Chapter 26.1: You Lack Virtue (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 26.1: You Lack Virtue (1/2)

Wang Ke’s initial hope was to simply enter the Heavenly Wolf Sect as a disciple; he would have already been extremely grateful if he could become an ordinary disciple. But now, not only was his wish fulfilled, he even became one of the Sect Lord’s only two direct disciples. I’m like a crown prince! Eh, no, the second prince! How could Wang Ke not be exhilarated?

Since Chen Tianyuan had already given his golden promise, there was no reason for him to go back on his word. Having the guests from every immortal sect as witnesses, his decision was confirmed. Only Murong Luguang looked annoyed.

Princess Youyue had been relying on Wang Ke all this while, so she was also happy for him.

Only Zhang Zhengdao was confused; he roughly pieced together the situation based on everyone’s chattering, almost making him vomit foam and faint. I just pushed such a great contribution over to Wang Ke?

“Sect Lord Chen, I also did my part. I’m the one who initiated the plan of rescuing Princess Youyue, and I am also the one who struck the bell, and a good friend of Wang Ke to boot. I have admired you for a long time… Please take me as your disciple too! Revered teacher!” Zhang Zhengdao yelled passionately and knelt.

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His loud voice caught everyone’s attention.

“Zhang Zhengdao,” Chen Tianyuan looked at him with a frown.

It seemed that Chen Tianyuan knew of Zhang Zhengdao’s background.

“Yes? Does my revered teacher know me? That’s awesome!” an excited Zhang Zhengdao replied.

“Don’t call me revered teacher. I certainly cannot take you as my disciple because of your identity!” Chen Tianyuan shook his head.

Identity? Everyone looked toward Zhang Zhengdao curiously.

“Why?” Zhang Zhengdao was unable to understand.

“Your contribution for sounding off the bell is indeed important, but you also went and recklessly sullied the bones of our forefathers.....!” said Chen Tianyuan, frowning.

“I... Wang Ke forced me! I didn’t do it intentionally!” Zhang Zhengdao pleaded desperately.

“Unintentional? Wang Ke forced you again? Forget it! We’ll simply reduce the value of your contribution since you disturbed the sleep of our forefathers. Still, Wang Ke forced you, so your misdeeds can be forgiven. We’ll just consider your contribution as having compensated for your misconduct!” Chen Tianyuan said calmly.

“Uhh? I... I’m the one who sounded off the bell!” Zhang Zhengdao was reluctant to give up.

“Zhang Zhengdao, my revered teacher has issued a fair judgement. How dare you doubt his decision?” Wang Ke threatened with a glare.

Zhang Zhengdao felt utterly sad. No amount of excuses would be enough at this moment.

“Sect Lord Chen, let’s forget about the bell then. But you know of Princess Youyue’s identity. I’m the one who initiated her rescue and the credit should be mine. I... I really want to become your disciple. Please grant my wish!” Zhang Zhengdao pleaded desperately.

You stopped pursuing my blunders, but how would the other disciples look at me?What if they get back at me later?It’s better to learn from Wang Ke and get your backing.

Chen Tianyuan only shook his head. “I will never take you as my disciple. But I know that you are in a difficult spot, so I can offer aid in resolving some of your worries!”

“Uhh? “Really?” Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes brightened.

“You were tasked to atone for your father’s sins, such that your cultivation was sealed. I can help you to break a layer of that seal! If your superior asks about it, you can go ahead and tell him to see me!” Chen Tianyuan explained.

As he spoke, Chen Tianyuan aimed his finger at Zhang Zhengdao’s chest and a stream of energy entered the latter’s body.


A loud sound emerged from within Zhang Zhengdao’s body, as though some kind of lock had been opened. His aura then had a rapid increase, blowing the surrounding gravel away with a violent gust.

“The aura of a Golden Core cultivator?” Murong Luguang was shocked.

Wang Ke’s eyes also grew wide in disbelief too. Zhang Zhengdao wasn’t even able to defeat She Tianba, who was merely at the pinnacle of the Innate Stage! This aura... He grew and reached the Golden Core stage just like that?How is that possible?This old bastard… I knew he was lying to me.

“Thank you, Sect Lord Chen. It’s just that having a seal unlocked doesn’t compare to becoming your disciple! No one understands my desperate longing for the Heavenly Wolf Sect! Moreover, I will be in great trouble now that you opened a layer of my seal, if my superior finds out and doesn’t respect your decision!” Zhang Zhengdao urged anxiously.

Chen Tianyuan didn’t expect Zhang Zhengdao to be as thick-skinned and hard to shake off, but he decided to help as much as he could since he was already involved in Zhang Zhengdao’s matter.

“You’re worried about being punished by your superior if I don’t take you in as my disciple… Why don’t you just join the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Forget about being a direct disciple, you have your own inherited cultivation! Join the Heavenly Wolf Sect as a Guest Elder! Tell your superior about your status if he ever troubles you, and ask him to find me!” Chen Tianyuan said after some thought.

“Thank you, Sect Lord!” Zhang Zhengdao thanked him excitedly.

Zhang Zhengdao turned around and gave a proud glance at Wang Ke proudly, showing off his new privileged status and hinting that he should be treated respectfully.

But Wang Ke just ignored him.

“Oh yes, Sect Lord, how should we settle the matter of Princess Youyue? She has nowhere to go!” Zhang Zhengdao looked back at Chen Tianyuan.

“The daughter of a lost empire has to trouble you, Sect Lord Chen. If I may, could I also be taken as your disciple?” Princess Youyue asked immediately.

Even though she didn't know why her mother told her to find Chen Tianyuan, it should be the best option to have him as teacher and Wang Ke as apprentice-brother.

“Princess Youyue, your status is quite distinguished and honorable, I don’t dare take you in as my disciple. But do not worry, the Heavenly Wolf Sect will protect you; I will send someone to inform your family to fetch you. For now, stay in the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Chen Tianyuan smiled.

“It’s really inconvenient for me to stay here as an outsider. How am I supposed to settle here?” Princess Youyue replied with a bitter smile.

“Why don’t we do this?” Chen Tianyuan said after some thought, “If you don’t mind, how about becoming one of our Guest Elders too? Your status will be on par with me, not subject to the disciples’ restrictions.”

“Guest Elder?” All the guests were curious.

Princess Youyue is just a princess of a lost empire. Do you really need to give her such a high position?Could it be that she has a hidden background?

Murong Luguang really wanted to slap himself at that moment. He had thought that Princess Youyue was a lost cause; other than her looks, she had nothing left. But then he realized how wrong he was; she had another background, which might be even grander than being the Ghoul Empire’s princess! I severed our relationship just like that?

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