Chapter 18.2: A Setup To Slay The Demons (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 18.2: A Setup To Slay The Demons (2/2)

Wang Ke baited Zhang Zhengdao by saying, “Everything in Zhang Shenxu’s storage will belong to you. I only want the bangle itself. How about that”

“Brother Wang, haha! The Annihilation Warning Bell is nothing! This is all for the princess’ sake! You can count on me! Hahaha!” Zhang Zhengdao’s attitude was quickly reversed.

And Wang Ke was already used to it.

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“So you agreed! We’ll be exposed if you fail to ring it before noon. I’ll crush your lifeblood if anything happens to us!” Wang Ke warned him in earnest.

“Uhhh!” Zhang Zhengdao’s face froze. “If not... Why don’t we...!”

“You said it already,” Wang Ke encouraged him and said, “That bell is nothing but a piece of cake!”

Sun Song’s tour guides arrived before Zhang Zhengdao could say anything else. The latter could tag along with mixed feelings.

Meanwhile, Wang Ke and the bridal party waited in a small courtyard.

While waiting inside the palanquin, Princess Youyue asked in frustration, “Wang Ke? Why didn’t you ask brother Murong to see me just now?”

Wang Ke had indeed managed to smuggle her into the Heavenly Wolf Sect, but why didn’t he allow her to meet Murong Luguang sooner? How much longer would she have to wait?

“Princess, tradition dictates that the bride and the groom cannot meet before their consecration. I can expose your identity and force Murong Luguang to learn that you're here, but what if he refuses to come?” Wang Ke explained with a bitter smile.

“No way, he will surely agree to meet me!” Princess Youyue rebutted, biting her lips.

“And what if that’s not the case? What if our plan fails? I’m okay with sacrificing myself for you but look at my subordinates. They all have their families, wives, and daughters. They risked their lives to put up an act for your sake; I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see them die, right?” Wang Ke added, while keeping an aggrieved face.

Princess Youyue fell into silence.

“Let’s wait for a while longer,” Wang Ke reassured her, “Don’t worry, I promised to protect you and hand you over to the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord; I always keep my promises. You will meet Murong Luguang when the time is right! Be patient, please!”

Wang Ke had to persuade the princess. Princess Youyue had a knack for sabotaging her teammates, and Wang Ke had experienced a fair share of it. If he didn't keep her in check, none of their teammates would survive!

“Okay, fine!” Princess Youyue endured the frustration and anxiety in her heart.


Heavenly Wolf Sect. In a valley.

A handsome and muscular man was meditating with eyes closed. His hands held onto his scabbard and his sword’s hilt respectively, looking as though he was about to draw his sword after sensing something.

Out of the blue, a bolt of lightning struck from the sky. It was the kind that had struck Zhang Shenxu previously.

The lightning came crashing down with the might of the heavens. It seemed unstoppable, as if it would unavoidably split the man in two.

It was at that moment when… the muscular man opened his eyes and drew his sword.


The sword flash lighted up the entire valley and clashed with the incoming lightning bolt. All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were blinded by the bright radiance; none of them were able to see anything for a while.

The muscular man had already sheathed his sword when everyone recovered their sight.


All of them say two craters near the muscular man, apparently created by the lightning bolt.

A tinge of satisfaction flashed in the man’s eyes.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, your “Demon Slaying Draw Strike” is growing more powerful! You can even slice lightning bolts in half?” Sun Song, who had previously settled Wang Ke and his party down, walked over.

The muscular man was the eldest apprentice-brother of the Heavenly Wolf Sect, Murong Luguang!

Murong Luguang looked at Sun Song and asked, “Do I need your praise for my sword technique? How are the guests?” 

“Half of them are here. We’re already watching them in secret. No one is aware of this wedding’s true purpose! Most of them should be here by noon time!” Sun Song replied respectfully.

“Good,” Murong Luguang said, his eyes slightly narrowed, “Our efforts have paid off, having investigated the Ten-thousand Great Mountains for so long and recording every demon infiltrator. This time, we shall kill all the demons that have infiltrated and hidden among us! We will not spare a single one of them!”

“Definitely. You have indeed devised a comprehensive plan. These demons will be turned into ghosts by your sword! It’s just that... We’re giving too much credit to the Golden Crow Sect!” Sun Song complained, frowning.

“Too much credit? Ha! Didn’t they also send over the eldest apprentice-sister?” Murong Luguang said proudly.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, didn’t you say that you’re just putting on a show with Zhang Li'er to gather all the demons that infiltrated our ranks and kill them? So, isn’t the wedding just a show?” Sun Song was surprised.

“A show? Can’t I make the show real? Do you know how much virtue can be earned from killing all those demons? I will not let the Golden Crow Sect have a share of that virtue so easily. I can consider sharing some virtue with them if Zhang Li'er is willing to become my wife!” Murong Luguang laughed.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, this is a wise plan. Zhang Li'er is most likely the Golden Crow Sect Lord’s daughter. You would kill two birds with one stone if you eradicate the demons successfully and take the opportunity to win over the Golden Crow Sect’s support!” Sun Song praised him sincerely.

“Sun Song,” Murong Luguang said proudly, “I heard that Zhang Li'er arrived ahead of time. Is that true?”

“Yes. Zhang Li'er arrived a short while ago. She was ambushed outside of our sect. My guess is that Zhang Li'er intentionally came earlier to test if the wedding plans were real. The ambusher is in our hands now,” Sun Song answered respectfully.


“More than half of our guests are demons that infiltrated the ranks of each immortal sect in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. Some of them are surely wary, since many fellow demons have gathered in one place, so they took the opportunity to test Zhang Li'er. Her bridal party did well in putting up a sham, especially her younger brother, Zhang Shenxu. He pretended to be a weakling to clear the group of any suspicion!” Sun Song continued in a respectful tone.

“Zhang Li'er doesn’t trust me? Ha! Now she’ll be reluctant to leave since a demon ambushed her!” Murong Luguang said confidently.

Sun Song continued reporting, “Zhang Shenxu wanted to take the opportunity to take a tour around our sect. I gave permission for this!”

“Zhang Shenxu. I’ve met him before… He’s not a good egg; he will surely take advantage of us! But it will be truly difficult to take advantage of me! Humph. Take him to tour the maze near the Heavenly Wolf Sect so that he doesn’t show up and tries to steal my virtue merits when I’m slaying the demons. Distract him some more! And, when everything is over, I’m the only person in the Heavenly Wolf Sect who can distribute the resulting virtue!” Murong Luguang instructed with a deep voice.

“Yes, sir!” Sun Song acknowledged.

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