Chapter 21.1: The Immortal Sect’s Disciples Are Crazy! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 21.1: The Immortal Sect’s Disciples Are Crazy! (1/2)

The Heavenly Wolf Sect! In a certain valley—

Zhang Zhengdao was struck with anxiety. His lifeblood was still in Wang Ke’s hands; how could he escape? Could he forsake it?

It’s not that Zhang Zhengdao had failed to find the Annihilation Warning Bell; he found it within half an hour into the tour.

A Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple followed right beside him. The disciple explained the landmarks they saw in detail and led him in circles. The eldest apprentice-brother had ordered the tour guide to keep “Zhang Shenxu” busy, all to prevent him from heading to the East Wolf Hall during the wedding. However, the tour guide did not know why; he merely did as ordered.

“This valley is called ‘Heroic Valley.’ All our deceased disciples have been buried here, including the bodies of a few Sect Lords of past generations. They slew countless demons to maintain peace in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. But unfortunately, they got careless and were eventually killed. Nevertheless, their fighting spirit is something we look up to. The current Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord summons us regularly to this spot in order to salute and commemorate our past heroes!” the tour guide explained as he pointed to the countless gravestones inside the valley.

Heroic Valley? Zhang Zhengdao had no interest in that! He was only interested in one thing found there: the massive bell tower deep inside the valley. On the bell tower hung a huge, three-meter tall bell.

“That bell is...? ”     Zhang Zhengdao asked expectantly.

“That’s the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Annihilation Warning Bell. We will sound it off every time we come to commemorate our fallen heroes so that we will never forget their contributions. Even if some cannot make it back in time from the deep regions of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains, all disciples who hear the bell must still mourn wherever they are. This is all to show respect! ” the tour guide said.

“I know. I’m mean, who are those guarding the Annihilation Warning Bell? ” Zhang Zhengdao looked at the three Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples guarding the bell tower.

“Oh, those are senior apprentice-brothers appointed to keep watch. Their responsibility is to ensure that no one goes near to it, not even our eldest apprentice-brother. That is, unless the sect is on the verge of annihilation or by orders of our Sect Lord,” the tour guide answered.

“How’s their cultivation?” Zhang Zhengdao asked worryingly.

“They are powerful Golden Core cultivators!” The tour guide chuckled.

Golden Core stage? Zhang Zhengdao’s face stiffened. Damn, three Golden Core cultivators are guarding the bell. How am I supposed to ring it?

“If someone got close to the bell without the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord’s command, what would happen to him? ” Zhang Zhengdao asked curiously.

“He would be killed without mercy!” the tour guide replied.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................! ” 

That means I cannot go near it, at all. The three Golden Core cultivators would kill me without batting an eye if I got close. There’s no way!Wang Ke, what a good job you gave me! What do you want me to do now?

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Zhang Zhengdao pulled his hair while feeling awfully frustrated. But Wang Ke would crush my lifeblood if I don’t sound the bell off.

Wang Ke, you iron rooster! You forsook a friend for the sake of beauty! Couldn’t you have stopped Princess Youyue? Why did you have to enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect today? Couldn’t you find another day when the Sect Lord appeared? Is it that hard? Sex over friendship! Ptooey! Iron rooster! Pervert! This is going to cost me my life! Damn! Zhang Zhengdao cursed non stop.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, why don’t we tour another place?” that tour guide suggested.

“No!” Zhang Zhengdao replied angrily.

You really think I’m here to enjoy myself?

“Uhh?” The tour guide was at a loss.

Zhang Zhengdao immediately realized his tone was overly severe.

“No, I mean, I cannot go now. Ouch, I was injured by the person who was impersonating me and my injuries worsened. I need healing now!” Zhang Zhengdao groaned miserably.

“Your injuries worsened again? Let me take you back now!” the tour guide said.

But Zhang Zhengdao demanded, “It’s too late, too late. Here, I need to heal myself. Find a room for me, here and now! We can’t make it back as it is!” Zhang Zhengdao demanded.

The tour guide was at a loss. You’ve been so lively all this time; you don’t look like you’re injured, at all! How is it that you cannot make it all of a sudden?Are you giving birth? Can you not exaggerate?

But of course, Zhang Zhengdao needing a room to heal could work in their favor. The tour guide remembered his eldest apprentice-brother’s instructions to prevent “Zhang Shenxu” from returning and attending the wedding at noon.

“Okay, senior apprentice-brother Zhang. There’s a room over there, you can go in! I will keep watch over you! ” the tour guide said.

Zhang Zhengdao ran and entered the room by the roadside right after hearing that, immediately shutting the door.

Is senior apprentice-brother Zhang really injured? The tour guide thought while making a weird face. He’s moving so swiftly!

Zhang Zhengdao wiped the sweat off his face.

What should I do? Wang Ke is going to crush my lifeblood if I don’t ring the bell! But if I do sound the bell, the three Golden Core cultivators will hack me to pieces! Damn, Wang Ke, you bastard. You call this easy? Zhang Zhengdao was greatly annoyed.

After much contemplation, he finally decided that his lifeblood was more important.

Zhang Zhengdao heaved a long sigh before taking out shovels and spades from his storage bag.

“F*** it, I’m going to risk it all! Wang Ke, you bastard! ” Zhang Zhengdao cursed at Wang Ke. He then began digging in the room.

Zhang Zhengdao used to raid tombs with Wang Ke a long time ago. Digging tunnels was his specialty.

To walk up to the bell tower was to seek his own death, so he decided to dig a tunnel beneath the bell tower, sound the bell before the three guardians realized it, and then run as fast as he could. That was the only way.

And so he dug on.

Zhang Zhengdao remembered and was sure he had the right direction. Soon after, he reached the necessary depth and started digging toward the bell tower. However, he stumbled upon a coffin as he dug his way over.

“A coffin? Why is there a coffin here? I’m going to raid a tomb today! How fortunate!”      Zhang Zhengdao said in surprise.

He struck the coffin with his spade; the rotting casket broke open instantly. Many treasures then poured out, lighting Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes. How am I so fortunate today?I found all these riches just by digging randomly?

Then, a skeleton slipped out of the coffin and landed in Zhang Zhengdao’s arms.

Zhang Zhengdao was shocked into a realization when he saw the skeleton. Something’s not right with the treasures here!What did the tour guide say just now?

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