Chapter 22.2: Eradicate the Demons? Who Eradicates Whom? (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 22.2: Eradicate the Demons? Who Eradicates Whom? (2/2)

“Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array. Strike!” Murong Luguang activated the controlling token in his hand.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Hundreds of lightning bolts appeared above the Heavenly Wolf Sect. The lightning was like a rushing river, swooping down toward the East Wolf Hall’s entrance.



All the demons roared in despair.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Lightning struck. The rocks on the ground exploded into countless pieces; shrieks of pain were heard endlessly.

However, after the explosion... Everyone opened their eyes in disbelief.

That is, because none of the demons had been struck. Instead, a group of Heavenly Wolf Sect and Golden Crow Sect disciples were at the receiving end of those thunderbolts. All of them were all burned black; they screamed in pain while spurting blood from their mouths.

Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er were not the exception. Numerous thunderbolts had struck them both; fortunately, they had enchanted artifacts that protected them. Even though they appeared to be in a mess, they had not been severely injured. Zhang Li'er’s hair was a little disheveled after the explosion, while Murong Luguang’s clothes were torn.

“How... Why did this happen?” Murong Luguang widened his eyes in disbelief.

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“Murong Luguang! What are you doing? Did you just strike me with lightning? Shouldn’t you be getting rid of the demons? Why did you attack my sect’s disciples?” Zhang Li'er raged.

All the guests were baffled. What is Murong Luguang doing?He struck himself with lightning! Did he do that to frighten the demons?

“My... My token to harness the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array is faulty? ” said a shocked Murong Luguang.

“Of course! Hahaha!” a sudden peal of laughter was heard.

Everyone looked over and saw that it was the wedding emcee, Sun Song!

What is happening?

“Sun Song? Did you tamper with my token? What are you trying to do?” Murong Luguang asked furiously with widened eyes.

Sun Song was Murong Luguang’s subordinate, a bootlicker that had garnered the latter’s trust. Murong Luguang had favored him, giving him many tasks to accomplish. What was Sun Song doing?

“The old Sun Song died a long time ago! This Sun Song is no longer your dog!” Sun Song declared proudly.

“What?” Murong Luguang had the sudden feeling that he no longer knew Sun Song.

“Humph, it’s just a wedding. Why are there so many hiccups! What are you guys doing? You made me wait for so long!” Sun Song glared intensely at Murong Luguang and the others.

“No, you're not Sun Song. You’re a demon too? You’ve been hiding in the Heavenly Wolf Sect all this time?” Murong Luguang’s expression changed drastically.

“You just realized it? The Heavenly Wolf Sect really has good techniques to identify demons hidden within the immortal sects. I wouldn't have been able to become a spy if it wasn’t for the help of my Demon Sovereign, so I could investigate everything about the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Sun Song laughed coldly.

“What... What did you do all this time? ” Murong Luguang was in great shock.

“What did I do? I wanted to continue as a spy. But your greed gave me no choice, so I asked the Demon Sovereign for permission to expose myself! You have sent the Heavenly Wolf Sect to the grave! All of this was triggered by your greed when you received the list of hidden demons inside the immortal sects! ” Sun Song mocked.

Murong Luguang was horrified. “All the advice and strategies you suggested were all part of your plan?” Murong Luguang asked.

“All of my strategies and counsel needed your greed to work. If you weren’t greedy, you wouldn't have wanted to take all the merits alone! If you weren’t greedy, why would the Demon Sovereign agree to lure away all the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Astral Infant cultivators? If you weren't greedy, I wouldn't have goaded you into asking for the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror to bind everyone! Hahahahah!” Sun Song burst out laughing.

“You... You... planned all of this?” Murong Luguang’s face turned unsightly.

“Indeed. I have long waited for this day. The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror has the entire Heavenly Wolf Sect in it, all thanks to your greed. No one can move! Next, I shall kill each and every one of you with the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array!” As he spoke, Sun Song took out another controlling token.

“You can’t kill us. The array won’t be that fast......!” Murong Luguang said. His face turned pale.

“You’re right. The array would take a while to kill a Golden Core cultivator. But it’s okay, I have all the time I need! The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror will lock us down for one whole day, and that is enough! More than enough! You closed the sect’s gate, so no one will come in and disturb us! By the way, the demons sent by the Demon Sovereign have already surrounded the Heavenly Wolf Sect. They will prevent anyone from disrupting the process. So, I shall use this token to kill the whole lot of you. A Golden Core cultivator? It won’t take too long to kill anyway. Hahahahaha!” Sun Song cackled.

