Chapter 22.1: Eradicate the Demons? Who Eradicates Who?
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Indestructible God King Chapter 22.1: Eradicate the Demons? Who Eradicates Who?

Heavenly Wolf Sect, at East Wolf Hall’s entrance!

The supposedly sweet and happy wedding turned into a battleground. Both the groom and bride’s sides drew their weapons and are going to kill the guests? All of Wang Ke’s men were flabbergasted. They followed their Clan Lord around the Ten-thousand Great Mountains for so many years, but not even they would have dared to put on a show like that. They could not understand what was happening.

All the guests took out their own weapons and enchanted artifacts, while glaring at their host in confusion.

“Murong Luguang, what are you trying to do?”

“Zhang Li'er, we are here to witness your wedding. Your ceremony was disrupted, but why are you taking it out on us?”     




All the guests rebuked them furiously.

Still, Zhang Li'er seemed to have cooled her temper. She laughed coldly as she looked at the guests, “Everyone, stop acting. The Heavenly Wolf Sect has sealed its gates. Do you think you can still escape?”

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“Zhang Li'er, the Heavenly Wolf Sect people were the ones who wounded your younger brother. You should go after Murong Luguang! What are you trying to do now?” one of the guests shouted.

“Humph. I will seek compensation from the sect on behalf of my brother. As to all of you, are you still going to pretend? Shall I and Murong Luguang point each of you out? Demons!” Zhang Li'er exclaimed coldly.

Her words silenced all the guests. Some of them flinched as though their secrets had been exposed, suddenly looking nervous. The other half of the guests were startled and wondering. What do you mean by this?

“Demons?” Wang Ke was also surprised.

“The Demon Sovereign is really good with his games,” Zhang Li'er shouted, “Humph, how many years has it been, he already got this bunch of demons to infiltrate the ranks of each immortal sect. If not for the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s surveillance, we would have never found out that you had already taken important positions in the immortal sects. Humph. Today, the Golden Crow Sect and the Heavenly Wolf Sect shall enforce justice on behalf of heaven and slay all the demons present!”

She slashed with her saber the moment she finished talking, creating a 30-meter long saber Qi that went straight toward one of the guests.

“Zhang Li’er! There must be a misunderstanding!” some of the guests said anxiously.

“Boooom! ”

The saber Qi clashed against the guest’s hastily drawn sword.

But then, a bright red radiance shone brightly around Zhang Li'er’s body. The saber Qi grew stronger at the same time and was about to cut down the guest.

“Zhang Li'er, you’re too much!” all the guests berated.

It was right then that the guest struggling with Zhang Li'er’s saber could no longer take the pressure. His face was contorted as plumes of black Qi rose from his body. His distorted eyes turned crimson, and a pair of sharp fangs grew from his mouth.


The demonized guest let out a huge roar but appeared to continue struggling.

“Die!” Zhang Li'er shouted.


The horrific saber Qi bombarded the guest and tore him into pieces. Blood was splattered all over, and then a sphere of golden radiance came out from the demon, which entered Zhang Li'er’s body.

“Merit radiance? This… this person was really a demon?” some of the guests cried out in shock.

“Guests, beware. Half of those around you are demons!” Zhang Li'er said, ending with a sinister laugh.

“What?” The guests’ expressions turned grim as they quickly guarded against each other.

“What are you standing there for? Do it! Today, we shall cut down the demons and enact justice!” Zhang Li'er gave the order.

“Yes, madam!” All the Golden Crow Sect disciples cheered excitedly.

But Murong Luguang complained coldly, “Zhang Li'er, you are too much. This is the Heavenly Wolf Sect… Are you trying to take the host’s place?”

Zhang Li'er replied with mocking laughter. “This shall be the interest to the compensation due for hurting my brother. Haha, Murong Luguang, thank you for telling me the identity of these demons. Just watch how I eradicate these demons. Hahahaha!”      


After realizing they had been exposed, many demons among the guests chose to show their true forms. Plumes of black smoke rose from their bodies, some of which grew pairs of wings. They were all fighting back against Zhang Li'er’s men ferociously.

“Humph, Zhang Li'er, you’ve gone too far! Don’t blame me for this then!” Murong Luguang yelled coldly.


Countless beams of green light rained down from the sky. Both humans and demons were no longer able to move, as if immobilized by a spell.

Everyone looked as though they were tied up and were aghast by it.

