Chapter 38.2: Give Me Some Face (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 38.2: Give Me Some Face (2/2)

The Golden Crow Sect disciples looked at each other awkwardly. No one knew how to deal with the situation, so they looked toward Zhang Shenxu.

Zhang Shenxu was similarly at a loss, until Zhang Zhengdao moved close to Wang Ke.

“Do it!”“ Zhang Zhengdao cried out.

As he spoke, Zhang Zhengdao jumped onto Zhang Shenxu instantly. Zhang Shenxu laughed mockingly as he waved the white fan in his hand.


Zhang Shenxu deflected Zhang Zhengdao’s sneak attack following a loud boom, which sent the latter flying backward and vomiting blood.

“Brother Wang, you were dishonest! Didn’t you say we would attack together? You did nothing! Pfff!” Zhang Zhengdao crashed into the ground.


Instantly, a bunch of long sabers were pressed against Zhang Zhengdao’s neck. He was captured.

Wang Ke criticized him, “You need to do better than this, Zhang Zhengdao. Do you really think Senior apprentice-brother Shenxu doesn’t know your little tricks? Save it!” 

But Zhang Shenxu’s face was frozen for a moment. He really didn’t know what Zhang Zhengdao was going to do. He really thought that the guy was shamelessly betraying his friend for his own benefit. If not for the fact that he was more powerful, he might have really fallen into the trap.

“Humph, Zhang Zhengdao, you shall pay for deceiving me!” Zhang Shenxu threatened coldly.

Wang Ke walked up toward him and said, “Brother Shenxu, forget it. You’ve already exposed Zhang Zhengdao’s little trick, don’t pursue the matter any longer. Give me some face!”

“Why should I give you face? Who do you think you are? Wang Ke, I’m here to have my revenge today!” Zhang Shenxu said in a threatening voice.

The latter was on guard at the same time because the two people before him were indescribably freaky. Zhang Zhengdao tried to sneak up on me, don’t tell me you’re going to try that too?

“Who do I think I am? I’m Chen Tianyuan’s disciple. Do you really dare to kill me? Come! Come and kill me! Killing Chen Tianyuan’s direct disciple would be equal to declaring war against the Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord. Are you trying to ally with the demonic sects?” Wang Ke chided him.

While on the ground, Zhang Zhengdao’s face turned and blamed Wang Ke, saying, “We have cooperated so many times to catch the snake by its head. I was wondering why you had forgotten about that. So, it’s because you have a backing now, and you know they wouldn’t dare kill you. Is that why you didn't cooperate with me? You… You! You should have told me! Look at me now. It’s all your fault!”

Zhang Zhengdao’s face was as black as coal. This Wang Ke is too nasty!

“Disciple of Chen Tianyuan? You really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?” Zhang Shenxu said indifferently as he took a step forward.

“There is no absolute secret. Even assuming that my revered teacher doesn’t investigate the truth, can you guarantee that your junior apprentice-brothers present won’t leak the information? Can you guarantee that they will never leak it? That is, unless you kill all of us here!” Wang Ke pointed at the surrounding Golden Crow Sect disciples.

The faces of those disciples turned stiff. Are you trying to drive a wedge between Zhang Shenxu and us?

But just as Wang Ke expected, Zhang Shenxu looked concerned. Even though those juniors had obeyed his orders, they were not his loyal friends. Would they betray me in the future?

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“I’m not going to kill you, but I’m going to let you have a taste of the humiliation and pain I went through. You struck me with lightning, and so I shall also strike you with lightning. It wouldn’t be a big deal even if Chen Tianyuan knows, as long as you’re still alive! Humph, I’m going to give you so much pain that it’ll be worse than death!” Zhang Shenxu said mercilessly.

“Brother Shenxu, we weren’t the ones who struck you with lightning bolts. Why would you vent that on us? You’re right when you say that we inconvenienced you that day. But, everything has a price. We can compensate you, is that okay?” Wang Ke suggested.

“Compensate? Compensate with what? You think I care about what you can give me?” Zhang Shenxu laughed condescendingly.

“You don’t care because you think the amount is not enough! But don’t you worry, I’m quite sincere this time around!” Wang Ke said immediately.

“Oh?”“ Zhang Shenxu maintained his disdainful look on Wang Ke.

“Your great loss last time is in terms of Virtue Merit from demon-slaying, right? Why don’t I compensate you with that? Do you think that’ll work?” Wang Ke said.

“Virtue Merit from demon-slaying?” The group of Golden Crow Sect disciples looked at each other.

“Indeed, Virtue Merit from slaying demons! My teacher caught a bunch of demons and tasked me to guard them. I can give them to you as a gift! That shall be the compensation. How about that? There’s a lot of them!” Wang Ke offered immediately.

“A lot?” The bunch of Golden Crow Sect disciples found the offer alluring.

Virtue Merit? Everyone wanted them! They were worth more than spirit stones! Despite Zhang Shenxu’s urge for revenge, his juniors looked at him with longing eyes, which made him hesitate.

“You want to trick me into releasing you so that you can return to the Heavenly Wolf Sect to get help, right?” Zhang Shenxu sneered.

“No, these demons are not in the Heavenly Wolf Sect, but in Wolf Cultivation Town! I can take you there! The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples don’t know about their location yet! Rest assured! Zhang Zhengdao and I are in your hands. What is there to worry about?” Wang Ke quickly replied.

Zhang Shenxu looked at Wang Ke in the eye as though trying to discern the truthfulness of his captive’s words.

“Senior apprentice-brother, let him lead the way first. It won’t be too late to deal with him if he’s lying when we get there! Of course, if he’s indeed telling the truth, we can still exact revenge after we take those Virtue Merit!” one of the junior disciples whispered to Zhang Shenxu.

There was a moment of silence, then Zhang Shenxu uttered, “Lead the way!”

“Okay! Follow me. Don’t worry, I promise that you will see those demons. The Virtue Merit are all yours! Everyone, please!” Wang Ke gestured for them to follow.

The group of Golden Crow Sect disciples escorted Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao as they made their way toward the Wolf Cultivation Town.

Zhang Zhengdao looked at Wang Ke with suspicious eyes, “Wang Ke, you bluffer, don’t play too big! I don’t want to die yet! You can even sell those demonic sect’s disciples like suckling pigs?” 

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