Chapter 25.2: Becoming Chen Tianyuan’s Disciple (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 25.2: Becoming Chen Tianyuan’s Disciple (2/2)

As he spoke, Wang Ke glanced at Princess Youyue gratefully. Princess Youyue is really influential, so much so that Chen Tianyuan is truly considering taking me as his disciple!

Chen Tianyuan contemplated silently.

But Murong Luguang was quite prejudiced against Wang Ke. How could he just stand there and watch Wang Ke get such a good deal?

He would be able to get back at Wang Ke whenever he pleased if he were a normal disciple. But, if Wang Ke indeed became his Sect Lord’s direct disciple, how could he give Wang Ke trouble in the future?

“Sect Lord, even though Wang Ke helped in resolving our Sect’s catastrophe, it was all thanks to the Golden Crow Token that turned the tide. The token belongs to the Golden Crow Sect, so Wang Ke shouldn't be credited as much for this. Moreover, Sect Lord, you returned in merely four hours; the disciple who sounded the Annihilation Warning Bell should take all the credit. Sect Lord, you mustn’t forget the great contribution of the disciple who sounded the bell!” Murong Luguang pleaded sincerely.

Everyone heard his words and realized that Chen Tianyuan wouldn't have returned that quickly if it weren’t for the Annihilation Warning Bell. Who struck the bell?He should take most of the credit!

“He’s coming! The disciple who struck the bell. They’re coming!” Murong Luguang’s eyes brightened as he looked at the three Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples arriving.

Those disciples were escorting a plump man… And everyone recognized that chubby fellow. He was the one who pretended to be Zhang Shenxu and used the chance to scam them!

“Sect Lord, we were guarding the Annihilation Warning Bell. Four hours ago... this person jumped out from underground and struck the bell. He even humiliated our forefathers’ bones…!” the three disciples reported.

Everyone was at a loss. Damn, this fat guy was the one who struck the bell?Now we need to thank him?Anyway, why didn’t you just sound off the bell? Why did you have to sully their forefathers’ bones?

The previously immobilized Zhang Zhengdao was stupefied. He didn't know what had happened at the East Wolf Hall, nor did he know about the demons’ invasion. He only knew he had been immobilized for four hours. Then the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror disappeared all of a sudden, allowing him to move again. Alas, he was unable to make a run for it; he was caught by the three powerful cultivators who had been giving him deadly stares for four hours. After that, he was escorted over.

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Zhang Zhengdao had yet to grasp the situation, but he saw Wang Ke kneeling in front of Chen Tianyuan.

Oh no, Wang Ke is kneeling to plead for forgiveness. We were exposed!We are in deep sh*t now!

What should I do?What should I do?Yes, it’s better if a friend dies instead of me. I’m going to push all responsibilities to Wang Ke.

Zhang Zhengdao knew Chen Tianyuan, so he cried out to him, “Sect Lord Chen, save me! It’s not my fault. I was forced to do it!” Zhang Zhengdao howled with tears.

“Uhhh?” Everyone looked towards Zhang Zhengdao in a daze.

“I didn't want to sound the bell! Wang Ke forced me. He has my lifeblood and used it to threaten me; I didn’t dare to go against his will. Wang Ke is the one who forced me to sound the bell! It’s all his fault. Blame him if you want to; I’m innocent! I only wanted to escort Princess Youyue to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I have nothing to do with this. As for the bones of your forefathers, I stumbled upon them by chance. If it wasn’t for Wang Ke’s threats, why would I dig a tunnel to strike the bell? Wang Ke forced me. It was him. It was all him!” Zhang Zhengdao accused Wang Ke with teary eyes.

While he sobbed, he suddenly realized that something was not right. What’s wrong?Why do everyone's faces look so awkward?I already said it was Wang Ke who forced me to sound the bell. Why aren’t you guys angry with him?Chen Tianyuan is even looking at Wang Ke with a kindly face?

Murong Luguang and others who disliked Wang Ke had unsightly faces, as though they had just ingested a dead rat.

“So, Wang Ke is the one who planned to sound the bell?” Chen Tianyuan exclaimed in amazement.

Once he heard Zhang Zhengdao’s supporting words, Wang Ke immediately knew what to do next.

“Yes, I was the one. It was my plan all along!” Wang Ke acknowledged, “It was Princess Youyue who realized that something was wrong. We initially wanted to wait for your return in the Wolf Cultivation Town, not needing to risk our lives so that we could enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect. But then the princess realized that something was not right, so we were determined to risk it all. We knew that sounding the bell would be going overboard, but we had to risk offending the Heavenly Wolf Sect to prevent the demons’ plan from succeeding, so I forced Zhang Zhengdao to sound off the bell. I was willing to take the blame if there were no demons… But if our suspicions were true, I would have at least lived up to my righteous heart!” Wang Ke quickly formulated a reason for entering the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

As for why he gave the princess credit for detecting the demons, it was because Wang Ke was unable to explain himself on that account. If the princess took the credit, she could simply ignore any questioning; her status waived her of any need to explain.

As for his self-sacrificial and righteous heart, Murong Luguang and the others froze when they heard it. Can anyone be more immodest than this?Righteous heart?Ptooey!Shameless!

But Chen Tianyuan was greatly pleased, “It wasn't just any risk, but the risk of dying! On top of your courage and strategies, you are endowed with a merciful heart. I’m very pleased! You saved both Princess Youyue and the Heavenly Wolf Sect! This contribution shall not be forgotten! To have such a disciple is my honor! Okay, I will grant you your request!”

“Sect Lord, please think twice!” Murong Luguang shouted.

Zhang Zhengdao was stunned. What’s happening?Wasn’t I trying to push the blame onto Wang Ke, the bastard?Why did he gain so much benefit again?I was shoving credit at him, instead of blame?

“Thank you, my revered teacher. Please accept my bow!” Wang Ke immediately kowtowed.

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