Chapter 24.2: The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 24.2: The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan! (2/2)

After issuing the order, the Sect Lord immediately flew to the East Wolf Hall on his flying sword.

Wang Ke had just noticed the changes around him, especially the disappearance of the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror. Everyone knew that things had been settled.

“Our Sect Lord is back!” All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were elated. Murong Luguang’s face turned sour; he didn't tell his Sect Lord about his plan to kill all those demons in order to keep all virtue merits to himself. Still, he fell into the demons’ trap in the end. What was even worse, he didn't even kill a single demon. There was no way he could justify himself!

Wang Ke had spent a long time inspecting the demons’ bodies, so he only managed to kill half of them. He was extremely satisfied, however, since he grew visibly fatter after stuffing all the goods in his robe four hours straight.

He was just finishing one of his inspections, so he killed the demon immediately to keep the fella from spilling the truth.

“Die, demon!” Wang Ke activated the lightning array.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

He had to destroy all evidence before the white-robed man arrived.

“Greetings, Sect Lord!” All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples greeted the white-robed man respectfully.

“Greetings, Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord!” All the guests also followed etiquette.

“Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, we are the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples. Now that you’ve already taken back control over the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror, why haven’t you released us yet?” Zhang Li'er asked anxiously.

She had already been stuck there for four hours, during which she had to endure witnessing Wang Ke’s eye-stinging acts as he molested the demons before killing them. She was already furious because of this.

The white-robed man landed on the square and looked around. Wang Ke had to restrain himself from then on.

“What happened in my sect?” the white-robed man asked.

He looked toward Murong Luguang, whose face froze; the latter knew not how to reply. Another disciple next to Murong Luguang replied and told their Sect Lord everything.

So many unexpected things happened during the wedding, such that the white-robed man was left with an awkward expression on his face. Finally, he turned to look at Princess Youyue.


He released the princess first, and she was immediately able to move again.

“Ghoul Empire, Gui Youyue, greets you, Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Princess Youyue bowed in solemn reverence.

But the white-robed man evaded her respectful bow and said with mixed feelings, “You are indeed Princess Youyue. We have treated you poorly because of what happened in our sect. Please forgive us!”

The white-robed man’s tone was extremely polite, which surprised Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er. Do you need to be this polite to the princess of a dead empire? 

Contrary to them, Wang Ke’s eyes glistened. Seeing how the white-robed man talked to the princess, he knew that things were on the right track!

The white-robed man then turned to look at Murong Luguang.

“Sect Lord, I was just too eager to slay demons, that is why I didn't ask for your approval...!” Murong Luguang explained himself, looking down.

“Murong Luguang,” the white-robed man said coldly, “Do you know how hefty a cost the Heavenly Wolf Sect paid to confirm these demons’ identities? How dare you act without my consent? Do you realize that your unrestrained actions ruined our grand plan! We wanted to trace their contacts while they weren’t alert so we could track down and seize all the demons in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. But you went and acted rashly, turning all our efforts to waste!”

Murong Luguang was dumbstruck. So that’s why the Sect Lord didn’t kill these demons immediately; He had a better plan!

“I acknowledge my mistakes. Please punish me, Sect Lord!” Murong Luguang said gloomily.

“Humph!” the white-robed man harrumphed coldly. It was not the time to hand out punishments.

“Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, how long will you keep us immobilized?” Zhang Li'er asked somewhat angrily.

The white-robed man waved his hand as he looked at the anxious guests. Countless lightning bolts descended from the sky; he could activate the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array without the need of a controlling token. The lightning bolts rained down like a heavy torrent, and all the guests were appalled. Is he going to kill us all?

Even Zhang Li'er’s face turned pale.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

All the remaining demons exploded instantly after the lightning bolt attacks, accompanied by loud shrieks. Streams of golden beams flooded toward the white-robed man, quickly turning into a sphere he held in his palm.

All the guests were finally freed afterwards. They checked themselves for injuries and were relieved to see they were unharmed. Beads of cold sweat were rolling down their bodies.

“Everyone, the Heavenly Wolf Sect Sect has not done a proper job showing our hospitality, as has frightened you with this nonsense!” the white-robed man formally apologized.

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“You are too courteous, Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord. It’s okay, don’t you worry!” Everyone had just survived a life-threatening ordeal, so they didn't want to offend such a powerful cultivator.

“We had just found out the identity of these demons and could not inform your immortal sects in time, which resulted in today’s misunderstanding. Please forgive us!” The white-robed man sighed.

“Of course! We don’t blame you!” All the guests waved their hands. How would anyone dare say anything, when a powerful Astral Infant cultivator such as yourself apologizes to us?We can only swallow our grudges and keep them in our hearts!

“Since everyone chooses to forgive, I shall give all these virtue merits derived from killing those demons to everyone, hoping that it shows the authenticity of our apology!” the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord suggested. He waved his hand, and the golden sphere on his palm was split into countless strands of golden radiance which flew toward all the guests. Of course, everyone received a share except for Wang Ke.

All the guests were thrilled after receiving some virtue merits. “Thank you, Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord!”

Grudge?Now that we have benefits, there’s no more grudge!

Although Zhang Li'er had also received a portion of those virtue merits, she was more than displeased. I would have gotten more!

The white-robed man resolved everyone’s grudges before turning to look at Wang Ke.

“I am Chen Tianyuan, the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord. Thank you for helping our sect survive through this calamity!” The white-robed man said to Wang Ke with a cupped fist.

The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan!

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