Chapter 39.1: A Chair (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 39.1: A Chair (1/2)

Wolf Cultivation Town!

Wang Ke had the key to his manor; he opened the gate and led the vigilant Golden Crow Sect disciples inside.

Having experienced Wang Ke’s shenanigans, Zhang Shenxu and his juniors kept both Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao with a tight rein, just in case they had any tricks up their sleeves. Fortunately, both were cooperative along the way.

“What is this place? Why is there no one here?” Zhang Shenxu asked.

Zhang Zhengdao was also puzzled, “Hmm? Wang Ke, you removed everything that was inside?”

The place had indeed been completely emptied; there were still pieces of furniture and decor from the time when Princess Youyue had her make-up done. But now, everything was gone.

“Shut up!” Wang Ke said as he threw Zhang Zhengdao a glare.

I’m setting up a trap for them. If you don’t speak for me, at least don’t speak for them!

Zhang Zhengdao immediately knew he said something he shouldn’t, so he immediately shut his mouth.

“Everyone, please follow me!” Wang Ke led everyone to the main hall.

Although the main hall was almost cleared out, there were still some chairs left.

“No one lives in this manor? Wang Ke, are you lying to me?” Zhang Shenxu asked solemnly.

“Why would I do that? I promised you there would be demons, and demons you’ll see!” Wang Ke walked into the main hall and carried a chair out for Zhang Shenxu.

Zhang Shenxu: “.................................!”

The Golden Crow Sect disciples: “......................!”

We want the demons you are guarding. What do you mean by giving us a chair?

“Wang Ke, are you trying to play the fool?” Zhang Shenxu said with a threatening tone.

“I would never! This is a token. The demons are imprisoned in the manor next to this one. Take this chair over there and they will grant our request!” Wang Ke said with a serious face.

“A chair?” Zhang Shenxu looked at the armchair, clearly confused.

“That’s right. My revered teacher secretly trained the group of people who captured the demons, so no one else knows about them. They care not about who you are; they only obey my teacher’s orders! A different authenticating token will be used on each visit. This time, it’s a chair! Take it there and they will know that you were sent by my revered teacher to get those demons! They will hand you the demons at your request!” Wang Ke said.

“Oh?” Zhang Shenxu was quite shocked.

“Our sect uses authenticating tokens too, but this is my first time seeing an armchair being used as a token. How unexpected! No wonder Chen Tianyuan was able to become Sect Lord. He’s quite crafty!”

“Yeah, I really didn’t expect that the token to be right before us, and it’s an armchair!”

“Chen Tianyuan really concealed his plan well!”


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The bunch of junior disciples felt amazed, although still saw the matter as peculiar. It could be because they had Wang Ke under control and felt that their captive would not dare not to lie, so they were quite sure it was real.

Zhang Zhengdao felt at odds. Wang Ke can really come up with lies on the spot! An armchair as an authentication token?I’m sure you had no other choice because you emptied the manor, barely leaving this armchair!How reckless!

“You don’t believe me? Let’s go! I will carry this chair. It’s right next door. Follow me!” Wang Ke urged.

“Hold on!” said a distrusting Zhang Shenxu.

“Why?” Wang Ke asked.

“Are you sure this armchair will do?” Zhang Shenxu asked carefully.

“Yeah. I will personally take you there. What else is there to worry about?” Wang Ke said with certainty.

“Humph, you and Zhang Zhengdao are to stay here, you’re not allowed to go over!” Zhang Shenxu said.

“Why?” Wang Ke was puzzled.

“Since only the authenticating token is needed, why would I need you two? What if you ask for help from the powerful cultivators next door and draw throngs of Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples? Then we would gain nothing! Humph. You and your friend will stay here. If you dare to deceive me, I will kill you!” Zhang Shenxu threatened.

“But, but......!” Wang Ke stuttered anxiously.

He appeared to be anxious, but he was very pleased in his heart. He didn’t take them directly to the manor next door just to give them time to think the matter through. He knew, thanks to his many years of scamming... Ptooey, so many years of life experience that his customers would only go overboard if he went the extra mile for them.

“You two, stay here and watch over Wang Ke. Take the chair! Let’s next door. Follow me!” Zhang Shenxu ordered.

“Yes!” his juniors answered.

Only the two juniors who stayed behind looked frustrated.

“Don’t worry. I’ll save some virtue merits for you if there are any!” Zhang Shenxu said to the two juniors.

The two could only respond with disappointment, “Thank you, Senior apprentice-brother!”

“Remember, if Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao lied to me… Cut off their hands and feet!” Zhang Shenxu ordered.

“Ahh, how ruthless!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out in shock.

“Sure!” the two juniors answered.

Zhang Shenxu then took the other seventeen juniors outside, along with the armchair.

Only four people remained in the main hall at the moment: Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao, along with their two captors who held sabers close to their throats. Wang Ke then squinted at Zhang Zhengdao. The latter immediately understood that Wang Ke was about to act.


In the manor beside Wang Ke’s—

Many men in black stood in the dimly lit main hall, cupping their fists respectfully toward a man dressed in a red robe.

“Parlor Lord, what brought you here?” one of the men asked in shock.

The red-robed Parlor Lord walked directly to the master chair and sat down. He lifted his hat as he looked at the bunch of men dressed in black bowing at him. He seemed to be a handsome middle-aged man.

“Give me a status report!” the Parlor Lord asked.

“Yes, Parlor Lord. All the poisonous materials in all the cultivation towns were bought off by someone recently. Many of our disciples were forced to pay exorbitant prices to purchase cultivation materials. We were sent to investigate the matter and see if it was the work of the righteous sects. We finally found that it’s the people next door, and they have connections with the Heavenly Wolf Sect.”

“Where are the people from next door? I saw no one when I got here!” the Parlor Lord asked suspiciously.

“We... we... Parlor Lord, we ask for your forgiveness. There were people a few days ago, but they went out grocery shopping and never returned. This happened before we could act. We...we......!” The man in black knelt down straight away.

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