Chapter 24.1: The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 24.1: The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord, Chen Tianyuan! (1/2)

Outside the gates of the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

The Demon Sovereign was planning to obliterate the Heavenly Wolf Sect; he mobilized his forces to lure all the powerful Astral Infant cultivators out from the sect’s territory. He also arranged for Sun Song to mislead Murong Luguang into setting himself up. Moreover, he sent a huge force of demons to lie in ambush outside the sect. His intention was to uproot their foundation, and to destroy the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s seal, once and for all.

But who would have thought that the near-perfect plan would fail miserably because of Wang Ke?

The Annihilation Warning Bell was sounded off; the demons waiting outside the sect knew that their mission had failed.

“Sun Song, that dumbass. What is he doing?”

“Didn’t he say he would shut the gates to avoid any disturbances? Why would the Annihilation Warning Bell be activated? What is he doing?”

“Something wrong must have happened inside!”

“The Demon Sovereign gave the orders. This mission must be a success, or we will all be punished!”

“Tear down the gate! Quick! Forget about killing everyone in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. We must at least destroy the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Demon Seal!”

“Yes, quick. Let’s break the spell array!”




Explosions could be heard from outside the sect’s gate. Countless commoners from the Wolf Cultivation Town looked over in surprise.

A furious roar was heard amongst the demons, “Damn, who was the genius who proposed to shut the gates? How do we break in now?”

“Boss, you and Sun Song did!” someone replied, all too honestly.

That demon roared back, “Get lost. Who asked you? Keep trying to breach the array. We will all be in big trouble if we don’t break down the gate’s array!” 

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Sounds of bombardments could be heard from outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

Four hours later—some of the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples finally returned. They saw that the gate was closed, and a throng of demons enveloped in black Qi was charging at the gate’s defensive array.

“Oh no, something really happened to our sect!” A host of mad demons invading our Heavenly Wolf Sect?You must be tired of living!

“Demons? Merits? Damn. I’ve searched for you guys all over the Ten-thousand Great Mountains, and you came to my home? That’s so fortunate! No, I mean, that’s too much! Die!”

“Fellow apprentice-brothers, the demons are messing with our Heavenly Wolf Sect. Follow me, let’s slay them!”




In an instant, a fierce war began outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect. But only a minority of the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples returned; they were soon encircled by the demons.

“Senior apprentice-brother, this won’t do. There are too many demons! We can’t hold for much longer!”

“I was too reckless. I didn’t expect to find this many demons!”

“What should we do now?”

“The Annihilation Warning Bell has already rung. More apprentice-brothers are coming back, as well as our Sect Lord and the Hall Lords! We must press on!”


The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples were on the brink of being wiped out because they were vastly outnumbered.

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Just when the host of demons was about to devour them all, a powerful tempest descended upon them. Everyone could sense their hairs stand on end.

All the demons and the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples looked up. They saw a man in a white robe standing on a flying sword high up the sky. The middle-aged man had a handsome and stern face; the sun’s gentle radiance shone upon him, making him look as though a heavenly deity had descended, inspiring a feeling of reverence. He was the source of that horrifying aura.

“Sect Lord! Our Sect Lord is back!” A Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple was overjoyed.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord? Oh sh*t. Why did he return so quickly?” a demon cried out in fear.

The white-robed man looked down at the countless demons with a lofty expression. A murderous aura flashed in his eyes as he flung his hands.

“Ten-thousand Swords Tempest!” the man shouted coldly.


Suddenly, ten thousand blades of sword Qi emerged from the man’s back. He then pointed his finger at the demons; the sword Qi swarmed toward the demons in an instant.

“Be careful!” 



Following a loud explosion, a massive amount of those demons were killed by the sword Qi on the spot, while many more were badly injured. Waves of golden radiance flew toward the white-robed man.

Mountain rocks cracked and crumbled, and clouds of dust veiled over the sky. The white-robed man had delivered the ordinary Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples from their dire situation with one finger.

“Sect Lord, thank you for saving us!” The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples bowed down in reverence after being rescued.

Most of the demons had been severely injured, and the rest were trying to flee.

The white-robed man ignored the demons and flew toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s defensive array.

The array had stopped the demons from entering. But the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord knew every detail of how it was made, so it couldn't lock him out.


The Sect Lord entered the sect with his flying sword. He immediately realized what was happening inside, especially those thunderbolts flashing at the East Wolf Hall’s square.

Wang Ke was still activating the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array to kill the demons.

The white-robed man was puzzled by the sight and could only raise an eyebrow as he observed. But the situation was technically under control, much to his relief.

He looked up at the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror in the sky, then waved his hand at it.


The mirror trembled before it flew into one of his sleeves. Then, he targeted the mirror directly at the East Wolf Hall’s square; all the disciples found elsewhere recovered their ability to move.

“Greetings, Sect Lord!” The excited voices of the disciples could be heard in all the surrounding valleys.

Everyone was fearful, after being immobilized for four hours.

“Heavenly Wolf Sect, hear my command!” the white-robed man said.

“Yes, Sect Lord!” all the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples responded in unison.

“Demons have gathered outside our gate. All disciples who are combat-ready head out to slay the demons! Don’t let any one of them escape!” he commanded.

“Yes, Sect Lord!” all the disciples acknowledged and cheered.

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