Chapter 18.1: A Setup to Slay the Demons (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 18.1: A Setup to Slay the Demons (1/2)

Wang Ke took a deep breath right after they stepped into the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

I knew it. All these immortal sects’ disciples are indulging themselves in consuming all the abundant spirit stones. The spirit Qi here is much more dense than in the Zhu Cultivation Town! Wang Ke was amazed.

“You know nothing,” Zhang Zhengdao said as he pointed to a massive mountain faraway, “Look at that mountain!”

Wang Ke looked in that direction, and his eyelids twitched.

Rare herbs covered the huge and majestic mountain. More importantly, the bare rocks were crystal-like.

“Spirit stones? Those bare rocks are not just normal rocks, but spirit stones? That entire mountain…?” Wang Ke’s eyelids continued twitching.

“That’s right. It’s a mountain made of spirit stones. It’s the foundation of any immortal sect. A spirit stone mountain allows a sect to have an unlimited amount of energy to channel into their guardian spell arrays. The spirit stones will also be available for numerous generations of disciples to cultivate!” Zhang Zhengdao marveled at it.

Wang Ke sucked in cold air through his teeth. How many pounds of spirit stones would the entire mountain go for? All the spirit stones he had previously earned before were nothing compared to that mountain!

“I’m rich! I’m going to be rich. Hahaha!” Exhilaration flashed in Wang Ke’s eyes.

“Be rich?” Zhang Zhengdao was astonished. “Are you crazy? Do you really think you can take the mountain of spirit stones that easily? The defensive spell array around the mountain is able to destroy even Astral Infant cultivators. Even the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord had to go through some trouble to take spirit stones from the mountain. That’s the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s foundation, after all. The reserve is abundant, but it’s meant to nurture multiple generations. The sect’s disciples are distributed a tiny amount of spirit stones only after they have made contributions to the sect. You think that spirit stones would be given to whomever comes in?”

Still, Wang Ke ignored Zhang Zhengdao’s words and simply gazed at the spirit mountain with glowing eyes.

The bridal procession arrived at a built-up area near the foot of the mountain while they still argued.

“Apprentice-brothers of the Golden Crow Sect, we finished all the preparations. The wedding will start at noon; please wait here until then. The wedding will begin at the East Wolf Hall when the guests from all over the Ten-thousand Great Mountains arrive,” Sun Song briefed Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao.

“What? You want us to wait here? Just leaving us hanging like this? You’re acting as though the Heavenly Wolf Sect is the boss in our mutual dealings. Are you trying to humiliate us? “Zhang Zhengdao stared at him.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang Shenxu, please forgive us. Both sects agreed that the wedding would start at noon and the invitations given to the guests stated the same hour. That is why the guests have yet to arrive; it’s still not appropriate for us to start,” Sun Song explained with a bitter smile.

Zhang Zhengdao wanted to continue expressing his supposed anger, considering he was “Zhang Shenxu” at the moment, but Wang Ke gave him a nudge.

“Why?” Zhang Zhengdao was still unable to understand.

“Senior apprentice-brother Sun is right. A wedding can’t be called a wedding without guests. We shall wait since both sides have agreed on noontime to begin. Our eldest apprentice-sister will prepare herself during this time anyway!” Wang Ke persuaded.

“Uhhh?” Zhang Zhengdao was confused.

“Thank you for being so understanding, junior apprentice-brother!” Sun Song showed his gratitude to Wang Ke.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, I know you care about our eldest apprentice-sister, but the significance of this wedding represents so much more than what we can imagine. Making changes to the wedding is beyond our reach. Aren’t you always curious about the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Since we have the time now, why don’t we request our Senior apprentice-brothers from the Heavenly Wolf Sect to give you a tour around the place?” Wang Ke suggested.

Zhang Zhengdao was at a loss. Touring the Heavenly Wolf Sect?Do you think I’d be in the mood?

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I will arrange for my men to take senior apprentice-brother Zhang for a tour inside the Heavenly Wolf Sect. We’ll head to the East Wolf Hall together in time for the wedding to begin!” Sun Song replied with a smile.

Wang Ke made hinting gestures at him with his eyes while Zhang Zhengdao was still hesitating.

“Okay fine. Go and make arrangements while I inform my sister,” Zhang Zhengdao agreed with a deep voice.

“Sure!” Sun Song left to immediately take care of all the preparations.

Zhang Zhengdao then held on to Wang Ke and asked, “Brother Wang, what do you mean by this? When did I say I wanted somebody to show me the sights inside the sect?”

“Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er’s wedding will take place at noon, that is why I planned things so we could arrive 6 hours before the agreed time. I foresaw that the wedding wouldn’t begin without the guests, and the Heavenly Wolf Sect will feel guilty about it and allow us to tour the place. This is the opportunity that I was looking for. I will also need your help for what’s going to happen next!” Wang Ke said solemnly.

“Me again? What are you trying to do? Wang Ke, are you trying to trick me again?” Zhang Zhengdao shouted.

Wang Ke stared at Zhang Zhengdao and asked, “Who are we trying to see in the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” 

“Murong Luguang? Eh no. We’re here for the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord!” Zhang Zhengdao remembered all of a sudden.

“Yes! That’s the key! Do you think we can find him during the wedding? Fat chance! We need to find the Sect Lord as soon as possible. Time is short; you need to get a move on!” Wang Ke kept persuading Zhang Zhengdao.

“Me? How can I look for him? I’ve never been here before!” Zhang Zhengdao replied in shock.

Wang Ke looked into the eyes of Zhang Zhengdao and said, “I heard that there’s an Annihilation Warning Bell in every sect.” 

“Annihilation Warning Bell? The disciples would ring that bell when their sect is at risk of truly being annihilated. It can awaken all the disciples in seclusion. Its loud ring can travel far and wide to alert disciples deployed on missions to return immediately to the sect. The cultivators spread all over the Ten-thousand Great Mountains would hear the sound of the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s warning bell,” Zhang Zhengdao said in confusion.

“Yes. It’s hard to find the Sect Lord, but shouldn’t it be much, much easier to find the warning bell? Such an enchanted strategic artifact should be waiting for us at the most obvious place. Your mission is to find it and ring it! This will draw out the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord!” Wang Ke explained.

“Brother Wang, are you messing with me? I would be done for if I rang the Annihilation Warning Bell. The disciples of the Heavenly Wolf Sect would kill me!” Zhang Zhengdao panicked.

“Didn’t you say that the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord will protect Princess Youyue? I went ahead with this great gamble, all for Princess Youyue’s sake! I fought hard to give you this five or so hours’ window. Don’t mess the whole plan up! I will crush your lifeblood if any of my subordinates are at risk because of you!” Wang Ke said while looking at him dead in the eye.

“Brother Wang, could you not treat me so ruthlessly, please?” Zhang Zhengdao said with overt fear.

“Don’t worry,” Wang Ke reassured him, “You’re thick-skinned, and the best when it comes to fleeing. This is a piece of cake for you!”

“I really cannot do it!” Zhang Zhengdao was about to cry.

This would offend the entire Heavenly Wolf Sect. The Sect Lord will surely protect Princess Youyue, but he won’t bat an eye for me! It’ll be over when all the disciples come after my life!

“You hesitate too much. Is it because you don’t see the profit that you’ll make by doing that?” Wang Ke frowned.

“Uhhh? What profit is there?” Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes brightened.

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