Chapter 20.1: Your Social Circle Is Too Messy (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 20.1: Your Social Circle Is Too Messy (1/2)

Heavenly Wolf Sect. Entrance to the East Wolf Hall.

Just when the groom and bride were about to consecrate their vows by bowing to heaven and earth, the bride jumped into another man’s arms and cried? This scene...! No matter how one looked at it, it was quite exciting... No, quite wrong!

Everyone looked at Murong Luguang again and felt that his hair was, just like his name, turning green with jealousy.

TL: The Chinese character for “Lu” means green.

Murong Luguang’s face turned red in humiliation. This was his wedding day, but Zhang Li'er had dared to bring an adulterer to the ceremony? Are you here to humiliate me?

“Stop it!” Murong Luguang shouted vehemently.

Meanwhile, he drew his sword and was about to kill the adulterer, Wang Ke.

“I...I didn’t move! It has nothing to do with me! I’m innocent!” Wang Ke cried out in frustration.

Princess Youyue, it’s okay if you finally saw Murong Luguang’s true colors, but can you at least show some care? So many people are watching, and all the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples have drawn their swords. All of them want to kill me right now!Are you sabotaging me again?

“We are innocent!” Wang Ke added.

You are hugging so closely. Who would see this as an innocent act?

“Brat, you’re still hugging her!” A murderous aura beamed out from Murong Luguang’s eyes.

“I’m not hugging her. Look at my hands; I’m not touching anything. She’s the one who hugged me. Murong Luguang, calm down!” Wang Ke persuaded while overwhelmed by frustration.

He could sense Murong Luguang coming at him with his sword at the ready.

Calm down? How could Murong Luguang calm down! Even though he had just been putting on a show with Zhang Li'er, he had already decided to make the show become reality; he already saw Zhang Li'er as his woman. But, before he could hold her in his arms, she jumped into another man’s embrace. Moreover, she did so while being right in front of everyone. How could he calm down? I’m going to kill him!

Many guests tried to stop Murong Luguang, but they didn't know how to persuade him. The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were at a loss. What is going on! 

The scene turned chaotic; a well-planned wedding was thwarted by all those unexpected events.

Just when Murong Luguang was about to make the kill, and when Wang Ke was about to vomit blood from crying out for his innocence...


A loud explosion was heard; the sound was coming from outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate. Everyone was stupefied. What is happening? What’s going on outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect?

Murong Luguang was also shocked; that helped him calm down a little. After all, he had a big job to do, and that was to slay the demons. I almost spoiled the main plan. What is going on outside?

Everyone listened carefully. To their surprise, they heard festive music with cymbals and trumpets coming from outside the sect. When they looked over, they could faintly see rainbow colors decorating the sky, as though a bridal procession was approaching.

A loud cry came from outside. “Who is in charge of the Heavenly Wolf Sect? The Golden Crow Sect has arrived. Why isn’t anyone welcoming us?”

The racket outside is the Golden Crow Sect’s bridal party?

Murong Luguang: “...................!”

Sun Song: “....................!”

All the guests: “..................!”

What’s going on? Why is there another bridal party from Golden Crow Sect outside? How many brides is the Heavenly Wolf Sect receiving today?

Then, a disciple from the Heavenly Wolf Sect ran over anxiously. “Eldest apprentice-brother, another bridal party from the Golden Crow Sect has arrived. I know some of them. They really are people from the Golden Crow Sect!”

“What?” Murong Luguang raised his eyebrow.

“Murong Luguang! Where is my younger brother?” Another voice was heard outside.

They could also see another lady walking out of the palanquin waiting outside. She was also wearing a red veil; she then rode a crane and barged into the sect.

At this moment, several people from the Heavenly Wolf Sect recognized the people from the bridal party and didn’t stop them. It was just that all the disciples guarding the gate were at a loss. How is there another bride?What is the Golden Crow Sect doing?

The bride simply barged into the sect on her crane, followed by a throng of Golden Crow Sect disciples who were no longer playing joyful melodies. They were soon able to see the huge gathering of guests outside the East Wolf Hall, so they rushed over as well.


The crane carried the bride to the East Wolf Hall’s square.

Wang Ke recognized the creature immediately. Six hours ago, it was that same crane Zhang Shenxu was riding. Zhang Shenxu was turned into charcoal by the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array, but the crane simply left.

So, the crane hid when Zhang Shenxu was badly injured. It quickly flew toward the bride right when the real bridal procession arrived and reported what had happened. The bride became furious when she heard that her younger brother had been brutally injured; it was an outright humiliation so she barged into the sect right after.

“You, who are you?” Murong Luguang looked at the newly arrived bride in shock.

“Who am I? Murong Luguang! Are you lying to me? The Golden Crow Sect has put in so much effort in preparation for today. And now, you pretend not to know me? Murong Luguang! You want to die?” the bride roared furiously.

Filled with rage, she unveiled herself and revealed her extremely delicate and beautiful face. There was a sense of pride and a violent temper in her beauty; everyone opened their eyes in disbelief.

All the guests recognized her and said with overt shock, “Zhang Li'er? She is Zhang Li'er!”

“You? Li’er?” Murong Luguang was aghast.

“Humph. You’re still pretending not to know me?” Zhang Li'er flared up and interrogated with angry eyes.

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But Murong Luguang turned and looked at the bride in Wang Ke’s arms, “Then, you are?”

Everyone’s eyes curiously turned to the woman in Wang Ke’s arms. The wedding was more than just exciting because two women were currently fighting for the same groom! No, one of them had even brought her illicit lover to fight for her groom!

What is happening?Your social circle is too messy!

Princess Youyue flinched while still in Wang Ke’s arms. Wang Ke froze too. Damn you, Zhang Zhengdao, why haven’t you struck the warning bell? I can’t pretend any longer!

All eyes were on Wang Ke and the bride in his arms. Beads of sweat covered his forehead. However, having gone through years of swindling… Oh, scratch that! Erm, having gone through the vicissitudes of life, Wang Ke quickly regained his composure.

I must stay calm. I cannot lose my cool. I must continue acting even if there’s no way to pull it off. Life is but an act!Let me make up something on the spot!

“Murong Luguang… You have the face to ask who we are? Do you really not know who we are?” Wang Ke shouted in rage.

Murong Luguang’s brow rose in confusion. He could not understand why Wang Ke shouted back with so much confidence.

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