Zhang Li'er struggled to look up and saw a mirror levitating above the Heavenly Wolf Sect; that was the source of the green beams that had rained down upon them. No one could move inside the sect.

“Is this the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s guardian treasure, the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror?” Zhang Li'er cried out in shock.

“Indeed it is. Everyone whose reflection is in the mirror will be immobilized by its green beams! I begged hard to my Sect Lord so we could have it handy in case of an emergency!” Murong Luguang explained with disdain.

“No one is operating it. How did it...?” Zhang Li'er questioned. She was furious because she could not move.

“The Immobilizing Radiance Mirror has been integrated into our defensive spell array, and our spirit mountain provides endless energy to power it. Yes, I cannot operate it skillfully enough to target only the demons. Still, I can activate it in full scale to immobilize everyone! That’s enough to trap all of you!” Murong Luguang laughed coldly.

“It can only immobilize Golden Core stage and below. Astral Infant cultivators cannot be immobilized!” Zhang Li'er reminded him in a deep voice.

“So what? Are you at the Astral Infant stage? Humph. All the demons we invited today are Golden Core and below! Zhang Li'er, I wanted to destroy these demons together with you. A pity… You are too arrogant! You showed no respect for me at all! You think this is your home? Humph. Since you showed no care for me, you can only dream about slaying demons. Stand aside and watch me kill each and every one of them!” Murong Luguang laughed mockingly.

The closeby Wang Ke looked up at the massive mirror and his eyes glistened. Why did Wang Ke go to the Heavenly Wolf Sect? He went there to become a disciple of the sect so he could use something the sect had to dispel his curse of bad luck. The item that could dispel his bad luck was precisely the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror!

Legend had it that the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror attracted good fortune and avoided disaster, and it could be used to dispel evil curses. He did not expect that the mirror would also be able to immobilize people!

Since everyone had been immobilized, wouldn’t that mean Murong Luguang could do anything he wanted?

“Murong Luguang, why are you doing this to us? Let us go!” A guest demanded anxiously.

“Murong Luguang, I agree that the guy just now was a demon, but I am not one of them! Why did you immobilize me?” another guest asked with glaring eyes.

“Everyone, please calm down,” Murong Luguang explained, “I immobilized everyone for the sake of safety. Don’t worry. We, the Heavenly Wolf Sect, have records of every demon present. We will not kill the innocent! Please be patient, everyone. This will be over soon!” 

All the guests frowned in displeasure; the demons were furious, while the ordinary guests were confused.

A guest came to a sudden realization. “Oh, now I understand! The wedding... was all but a show! It was a trap to gather all the demons here? Heavenly Wolf Sect, Golden Crow Sect? This was a setup against demons!”

“You’re right. Everyone, please wait for a while. I will activate the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array to destroy all the demons and return peace to the Ten-thousand Great Mountains!” said Murong Luguang to reassure everyone.

But Zhang Li’er furiously disapproved, “Murong Luguang, you’re just trying to take all the credit. Our Golden Crow Sect cooperated with the show for so long, and you want to kill them all on your own? Are you really going to take all the virtue merits alone?”

All the Golden Crow Sect disciples were also shocked and angry.

“Zhang Li'er, it is my duty to defend the righteous and eliminate evil. Are you only looking for virtue merits? I’m thankful for the Golden Crow Sect’s help. I think that every immortal sect will be grateful to you after the demons are slain!” Murong Luguang laughed heartily.

“You!” Zhang Li'er’s eyes bulged in rage.

Murong Luguang, you are so shameless. It’s okay if you want to take sole possession of all the virtue merits, but how can you put it in such nice terms?

Zhang Li'er struggled to break free from the green beams’ constraint with such force that her body contorted. Still, it was futile; she grew angry and anxious. The demons among the guests were also struggling as hard as they could; their black Qi darkened the sky. The other guests’ scalps went numb at the sight of this.

“Senior apprentice-brother? You...You’re a demon?”

“Apprentice-uncle, you... you had a demon seed implanted in you, and you turned into a demon? ”

“That is just terrifying! A few days ago, my apprentice-uncle had almost become the new Sect Lord in my sect’s general meeting. Almost! Who would have thought he was a demon?” 




Although the guests understood that Murong Luguang wanted to take all the virtue merits from killing all the demons on his own, they were not too angry. At least he had exposed the infiltrated demons among the people close to them. If not for that exposure, they might have been devoured by the demons in the future before they could even realize. That was too dangerous!

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