Chapter 25.1: Becoming Chen Tianyuan’s Disciple (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 25.1: Becoming Chen Tianyuan’s Disciple (1/2)

The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan!

Wang Ke was not cheeky enough to dare receive Chen Tianyuan’s formalities. He immediately jumped away.

“I’m Wang Ke. I did so little… I wouldn’t dare not to receive the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord’s thanks!” Wang Ke replied politely.

“Oh? You only did a little?” Chen Tianyuan asked, smiling.

Wang Ke’s humility gained Chen Tianyuan’s favor. The young man knows restraint and is humble.

“You did quite a lot. If not for your help, the East Wolf Hall would have been destroyed by the demons!” Chen Tianyuan shook his head.

Murong Luguang and his companions immediately felt frustrated.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect is filled with talented disciples; they wouldn’t have allowed for the demons’ plan to succeed. Moreover, the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord returned in just four hours. Even if the demons caused some destruction, it would have only been minimal!” Wang Ke immediately pushed the credit away.

It wasn’t that Wang Ke wanted to do that, but he had to appear humble. In any case his contribution was already an undeniable fact. Wang Ke was trying to reject the credit so that Chen Tianyuan wouldn’t reject an excessive request he planned to pose later.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect rewards those who make contributions, and repays the favors of those who save us. You don’t have to be this modest; many people witnessed what you did, there’s no one who can deny it. Wang Ke, what request do you have? As long as it’s not overly excessive, I can grant it!” Chen Tianyuan said with a smile.

The opportunity is here! Wang Ke’s eyes glowed. He knelt down immediately.

“I, Wang Ke, a cultivator in the mortal realm, have always yearned to belong to the Heavenly Wolf Sect; I have great reverence for you. My sole, lifelong wish is to become your disciple. Please grant my request!” Wang Ke immediately kowtowed before Chen Tianyuan.

Everyone was baffled when they saw what Wang Ke did. Is your mouth so big that you dare make such an excessive request? Chen Tianyuan only has one disciple. Many people in the sect want to become his disciple and have tried to persuade him but to no avail, and now you want him to accept just like that?

Become his disciple? Of course, Wang Ke was asking to become Chen Tianyuan’s disciple! The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror belonged to Chen Tianyuan. When the time came, he could easily ask his teacher to dispel his bad luck with the mirror; moreover, Chen Tianyuan was the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord. He also had a good reputation across the Ten-thousand Great Mountains… If he could become Chen Tianyuan’s disciple, he would have a powerful backing to do his business in the region with his head held high!

“Oh? You heard about me in the mortal realm?” Chen Tianyuan asked in surprise.

“Of course, the cultivators in the mortal realm have a saying, ‘longevity is no use if I can’t see Chen Tianyuan in all of my life!’ Everyone knows that the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Chen Tianyuan has high morals and invincible powers!” said Wang Ke, as he kept flattering.

Zhang Li'er and all the guests’ faces froze. This brat’s compliments are too mushy!Damn, I’m getting goosebumps!

“You flatter me!” Chen Tianyuan smiled in reply.

“Not at all. I intentionally shortened my praises, so that I wouldn’t be seen as a bootlicker. I truly have admired you, Sect Lord, since I was little. Please take me as your disciple!” Wang Ke requested again.

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“Sect Lord, you can’t do that. This guy has dishonorable morals. He was molesting the demons just now!” Murong Luguang’s face blackened.

You want to become the Sect Lord’s disciple? You must be dreaming!

“Oh?” Chen Tianyuan looked toward Wang Ke in suspicion.

Wang Ke justified himself, “Sect Lord, I took hold of the lightning array’s controlling token by coincidence. That gave me the power to choose whom to kill and whom to spare. Still, I understand in my heart that I’m not qualified to decide whether to kill or spare. I cannot abuse the authority given to me; I would rather let a thousand people live than to wrongfully kill one. That’s why I was inspecting the demons to see if they really were demons. I know that my methods were a little rough, but I really didn't want to wrongly kill the innocent. Sect Lord, please investigate the matter!” 

“Just now, he seemed to be molesting...!” Murong Luguang cried out in frustration.

“Enough. Wang Ke has a merciful heart. This is precious! Murong Luguang, don’t slander a righteous person with your lustful speculations!” Chen Tianyuan said with a deep tone.

Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er looked at Chen Tianyuan in dismay. Merciful heart?That lewd laughter just now came from his merciful heart?You see him as a righteous person?Did his flattery muddle your mind?

“Wang Ke, I don’t take disciples. The only disciple I have was taken to uphold the dying wish of my deceased friend. So.....!” Chen Tianyuan shook his head.

Wang Ke’s expression changed.

But Princess Youyue stepped over and said, “Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord… Before my mother left, she asked me to find you for protection if I ever was in danger. I don’t know why, but I think you’re one of my mother’s old friends. I would have died along the way to the Heavenly Wolf Sect, were it not for Wang Ke’s escort! Please consider the many occasions Wang Ke risked his life to save me. Please grant his request!”

Princess Youyue spoke up for Wang Ke, puzzling everyone. Chen Tianyuan already said he doesn't take disciples, and he’s determined to keep it that way. Why would he grant Wang Ke’s wish after being requested by the princess of a lost empire?

“Oh? Wang Ke saved your life?” Chen Tianyuan turned to look at the princess.

“Yes!” Princess Youyue briefly told Chen Tianyuan about everything that had happened.

“Murong Luguang, what have you done!” Chen Tianyuan shot Murong Luguang a glare.

Murong Luguang was in an awkward spot. It wasn’t my doing! It was the Golden Crow Sect! However, there was no use in explaining because he had tacitly consented to the Golden Crow Sect’s bounty.

“I sincerely apologize for my wrongdoings!” Murong Luguang replied in a bitter smile.

Chen Tianyuan turned back to look at Wang Ke. Princess Youyue’s pleading apparently had a great effect. The uncompromising Chen Tianyuan finally wavered.

“Wang Ke, what’s your cultivation stage?” Chen Tianyuan asked.

“I’m at the fourth level of the Innate Stage! I’m cultivating an ordinary Innate Stage Purple Qi Cultivation Technique! Still, I’m still merely touching the surface, so I can discard it at any time to restart my cultivation!” Wang Ke replied, clearly excited.

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