Chapter 19.2: Why Is It so Exciting? (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 19.2: Why Is It so Exciting? (2/2)

You already came into the Heavenly Wolf Sect, and you want to earn virtue merits without the ceremony? You must be dreaming! Murong Luguang thought.

Beside him, Sun Song asked anxiously, “Eldest apprentice-brother, are we still going to shut our gates?”

“No hurry. Since the bride wants to ask questions, I will answer them first. I will give her time!” Murong Luguang instructed with a deep voice.You want to play tricks?I shall play with you then! I will interrupt our demon-slaying plan if you don’t agree to go through the ceremony; you will leave without a single virtue merit if you don’t listen to me.So many people are watching us today… I’m sure you wouldn’t dare to openly talk about our intentions. I will bide my time and see how you’ll submit to me.“But...!” Sun Song was a little flustered.

“I told you. Let her ask!” Murong Luguang repeated himself.

All the guests realized that something was wrong. However, not all guests present were demons, that was why none of them stopped the questioning.

“Murong Luguang,” Wang Ke asked to drag things out, “My eldest apprentice-sister wants me to ask you this. What’s your relationship with Princess Youyue?”

“Princess Youyue?” Everyone was astonished.

Many of them had heard the story, how Murong Luguang had left the borders of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains to enter the Ghoul Empire, all to pursue the princess’ love. In the end, he returned empty-handed. And now, right before the wedding, the bride was asking about the groom’s relationship with another woman. She’s jealous?Going crazy on her wedding day?The bride seemed to be clenching her fists as she waited for Murong Luguang to answer.

Still, Murong Luguang felt relieved; he had been wondering what she was going to ask. So, it appeared that she was jealous. Haha, it seems like I was overthinking. My charisma has already conquered Zhang Li'er’s heart!“Li’er, you worry too much. How can I have any relationship with Princess Youyue?” Murong Luguang said reassuringly.

But the bride’s fists clenched even tighter.

“I heard that you went to the Ghoul Empire to pursue the princess’ love,” Wang Ke pursued the issue, “Murong Luguang, how can you say there’s nothing between the two of you?”

Murong Luguang glanced at Wang Ke. Who is this brat?Why is he so annoying?What is he trying to accomplish by digging out my past?“Li’er, don’t worry. I never liked Princess Youyue; I joined the Ghoul Empire’s army to gain experience. I wasn't the one pursuing Princess Youyue’s love, she was the one who was shamelessly asking for my love. I was eventually unable to take it anymore so I left the empire. In the end, she still refuses to let me go and slanders me to her benefit, saying that I sought her love… How could that be? Li’er, if you don’t trust my character, you should at least trust my appreciation for beauty. How could I, Murong Luguang, fall for her ugly face? There’s only you, Zhang Li'er... I fell in love with you at first sight!” Murong Luguang continued reassuringly.

The bride gritted her teeth and said with a somewhat distorted voice, “Ugly?”

“Of course!” Murong Luguang continued speaking, “In my eyes, Princess Youyue is just a good for nothing. The only thing that makes her attractive is her identity and position in the empire. But she turned from a phoenix to less than a chicken now that the Ghoul Empire was overturned. You see, the Golden Crow Sect set up a bounty to capture Princess Youyue for our wedding, and I didn’t care the slightest about it. How could I possibly love her? I only love you, Li’er!”

Those would have been words of love for Zhang Li'er, but it was vile cynicism for Princess Youyue.Brother Murong?How can you be so shameless?I pursued your love?I shamelessly sought after you?Would you dare to say this when my mother was around?You even dare say that I’m ugly?I’m a good for nothing?You knew the Golden Crow Sect was trying to capture me, and you didn’t care at all?Tears fell down her cheeks.

“Li’er, did my words touch you? Don’t worry. I, Murong Luguang, promise that I will only love you! Princess Youyue can get lost. If I see her, I will…!” Murong Luguang was still trying to reassure the bride—

But Wang Ke’s eyes were open wide in awe. Murong Luguang, you are a true warrior!

You will definitely not live through this. Zhang Zhengdao said that Princess Youyue has another backing. You’re really asking for it!What girls hate the most is others saying they are ugly. And you continue saying this without stopping?You scorn the princess to praise Zhang Li'er?I’m sure the princess wants you dead now!
Indeed, the bride trembled for a short moment; she was about to pounce on Murong Luguang. All her expectations and love crumbled at that moment; her ex-lover became the person she despised. She wanted nothing more than to tear his mouth into pieces.Did I say something wrong? Murong Luguang was at a loss.

I don’t think so. She seems so overwrought that she wants to pounce on me. She must have been so touched by my words that she’s eager to jump into my arms. When did I become so charming? Murong Luguang thought pleasantly.

But Wang Ke took hold of the bride’s hand and said, “Senior apprentice-sister, given the place and time, you must endure!”

“Yeah,” Murong Luguang nodded as he thought in his heart, Endure a while longer. We have yet to slay the demons. We shall head into the bridal chamber after that! I know I’m very attractive, but you need to endure! As to that brat… Where are you putting your hand? Let go of Li’er!

But, while Murong Luguang stared at Wang Ke, he then saw the bride begin to sob all of a sudden.

As she sobbed, she jumped into Wang Ke’s arms and hugged him before she bawled out loud.Right in the middle of a wedding, the bride is crying in the arms of another man?The groom is right there, watching! How unscrupulous!

Wang Ke: “.................................!”

Murong Luguang: “...................................!”

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Sun Song: “.................................!”

All the guests: “....................................!”

What is happening?Why is it so exciting?

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