Chapter 23.1: Inspecting the Bodies (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 23.1: Inspecting the Bodies (1/2)

In the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror would immobilize anyone reflected in its surface. All the disciples who had not been under shelter were affected. But there was one exception, and that was Zhang Zhengdao.

Zhang Zhengdao was digging through the sect’s ancestral graves underground. That was why the artifact had not immobilized him, allowing him to continue moving.

He stood inside the narrow tunnel and looked above. Only a thin layer of ground was left, and he felt extremely anxious.

“Wang Ke, you bastard! You better don’t destroy my lifeblood. Although I’m running a bit late, I made it all the way to the Annihilation Warning Bell. I will ring it now!” Zhang Zhengdao mumbled to himself nervously.

There are three Golden Core cultivators out there! Whoever comes near shall be killed mercilessly? Zhang Zhengdao was hesitating. After sounding the bell, could he really flee from the three guards?

He wiped off the sweat on his face, then pinched his storage bag.

“Past Sect Lords of the Heavenly Wolf Sect, please help me hold off the three Golden Core guardians of the bell when I flee later. Please! They are your disciples and grand disciples, don’t tell me they wouldn’t obey you!” said Zhang Zhengdao while addressing his storage bag as though he were praying.

He mustered his courage once he finished praying and leaped up.

That thin layer of ground exploded open, then Zhang Zhengdao flew up forcefully, crashing into the Annihilation Warning Bell.


He managed to crash into the bell, instantly producing a deafening sound as a result.


A horrifying soundwave reverberated across the entire Heavenly Wolf Sect the moment the bell was rung, even flooding through the spell array and disseminating toward the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains.

“I did it!” Zhang Zhengdao was overjoyed.

Still, his peripheral sight managed to catch three powerful Golden Core cultivators standing around.

Zhang Zhengdao threw out some contents from his storage bag without hesitation, just before the three powerful cultivators could hack and slash him to death.

“Brothers, these are the bones of your past Sect Lords. Protect them well. I’m off! Hahaha!” Zhang Zhengdao laughed proudly.

Three sets of skeletons flew out from the storage bag and headed toward the three powerful cultivators. Zhang Zhengdao thought they would surely treat their past leaders gingerly; they would rather give up pursuing him to protect the integrity of those bones.

His plan was to flee quickly while protected by those skeletons. He would be fine as long as he escaped from the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Wang Ke would have to face any and all consequences on his own; he was the one with bad luck after all.

Just when Zhang Zhengdao was ready to run, he realized that something was off. The three Golden Core cultivators didn’t pursue him, nor did they catch the skeletons. They stood there paralyzed like statues. Only their eyeballs turned to glare at him.

“Crack!” The three skeletons fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

What just happened?They just watched their forefathers’ bones fall to the ground without doing anything?How disrespectful!

And, why aren’t they moving?

“Oh, wait! Why can’t I move, either?” Zhang Zhengdao was appalled.

He wanted to escape using lightning speed. But he had just exposed himself, falling into the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror’s influence.

Zhang Zhengdao was unable to run; he simply stood under the massive bell. Three pairs of eyes gazed at him with deadly looks. The atmosphere turned ghastly.

I can’t flee?Why did this happen!

The three Golden Core cultivators looked at Zhang Zhengdao with a death-threatening gaze, which made his scalp go numb. What did I do?

He struck the Annihilation Warning Bell after digging through the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s ancestral grave. He had unearthed the bones of past Sect Lords, then threw them to the ground and broke them! More importantly, he could not run anymore! He could neither escape nor give an excuse!

“Who am I? What is this place? What am I doing?” Zhang Zhengdao mumbled to himself mournfully.


Heavenly Wolf Sect—East Wolf Hall’s entrance!

Everyone was immobilized. No matter how hard they struggled, they could barely twist their bodies. Strangely enough, there was a man completely unaffected by this.

Not only did Wang Ke move freely, he even took the array token from Sun Song. Sun Song’s dream plan was crushed to pieces from that moment on.

“Why, why? Why aren’t you being affected by the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror?” Sun Song roared, reluctant to accept what was happening.

The predator became the prey. He had already thought everything through, but he never foresaw that another predator would pounce on him. How is it that you’re not immobilized?Aren’t you the adulterer?What has all of this have to do with you?What are you trying to pull?

“Anyone with a Golden Core cultivation or lower will be immobilized. Or, is it that he’s already broken through to the Astral Infant stage?” Murong Luguang wondered, ending with a shocked tone.

Astral Infant stage?Was he just pretending to be weak?

Princess Youyue also said in surprise, “Wang Ke, how come you can move?” 

Only Princess Youyue was certain that Wang Ke was merely at the Innate Stage. He was just an ordinary Innate Stage cultivator, far from becoming an Astral Infant warrior.

“Golden Crow?” Zhang Li'er shouted. She was shocked to see it.

“What?” Everyone looked toward Zhang Li'er.

Everyone then saw Zhang Li'er looking up toward the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror in the sky; anyone whose reflection was in the mirror would be immobilized. Still, the mirror had everyone’s reflection, except for Wang Ke’s; there was a golden crow above his head.

The reflection showed that the golden crow was flapping its wings, seemingly protecting Wang Ke.

“Is that the Golden Crow Token? Zhang Shenxu’s Golden Crow Token?” Sun Song suddenly realized.

Zhang Li'er instantly understood the reason. “The Golden Crow Token was forged by our Sect Lord, who is an Astral Infant practitioner. He imbued a spell into the token; that is why the token can block the mirror’s effects.”

“The Golden Crow Token?” Everyone was stunned.

No one inside the sect can move, but this “adulterer” can? Is he a sissy? Although everyone was suspicious, none of them could tell for sure.

“The Golden Crow Token belongs to us. Give it to me, now!” Zhang Li'er demanded anxiously.

“Hand me the array’s master token. Give it to me, quick! I can forgive all your offenses if you do!” Murong Luguang also urged.

“Give me the array token, or else the Demon Sovereign will soon come after you!” Sun Song raged.

Wang Ke was their hope. Whomever he chose would be the grand winner. All of them were urging him anxiously.

Wang Ke looked at everyone, directly ignoring Zhang Li'er. Are you joking? Won’t I be immobilized if I hand over the Golden Crow Token?You want me to sacrifice myself for you?You think I’m stupid?

And Sun Song?No way! You’re a damned demon. You want me to help you?You think you can scare me?

As for Murong Luguang, Wang Ke frowned at the thought of him. After all, Wang Ke wanted to join the Heavenly Wolf Sect as a disciple. Murong Luguang would later become his eldest apprentice-brother if he managed to join in. What should I do? I can only make use of Murong Luguang!

As for safety? Wang Ke was already relieved since the Annihilation Warning Bell had been rung. The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord should be back soon. He had saved Princess Youyue earlier, and he was going to save the whole sect at the moment. It wouldn't be too much to make big requests to the Sect Lord with the Princess vouching for him.

“Give me the array token. Let me slay the demons, quick!” Murong Luguang looked toward Wang Ke expectantly.

But Wang Ke answered with a slight shake of his head.

“Brat, are you planning to oppose the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Murong Luguang threatened in response.

“No, what I’m thinking is… Given that Sun Song is a demonic spy... What if you’re also one of them? If I give you the array token, would that mean I’m helping the enemy? Then I would have failed all the forefathers of the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Wang Ke said.

“I? A demon?” Murong Luguang said derisively.

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