Chapter 19.1: Why Is It so Exciting? (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 19.1: Why Is It so Exciting? (1/2)

The wedding between Murong Luguang and Zhang Li’er! It wasn’t just the marriage between two cultivators but also an alliance between two major immortal sects!

Both the Heavenly Wolf Sect and the Golden Crow Sect were top immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. What would they do with an alliance between two of the most powerful immortal sects?

As such, after the Heavenly Wolf Sect sent out wedding invitations, all the immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains were on the move. All of them sent people to have a look at what was happening after they received the invitations.

Weaker cultivators had arrived at the Heavenly Wolf Sect ahead of time. In contrast, the powerful cultivators had their own pride, so they arrived late.

Many guests had seen Wang Ke and the bridal party carrying the palanquin into the Heavenly Wolf Sect because of this. All of them were pointing their fingers and committing Zhang Shenxu’s face to memory. At the same time, they were taken aback at how daring he had been, to attempt ambushing the bridal party. All of them wondered which sect he came from.

Of course, some of the cultivators looked at each other as though suspecting that one of them had sent him.

Everyone waited patiently in such an eccentric atmosphere. As time passed, powerful cultivators from all over the Ten-thousand Great Mountains made their appearance. Some were riding on beasts, some stood on flying mounts, each with their own grand entrance, which also showed that the wedding was important to them.

Noontime arrived soon. The Heavenly Wolf Sect was bustling with noise and excitement; the East Wolf Hall’s entrance was filled with guests.

Murong Luguang had put on his groom’s gown. His eyes glowed with satisfaction after seeing that most of the guests had arrived. He personally greeted the powerful cultivators from the other sects with grace and skill.

“Congratulations, senior apprentice-brother Murong!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Murong and Zhang Li'er are truly a perfect match! Congratulations!”

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“Hahaha. Thanks, everyone!”




The time for the wedding arrived after some exchange of formalities.

Murong Luguang signaled Sun Song with his eyes.

Sun Song understood and made the proper arrangements. A short while later, he announced loudly, “The bride is here!~~~~”

All the guests quieted down after that loud cry, then focused their attention on the bridal party carrying the palanquin over. One could see Wang Ke’s unsightly face amid the procession.

It’s been four hours. What is Zhang Zhengdao doing? Why hasn’t he sounded the warning bell? Don’t tell me he ran away! This old jerk might really do that. Doesn’t he care about his lifeblood anymore? If he fled, wouldn’t that be equal to leaving me to roast on the fire? Countless powerful cultivators from the Ten-thousand Great Mountains are gathered here. So many of them are Golden Core cultivators. Damn... Can we please avoid getting into bigger trouble? Wang Ke looked anxiously at the guest area filled with countless powerful cultivators.

“The bride will now alight the palanquin!” Sun Song proclaimed again.

The palanquin stopped, and the “maidservants” helped Princess Youyue descend.

The princess didn’t speak a word because she had promised Wang Ke not to; that was to prevent her from exposing them, sabotaging Wang Ke and his men in the process.

Princess Youyue also knew that they had gotten themselves in a huge trouble. So many people were watching. How were they supposed to walk out of that embarrassing situation? She glanced at Wang Ke through her silky red veil and thought in her heart, I wasn’t the one who made you run into bad luck this time. Don’t blame me, please, I’m not the one who sabotaged you.

Wang Ke was currently cursing and swearing at Zhang Zhengdao in his heart. However, he was already in that critical situation, so he had to continue putting on a show.

The bride’s figure and stature boosted by the Qipao caught everyone by surprise as she walked out. Even though her face was veiled, the amplified attractiveness brought about by the exotic gown could hardly be covered. Many female cultivators’ eyes glowed, thinking about trying such a gown in the future.

The bridal Qipao had also mesmerized Murong Luguang. I didn’t expect Zhang Li'er to have such an attractive figure on top having a beautiful face!They say she has a bad temper, but that’s irrelevant.I can take my time to tame her!

Murong Luguang was feeling quite pleased as he looked at his guests. Once the day was over, not only would he gain a beautiful wife, but also single handedly obtain all the virtue merits that would be produced after obliterating the gathered demons. His fame would also spread across the Ten-thousand Great Mountains! Half of those guests were demons they had previously marked in their records!

All those demons were gathered in one place. It was the perfect time to reap the benefits of his careful planning.

“It’s time. Shut down the guardian spell array. The wedding shall begin!” Murong Luguang commanded with a loud voice.

All the appointed disciples were about to carry that out—

“Hold on!” a voice interrupted Murong Luguang’s instructions.

Everyone looked over and saw Wang Ke standing next to the bride.

Who is this person?He dares to interrupt Murong Luguang?

Wang Ke had to do it! Princess Youyue was about to flip her veil to confront her unsuspecting groom. He and his men would be exposed once she did that. He would be in big trouble if all of this happened without the presence of the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord.

“Eldest apprentice-sister, don’t unveil yourself. Don’t say a word. I will ask on your behalf!” Wang Ke immediately said to the bride.

The princess hesitated for a moment but finally stopped herself from unveiling herself.

That scene left everyone perplexed. The consecration is about to begin. What is the bride doing?

“This is?” Murong Luguang asked with a frown.

“That’s none of your business. I will now represent my eldest apprentice-sister to ask you a few things before we officially begin the wedding ceremony. You better give a good explanation before all the guests!” Wang Ke said.

“Oh?” Murong Luguang frowned.

What is Zhang Li'er doing?Didn’t we already agree on what to do?We would make use of the wedding to eliminate all the demons among the guests.What is there to ask?

A thought instantly flashed in Murong Luguang’s mind. He had a “rough idea”!

Murong Luguang’s plan was to go through the ceremony so that he could turn the show into reality. But Zhang Li'er may be thinking about slaying the demons before they were hitched! There would be no need for a ceremony after the demons were destroyed!

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