Chapter 23.2: Inspecting the Bodies (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 23.2: Inspecting the Bodies (2/2)

Everyone was dumbfounded. What do the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s forefathers have to do with you?Why do you care?Your excuse is too lame!

“To prevent tragedies from happening again, I, Wang Ke, am willing to risk offending the demons and slaying them. I shall do this to return peace to the world!” Wang Ke declared with righteous words.

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Both Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er glared at Wang Ke. Can anyone be more shameless?You’re just doing it to keep all the virtue merits to yourself!

“Brat, you want to kill the demons and keep all the virtue merits to yourself?” Zhang Li'er said, while staring at Wang Ke.

Wang Ke ignored her, but he nodded heavily in his heart. Damn, I don’t really know what the crap virtue merit is. But now that everyone is fighting for it, why shouldn’t I have a go at it too?I don’t really care if the melon is sweet. Just get it first!

“Brat, do you even know how to use the controlling token?” Murong Luguang shouted fiercely.

“What’s so difficult about that? It’s just like a mouse controller! I could sense the screen the moment I touched it. I just have to press it! You’ll see!” Wang Ke activated the controlling token.


A thunderbolt struck Murong Luguang.

“Ahhh! Brat, how dare you!” Murong Luguang raged.

“Sorry, sorry. I clicked the wrong button. See? It got me too. A rock bounced when the thunderbolt struck you and ricocheted onto me. See here, my hand is bleeding! I’m bleeding for the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Wang Ke immediately apologized.

It was an honest mistake. But that proved to everyone that he could use the token.

“You should stop moving then. Wait for the other Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples to come back and do it. We don’t need you to slay the demons!” Murong Luguang snapped back.

There were so many demons and virtue merits to be had. Murong Luguang could not get them, but he didn’t want an outsider to profit from their misfortune.

“Didn’t you say that the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror can only hold us for a day? What if the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s people don’t return within that time period? Wouldn’t that present the demons with a chance to escape? And what if the demons outside make a move to invade us? No, no way! This isn't right. I have zero tolerance for demons! I’m sorry. Even if people denounce me for it, I will still eradicate all the demons and return peace to the world!” Wang Ke continued his justifying spiel.

Still, Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er continued to stare at Wang Ke. They could not believe how shameless the latter was. Are you determined to take all the virtue merits for yourself?

“Who shall I begin with? Oh yeah, let me take a look!” Wang Ke walked over to where Sun Song was.

“You... The Demon Sovereign will not let you off if you dare to kill me!” Sun Song continued threatening Wang Ke, although nervously.

Wang Ke wasn’t fazed by his words. His eyes glowed as he looked at Sun Song’s wrist. More specifically, he was looking at the storage bangle on Sun Song’s wrist.

Good stuff! He had not even left a toilet roll behind when he left the Zhu Cultivation Town. Why would he waste all those treasures by burning them up with lightning bolts? Such misuse was forbidden!

Wang Ke took hold of Sun Song’s right hand and quickly took off the demon’s storage bangle; he then kept it in his pocket while everyone gave him confused looks.

“What are you doing?” an aghast Sun Song cried out.

Wang Ke was still unsatisfied after plundering Sun Song’s storage bangle. He began searching Sun Song’s body and quickly found a storage bag in his chest pocket.

“I knew it. Old demon, are you still hiding other things?” Wang Ke continued searching with an excited mood.

Nobody was able to clearly see what Wang Ke was doing because his back was facing them. But Princess Youyue had a different angle and saw all his moves with clarity.

“Wang Ke, you’re....!” the princess said in shock.

“Shhhh!” Wang Ke hinted at the princess with his eyes and asked her to keep it to herself.

The princess’s jaw dropped. Is Wang Ke that desperate for money?He even dares to take all the money from the demons?

“Brat, what are you doing?” Murong Luguang asked with glaring eyes. He could not understand what Wang Ke was doing.

Other than Princess Youyue, no one else saw Wang Ke taking the storage bangle and bag. After all, he had done it quite skillfully and behind cover. How could he let others see him taking all the treasures?

“I’m checking his body!” Wang Ke replied without looking back.

“Checking his body?” Zhang Li'er asked in confusion.

“I go by the principle of never wronging a good person and never letting go of a bad person! What if he’s not a demon? I need to check him to make sure that he’s a demon before I kill him. What if I killed the wrong person?” Wang Ke explained, still with his back facing everyone else.

“He? You still need to confirm his identity? Are you dumb? If he’s not a demon, then who is?” said an incensed Murong Luguang.

You suspected that I was a demon, and now you suspect that Sun Song is not a demon! Are the two of you together?

Zhang Li'er frowned ever so slightly, “Why am I feeling that he’s molesting Sun Song?”

“Hmm?” Everyone looked at Zhang Li'er.

“He... he... really likes men? He’s going to cop a feel first before he slays the demons?” Zhang Li'er said, appalled.

Everyone looked back at Wang Ke. Indeed, they saw Wang Ke touching every inch of Sun Song’s body. They could see his profile from their point of view, flashing excited smiles in a somewhat lewd way.

It’s real?This brat likes men?

“Enough!” Sun Song cried out. He could no longer withstand the humiliation.

“Humph. I’m done checking.” Wang Ke leaped backward and said, “You’re a demon. Now, receive the smite of justice! Die, demon!”

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

A series of thunderbolts struck from the sky. Sun Song was instantly engulfed by lightning; even a Golden Core stage cultivation was useless before such an attack. The horrifying Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array was designed to deal with Golden Core cultivators.


There was a series of lightning strikes, Sun Song then shrieked miserably and exploded. A sphere with a golden radiance flew up and was absorbed by the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror at the same time.

No one noticed the golden merit sphere; everyone was in shock as they looked at Wang Ke.

“He killed him after molesting him all over? He didn’t show the least bit of mercy, at all. He’s a true pervert!” Zhang Li'er looked at Wang Ke, horrified by what she saw.

Everyone was also looking at Wang Ke in dismay. Is he really just like Zhang Li'er said?He is more evil than the devils themselves!

Still, Wang Ke decidedly chose to ignore everyone’s sentiments. He walked toward another female demon who was enveloped in black Qi. Zhang Li'er and the others interpreted Wang Ke’s excited smile as a lewd approach again.

“Don’t move. Let me check your body and make sure you’re not a demon. Hahaha!” Wang Ke laughed, clearly exhilarated.

He had just plundered a Golden Core cultivator’s possessions. He was rich from then on! Next, he was about to begin searching another demon’s body. How much would he earn today! How could Wang Ke not laugh and be excited?

But everyone noticed how his laughter carried a lot of evil.

“What are you doing? What are you trying to do? No! Don’t!” the female demon cried out. Still, Wang Ke had none of it. He immediately began searching her body.

“Don’t touch me!” the female demon howled furiously.

“Pervert! Beast! He’s going to molest female demons too!” Zhang Li'er denounced him ferociously with a blushing face.

“I’m done checking. This too is a demon. Let me punish you on behalf of justice. Demon, die!” Wang Ke yelled.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Another demon was struck dead by lightning, and the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror absorbed another sphere of golden light; yet again, Wang Ke had profited greatly from this endeavor. His excitement grew as he walked over to check the next demon, while the demon with black Qi plumes coming out of his body was in utter despair.

“No! Don’t come any closer!”

“Don’t move. Come, let me search your body. Hahaha!” Wang Ke could not wait but to extend his evil hands.

The entire square in the East Wolf Hall was supposed to be a solemn place where the righteous and the demonic sects fought against each other ferociously. Still, the event turned into a comedic travesty because of Wang Ke’s hideous laughter.

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