the lighting bolts burned it into ashes? He has no enchanted artifacts, only a storage bangle!” Sun Song said with worry.

“Forget it!” Wang Ke kept the storage bangle in his pocket.

Zhang Zhengdao wanted to demand his share, but he knew that it wasn’t appropriate to ask for it while seen by that many eyes. He could only glare at Wang Ke, hinting at the master scammer to keep his promise. Wang Ke looked back at Zhang Zhengdao with reassuring eyes, and the latter was pleased.

After they snatched all the attacker’s things, Zhang Zhengdao’s suddenly recovered from a fair part of his “injuries” and started walking. Sun Song and his juniors were dismayed by that sight.

“Okay. My eldest apprentice-sister is right outside of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. When are we going to enter?” Wang Ke looked toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples.

“Start the music!” Sun Song cried out.

Joyous melodies were suddenly heard coming from the gate. At the same time, decorative spells were also cast into the sky. Although they were nothing when compared to the Grand Ceremonial Light, they were still pleasing to the eyes. A bunch of Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples came out to welcome the bridal party, all according to the itinerary.

“Everyone, welcome to the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Sun Song invited them to enter.

Wang Ke nodded and ordered the bridal party to move forward. The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples formed a parade and escorted the bridal party. And just like that, Princess Youyue was openly carried into the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

“It’s really happening like what Wang Ke said?” Zhang Zhengdao softly mumbled to himself with an eccentric expression, “Being welcomed into the Heavenly Wolf Sect and strutting right in? I knew it! Wang Ke must be using some kind of evil, magical tricks! But he’s just too petty! I sacrificed too much by vomiting so much blood, and he only gives me half? Petty Wang! Iron rooster!” (TL: The surname “Wang” also means king.)

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