Chapter 26.2: You Lack Virtue (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 26.2: You Lack Virtue (2/2)

“I? Elder?” said Princess Youyue in shock.

“Yes. Henceforth, you are a Guest Elder of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I order all disciples to protect you, just as they protect the sect! To treat you like they treat me!” Chen Tianyuan said earnestly.

“Greetings, Guest Elder!” All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples bowed at the princess.

She was dazed by this gesture.

“Princess Youyue, I sense that you also have a seal… Why don’t I help you release it?” Chen Tianyuan asked.

“Those rebel officers from the Ghoul Empire imposed this seal on me. Thank you, Sect Lord!” Princess Youyue nodded.

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Chen Tianyuan pointed toward Princess Youyue from a distance, and a green beam flew into her forehead.


A muffled sound could be heard from Princess Youyue’s body, followed by a powerful aura that bloomed from her body. The seal inside her was then broken.

“Golden Core stage?” Wang Ke was shocked.

Both Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue have reached the Golden Core stage? Now I’m the weakest of the group?

“Enough! Sect Lord Chen, your sect’s Lightning Array has severely injured my younger brother; I don’t even know if he’s still alive now. Moreover, your disciple snatched away his Golden Crow Token. An apology is in order, don’t you think?” Zhang Li'er reminded him from nearby.

Wang Ke immediately took out the Golden Crow Token and handed it to Chen Tianyuan along with the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array’s controlling token.

“Revered teacher, the three of us were ambushed by She Tianba during our trip. I took this from She Tianba, I didn't snatch it from Zhang Shenxu. It’s true that I pretended to be a Golden Crow Sect disciple when I entered the Heavenly Wolf Sect, but it was only for the sake of slaying the demons. As for Zhang Shenxu’s injuries, Sun Song was the one who injured him, it had nothing to do with the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Revered teacher, please investigate this matter!” Wang Ke immediately pushed all his responsibilities away.

He even pushed the blame onto Sun Song for injuring Zhang Shenxu. The Golden Crow Sect disciples were angry, but they had no one to vent the anger on.

“Where is Zhang Shenxu now?” Chen Tianyuan looked toward Murong Luguang.

The eldest apprentice-brother then quickly arranged for people to carry Zhang Shenxu over.

They had briefly treated Zhang Shenxu’s injuries. While laying on a stretcher, the poor fellow looked miserable in all those bandages. He could hardly move; only his eyes and mouth were exposed. Of course, that was the best look he could have—were it not for the bandages covering him all over, his charred flesh would have made him look even more pathetic.

“Sister! It’s him. It’s them...!” Zhang Shenxu, laying on the stretcher, pointed toward Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao with trembling hands. Sorrow could very well be seen from his agitated eyes.

“Sect Lord Chen! Look at my brother! He wouldn't have been injured so badly if your disciple hadn’t pretended to be my brother!” Zhang Li'er lashed out furiously with glaring eyes.

Zhang Li'er was apparently difficult to appease. She still refused to give up, even after Wang Ke had pushed away all responsibility in the matter. Her younger brother was badly injured, how could she just let it pass? She had never scammed others for compensation, but she could play hardball when it came to extortion.

Chen Tianyuan was silent for a moment before nodding. “You are right. Wang Ke and his friends are responsible for your younger brother’s injuries. But Wang Ke rescued us from this catastrophe because he disguised himself as a Golden Crow Sect disciple. This means that Zhang Shenxu also contributed to foiling the Demon Sovereign’s plan this time!”

Zhang Shenxu shot an angry stare toward Chen Tianyuan. Contribution?I care nothing about contributions! I want revenge! I only want revenge!I want you to punish Wang Ke!

“I will personally make a trip to the Golden Crow Sect to show my gratitude to your Sect Lord. I will also request your Sect Lord to reward Zhang Shenxu for his outstanding contribution. Don’t worry! Your Sect Lord is wise and just; he will surely satisfy you!” Chen Tianyuan said sincerely as he handed over the Golden Crow Token.

Zhang Li'er: “.............................!”

Zhang Shenxu: “.................................!”

Sect Lord Chen, are you trying to push the blame away?We’re asking you to answer for your disciple’s wrongdoings, but you’re going to ask the Golden Crow Sect Lord to reward us?Do I really care about a puny reward?I want them to apologize and compensate!You just took in a disciple, and now you are guarding him already?

“Anything else to add?” Chen Tianyuan looked toward Zhang Li'er and her younger brother.

“Humph. Let’s go. Don’t let us run into Wang Ke and his gang again! Humph!” Zhang Li'er raged, grasping the Golden Crow Token tightly.

She flung her sleeves and was about to leave with her juniors. Chen Tianyuan was determined to protect his new disciple; she could not take any advantage over him. Chen Tianyuan had also bought over the guests from the other immortal sects by giving them virtue merits; there would be no one willing to speak up for her.

Wang Ke?Zhang Zhengdao?Just you wait!An eye for an eye!

The Golden Crow Sect disciples left while still fuming, and the other guests also bid their farewells; after all, demons had infiltrated their own sects… They had to report back to their Sect Lords and Masters immediately and do an internal inspection.

Chen Tianyuan had deftly sent the guests off. Meanwhile, Murong Luguang and his fellow disciples did not dare stand in front of Chen Tianyuan for too long; they went out to slay the remaining demons outside, trying to atone for their mistakes.

“Thank you for protecting me, revered teacher!” Wang Ke showed his gratitude.

“Wang Ke, I can see that your ophryon has darkened. Is something wrong with your body?” Chen Tianyuan looked at Wang Ke curiously.

“Revered teacher, your eyes are so sharp! I’ve been haunted by bad luck for ten years. I heard that your Immobilizing Radiance Mirror can help me dispel the curse. Revered teacher, please help me!” Wang Ke immediately pleaded, clearly excited.

Wang Ke was straightforward with his request, since they had officially become teacher and disciple.

“You’ve been haunted by bad luck for ten years?” Chen Tianyuan frowned.

“Right! I can attest to this!” Zhang Zhengdao said as he nodded.

Princess Youyue was also intrigued.

“You’re being haunted by bad luck mostly because of your lack of virtue!” Chen Tianyuan analyzed.

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

“I told you, Wang Ke, you’ve done too many immoral things! But you didn’t believe me!” Zhang Zhengdao laughed at him.

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

I? Lack of virtue? 

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