You… You… You…!” Murong Luguang was raging.

“Murong Luguang, your Heavenly Wolf Sect investigated every demon hiding in the immortal sects, but you didn't bother to check for yourself? We are in big trouble and it’s all your fault!” Zhang Li'er cried out in anger.

Murong Luguang’s face then became pale as a paper. How could he have expected that his most trusted junior had been demonized?

“Hahaha, who shall I begin with? Why not you, my eldest apprentice-brother, hahaha!” Sun Song activated the controlling token.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

Numerous thunderbolts descended from the sky aimed at Murong Luguang; he was instantly engulfed by lightning.

“Demon! Our Heavenly Wolf Sect will eradicate every single one of you. None of you shall escape!” Murong Luguang cried out indignantly amidst the lightning bombardment.

“Hahaha, the Heavenly Wolf Sect? It will cease to be after today! I will kill you all, and then I’ll dig up the sect’s spirit mountain and break your sect’s seal. The Heavenly Wolf Sect will have no foundation to rebuild itself! All your Astral Infant cultivators are outside, and most of your Golden Core cultivators were sent out by you! Humph, who will know that I’m destroying the Heavenly Wolf Sect now? Oh yeah, there’s still the Annihilation Warning Bell. Everyone will know and return if it sounds! But no one inside the sect can move, including me. I can only move my fingers to activate the array token. Who is going to sound the alarm? Are the dry bones in the Heroic Valley going to do it? HAHAHAHA!” ” Sun Song cackled.

Just as he laughed uproariously, everyone heard the loud sound of a bell, seemingly coming from one of the valleys.


The bell toll was so powerful that its deafening sound waves made everyone’s ears ring; it reverberated beyond the Heavenly Wolf Sect and spread farther toward the outside world.

Sun Song’s face was paralyzed. Zhang Li'er and Murong Luguang were both astonished.

“The Annihilation Warning Bell was rung? Impossible, impossible! Everyone whose reflection is captured by the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror will be immobilized. Who could have done it?” Sun Song was both shocked and angry.

“The Annihilation Warning Bell has been sounded. All the members of the Heavenly Wolf Sect will know and return from all corners of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains, including the Sect Lord!” Murong Luguang was overjoyed.

“No matter. The Ten-thousand Great Mountains are quite vast; they will take a long time to return… I will kill all of you first before they do. Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array, strike!” Sun Song urgently activated the command token, and numerous lightning bolts descended from the sky.

It was once again targeted at Murong Luguang and all the disciples from both the Heavenly Wolf Sect and the Golden Crow Sect. All of them were taken care of by the lightning bolts.

“Rumble!~~~~~ Booom!~~~”

The mighty thunderbolts flashed brightly. Piercing shrieks ensued.

“Hahahaha! You can’t move! You can’t move! Dreaming about slaying demons? We demons shall kill all of you today, you self-conceited pricks!” Sun Song laughed wildly.

“Yes, kill them! Haha, quick! Strike them to death! ” one of the demon guests cheered excitedly.

Still, Murong Luguang roared indignantly while under the thunderbolt shower, “Sun Song! I’m going to kill you!” 

“Come and do it, if you can! Come and snatch the array token from me if you’re so powerful! Whoever has the token can control the array. Can you take it? Come and take it! Hahahaha... Uhhh!” Sun Song laughed, but suddenly, his face froze.

All the lightning bolts stopped. Everyone had confused faces as they looked at Sun Song. Why did he stop?

All the people present saw that next to Sun Song was an adulterer... Uh… no. It was Wang Ke. Wang Ke was not affected by the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror; he approached Sun Song unimpeded. He wrested the array token from the demon spy’s hands.

“It’s you?” Zhang Li'er was taken aback.

Murong Luguang was also glaring at Wang Ke who was moving freely. How is that possible?The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror affects everyone from the Golden Core stage and below. He doesn’t look like he’s even reached the Golden Core stage! How is he able to move?

Princess Youyue, who was also paralyzed, asked in surprise.“Wang Ke, why can you move?” 

“You... You’re not affected by the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror?” Sun Song was aghast.

Wang Ke ignored Sun Song completely as he studied the token he took from the demonic spy. “This is so high-tech!” he said in amazement, “There’s a remote control?”

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