Chapter 38.1: Give Me Some Face (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 38.1: Give Me Some Face (1/2)

Outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect—In a forest!

Wang Ke bashed through the forested area with the Longing Bead in his hand.

“Wang Ke, are you sure you did not take the wrong way? It’s pure wilderness here. Can the princess really be here?” Zhang Zhengdao mumbled with unease as they moved along.

“This is called linear distance. Fortunately, it’s enough for us to know her general direction. Don’t even ask me to use the main road! You can search with your flying sword once we make sure we left the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s territory!” Wang Ke said with a frown.

“Sure! But I have a bad feeling about this… We’re being watched!” Zhang Zhengdao warned with a worried face.

“Who would recognize us in such disguises? How could we be watched?” Wang Ke said unhappily.

His face was filled with pimples while Zhang Zhengdao had an eye-searing impersonation. Who could recognize them? Not even their own mothers would!

“It’s true. Look ahead!” Zhang Zhengdao whispered.

They saw a man holding a saber on their way, standing between two huge trees. He gazed at Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao with icy eyes.

Someone is really here to stop us?

Wang Ke turned to face his companion and said with a loud voice, “What are you looking at? Aren’t we pressed for time? There’s nothing in front of us! Something’s wrong with your eyes! Move, quick!”

Zhang Zhengdao was stunned. Wang Ke, are you blind?Don’t you see two people over there?

But Wang Ke didn't care; he simply kept walking. You think I don’t see them?Of course I do!But you don’t have to be obvious and say it out loud, even if you see them! What if they weren’t waiting for us?Aren’t you seeking trouble by creating a commotion?Who can recognize us as we are?

Zhang Zhengdao quickly understood Wang Ke’s thoughts. He nodded and said, “Yes, you’re right. I don’t see squat; there’s nothing over there!”

The two quickly took a roundabout way to avoid the two massive trees and continued pressing forward.

Even so, five more men appeared in front of them and blocked their way shortly after.

A white robed individual who seemed to be the leader laughed coldly. “Haha, Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao? It’s been a long time!”

He recognized them! Wang Ke’s expression changed instantly. It shouldn’t be like this! Why did he recognize me?

Zhang Zhengdao looked at the man in white and stuttered, “Zhang, Zhang Shenxu?”

Zhang Shenxu—the one who had issued the Golden Crow Sect’s bounty—had been mistakenly injured to a severe degree by the Heavenly Wolf Sect. This happened because Zhang Zhengdao had pretended to be injured by him outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

This time, Zhang Shenxu was hale, having fully recovered from his injuries; he went to look for them with a group of men to block their way.

Their numbers were beyond five; fifteen were standing on the trees around them. They had Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao completely surrounded.

“Dear immortals. I think you got the wrong person!” Wang Ke said immediately.

Standing right before him, Zhang Shenxu looked at Wang Ke with narrowed eyes before turning his gaze toward the eye-stinging Zhang Zhengdao. How did I even fall at the hands of these two dumbasses the last time?What a humiliation!

“Senior apprentice-brother, they are indeed the ones we’re looking for. Zhang Zhengdao’s makeup actually stung my eyes the other time. I recognized him at first sight!”

“Wang Ke? Zhang Zhengdao? Haha! We only lay in ambush for two days, and you’re coming out already? With the same disguise as last time? Hahahaha!”

“We recognized them the moment they left the gate. Haha! And they also ran into this forest! What could be better?”




The group of Golden Crow Sect’s disciples mocked them. It was apparently that Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao used the same disguise they used when they first went to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. It worked the last time, but it also became the greatest blunder this time.

The white-robed Zhang Shenxu said coldly, “She Tianba was right. Both of you were bound to come out of your sect’s premises! Humph. What a long wait for this day to arrive!”

“She Tianba? He’s still alive?” Wang Ke was astonished.

He shouldn’t be! Wasn’t he killed in the explosion outside the Demon Suppression Temple?Zhang Zhengdao personally did the honors and buried him!

“Yes, we just came from the Zhu Cultivation Town. Hmph! I thought you guys would hide inside the Heavenly Wolf Sect forever, so I went to collect my interest from She Tianba. He assured me with the lives of his entire clan that you were about to come out. Hahahaha! Wang Ke, Zhang Zhengdao, do you think you can escape from my grasp today?” Zhang Shenxu said disdainfully as he swung his folded fan open.

“Tssssshing!” The nineteen Golden Crow Sect disciples surrounding them also drew their sabers; a powerful wave of murderous aura flooded the area and covered the two of them.

“Golden Core stage? Eight of them?” Wang Ke was horrified.


Suddenly, a long sword was pressed against Wang Ke’s neck.

Zhang Shenxu and Wang Ke were both shocked. It was Zhang Zhengdao who was pressing his long sword against Wang Ke’s neck.

“Brother Shenxu,” Zhang Zhengdao said, “I disguised myself and scammed many while waiting for you. It was Wang Ke who forced me into all of this. None of it has anything to do with me. I knew that Wang Ke, the bastard, had attained too many deeds and was despised by Heaven and men; it was right about time for his retribution. So, I got him to move outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect on purpose, and now I captured Wang Ke for you. You can decide whatever you want to do with him!”

Zhang Shenxu: “.................................!”

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The group of Golden Crow Sect disciples: “.............................!”

How could the Golden Crow Sect disciples expect their targets and start a round of in-fighting before they truly start attacking? Are these two partners or enemies?

“Zhang Zhengdao, you betray your friends for selfish gains. Where’s your loyalty!” Wang Ke questioned with a stare.

“Don’t say that, brother Wang. Leaving you to die was the best thing I could do. You dying is better than the both of us being doomed!” Zhang Zhengdao kept trying to persuade him.

“Brother Shenxu, every wrong has its cause, every debt has its debtor. You were hunting for Wang Ke, and now I hunted him down for you!” Zhang Zhengdao pushed Wang Ke forward, trying to please Zhang Shenxu.

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