Chapter 20.2: Your Social Circle Is Too Messy (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 20.2: Your Social Circle Is Too Messy (2/2)

“Come, princess. Let me lift up your veil, so you can take a good look at this heartless man!” Wang Ke unveiled the princess immediately. Since he could no longer hide the truth, then he might as well expose it.

All the guests sucked in cold air between their teeth after the veil was lifted.

“Who is this? She’s gorgeous!”

“He calls her princess. And going by her attitude toward Murong Luguang just now, could she be... Don’t tell me she is...!”

“Princess Youyue?”

“Princess Youyue is so beautiful. Who said she was ugly?”

“Is Murong Luguang blind? How can she be ugly?”


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All the guests marveled at her beauty.

Murong Luguang was just as dazed; it was his first time seeing Princess Youyue in all her glorious beauty.

“Princess Youyue?” Zhang Li’er was also astonished.

Zhang Li'er was also extremely beautiful, but the princess had the help of the Qipao and the little cousin sister’s makeup, making the former look inferior.

“Princess, did you see? Have you heard it well? We told you about this, but you didn't believe it! Murong Luguang has changed his mind about you! You risked your life searching for him in the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains. You said that we were lying to you… You were so confident that Murong Luguang would not forsake you, even thinking that the wedding was being forced upon him. Ignoring your prestige you went as far as to pretend to be Zhang Li'er. All of this, just to see Murong Luguang and give him a surprise! But, have you realized the truth? He’s a liar! Murong Luguang is a liar! He lied about his love for you!” Wang Ke roared furiously, pointing at Murong Luguang.

Wang Ke took advantage of his position as the affronted, which gave him the moral high ground, instantly winning the sympathy of all the guests. Someone who blindly loves a heartless person will always end up being hurt. Princess Youyue is such a poor thing.Murong Luguang’s face turned black. I am being scolded?But why is it that I have no way to talk back?

Princess Youyue pretended to be Zhang Li'er because she loves me dearly and wanted to give me a surprise?But, this is not a good time! How do you want me to handle the situation?

I could have still taken you in as my concubine given your looks, if only you would have sought me out in a more private manner. Now, how do I get out of this embarrassing situation?
“Princess, stop crying. He fell in love with another person. We should stay here no longer. Let’s go; let’s leave this place and never come back. Let’s go!” Wang Ke intended to leave with Princess Youyue with an angry face.

Even though Wang Ke was the one doing the talking, everyone present felt he was really speaking on behalf of the princess.

“Hold on. What are you? Why are you holding Princess Youyue’s hands and hugging her? Who the hell are you?” Murong Luguang’s face blackened.

Only at that moment did everyone come to a realization. Oh yeah. How can a man like you be hugging the princess?And how come you’re speaking with such a tone?Aren’t you the princess’ hidden lover?Since she already has another man, how can she still be deeply in love with Murong Luguang?Are you trying to fool us?“Me? I’m the princess’ good sister! You bullied and humiliated her, and she’s been completely unable to hold back her sorrow. You’ve already discarded the princess to marry Zhang Li'er… Why are you still holding on to us? I really despise you, you bunch of disgusting men; you’re always unsatisfied with what you have and keep looking for more. Your jerk! Liar!” said Wang Ke, suddenly speaking with a sissy voice and orchid-shaped fingers.

His change of tone gave everyone a shock. Their eyes grew wide and round. Good sister?We’re a bunch of disgusting men?And those delicate orchid-shaped fingers… Don’t tell me you’re… You’re gay?All the guests: “.......................!”

Murong Luguang: “...................................!”

Princess Youyue was still in Wang Ke’s arms; she could not help but chortle when she heard his sissy voice. She found it so funny that she began laughing with tears still in her eyes. Fortunately, her face was buried in Wang Ke’s arms; no one was able to hear Princess Youyue’s laughter. However, Wang Ke faking a sissy voice and pretending to be gay had somehow made her sorrow lessen.

Murong Luguang’s betrayal had allowed the princess to see his true colors. On the other hand, she somehow felt warmth in her heart as Wang Ke protected her in his arms.The princess’ sister? Murong Luguang then finally understood their relationship, but he still thought that the situation was too odd.

“Come on, let’s go! We will stay in this heartbreaking place not a moment longer!” Wang Ke still had his arms wrapped around the princess and turned to leave.

Murong Luguang, the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples, along with all the guests, were still in a daze; no one tried to stop Wang Ke. And so, they just watched him strut away with Princess Youyue.

Wang Ke was feeling quite fortunate at the moment. Damn, that was close!It’s all Zhang Zhengdao’s fault! Even now, that bastard has yet to sound the alarm bell.We need to leave, right now, before they realize they’ve been fooled.Wang Ke and the bridal party were really making their exit.

“Hold on! Who said you can go? Where’s my brother?” Zhang Li'er stopped them with glaring eyes.

“Your brother? Zhang Shenxu?” Murong Luguang asked with a raised brow.

All the guests suddenly came to a realization also. Oh yeah. If that’s Princess Youyue and not Zhang Li'er, then the Zhang Shenxu who was lying on the ground and asking for compensation was also a fake.

Then… Where’s the real Zhang Shenxu?Could it be...?
Everyone remembered the man who had been bombarded by the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array until he was fully charred. That man claimed to be Zhang Shenxu, but no one believed it; the Heavenly Wolf Sect had nearly killed him. Could he be the real…?

“Don’t ask me. You should ask the disciples from the Heavenly Wolf Sect; they are the ones who struck down your younger brother. He’s still in their hands. This is none of our business!” Wang Ke could not wait to stay clear from the situation and leave.

But Sun Song’s face turned pitch black. Wang Ke speaks as though he never did anything to harm Zhang Shenxu, and that it’s all our fault.You guys tried to scam us for benefits, and now you’re using us as a scapegoat?Murong Luguang was also wide-eyed in frustration. Damn, my brother-in-law almost died. Can this wedding still continue?“You’re not allowed to go! No one can leave before I meet my brother. Not even you!” Zhang Li'er cried out in fury.

She then blocked Wang Ke’s path forcefully; Wang Ke was deeply annoyed by this. Damn, I was already on my way out, but Zhang Li'er just went and turned everyone’s eyes back on me again. She’s not letting me go! Could it be that the more beautiful a woman is, the better she is at sabotaging?

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