Chapter 37.2: Great Yin Demon Sect (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 37.2: Great Yin Demon Sect (2/2)

“Not only that, we will also need to take the blame if any Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples die in battle! There’s no benefit in reporting this to the Heavenly Wolf Sect, at all. Why should we do that?” Wang Ke rolled his eyes.

“You’re right!”

“We don’t have to care about this group of demonic cultivators. Let them spy on us for a few days or a few months, and they will eventually retreat. We won’t have any losses! Why cause trouble for ourselves?” Wang Ke said.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Let’s just carry on with life! Don’t be such busybodies!” Wang Ke rolled his eyes.

“But they are here to investigate us!” Zhang Zhengdao was still worried.

Even so, Wang Ke decided to set the matter about the demonic sect aside. “Let them come to the Heavenly Wolf Sect to investigate if they can! Just let them be! Oh yes, where’s Princess Youyue? Is she in enclosed cultivation? Why is she not around?”

“The princess left!” one of Wang Ke’s men answered.

“She left?” Wang Ke’s eyes widened in shock.

“Yeah, she left with She Miejue on the second day of your deep concentration trance! She left the Heavenly Wolf Sect; we don’t know where she went!” Zhang Zhengdao explained.

“Hold on, she left with She Miejue? Why?” Wang Ke asked with a frown.

“I don’t know! She Miejue came to talk to Princess Youyue alone and didn’t allow anyone inside. They left together after they finished talking!” Zhang Zhengdao answered. He was at a loss.

“The princess didn’t say anything? Did she tell you where she’s going?” Wang Ke asked.

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“No!” Zhang Zhengdao shook his head.

“She didn’t say a word?” Wang Ke asked solemnly.

“Nothing! She just left with She Miejue!” Zhang Zhengdao shook his head again and confirmed.

“Impossible. She promised my revered teacher to stay at Sword-study Peak. She’s also close to us… Why would she leave without telling us? Were you slacking when that happened?” Wang Ke questioned with a stare.

“I was not! She Miejue was watching me. I couldn’t approach them!” Zhang Zhengdao answered in frustration.

“So you’re saying that She Miejue no longer allowed the princess to be in touch with you guys? The princess did not leave voluntarily, she was forcefully taken away!” Wang Ke said with worry.

“How can that be! Why would She Miejue kidnap Princess Youyue? Everything seemed normal when she left. Going by how she spoke, she didn't seem to be threatened!” Zhang Zhengdao could not believe it.

“What if the princess has an unspeakable difficulty? She Miejue can do anything she wants in the Heavenly Wolf Sect now that my revered teacher is not around. What if she’s hostile toward the princess?” Wang Ke asked with a frown.

“Why would she do that to the princess? All that She Miejue has ever known is to slay demons... Hold on, slay demons...?” Zhang Zhengdao came to a sudden realization.

“Why? Did you remember something?” Wang Ke asked curiously.

“Oh no! Could it be… Could it be that She Miejue is going to kill Princess Youyue?” Zhang Zhengdao was shocked by the possibility.

“Why do you think so?” Wang Ke continued to stare at Zhang Zhengdao.

“I... I cannot say. It involves the princess’ identity and background. I really cannot tell. Now, never mind about this. You must find the princess. Oh crap, this is bad; don’t tell me She Miejue intentionally lured the Sect Lord away so that she could kill the princess. Sh*t! Sh*t!” Zhang Zhengdao muttered anxiously.

“Quick, go and search Princess Youyue’s room. See if she left any notes,” Wang Ke instructed a few maidservants.


They quickly rushed into Princess Youyue’s room and searched the entire place. Unfortunately, She Miejue had been right next to her the whole time; she wouldn’t have had a chance to leave any notes behind.

“Clan Lord, I found a Longing Orb!” A subordinate quickly handed it over.

The Longing Orb. It was the one Princess Youyue had taken back from Murong Luguang half a month prior. It sealed the male Longing Worm, which was able to sense the orbs with female worms on the princess’ wrist.

“A radar? No. I mean, the Longing Orb? It can help me find the princess. That’s right! The princess left this item behind so that we can rescue her! She must have been forced!” Wang Ke’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s move out then! I will get into big trouble if Princess Youyue dies by She Miejue’s hands! My senior will kill me! I never expected She Miejue to be this insane. What should I do!” Zhang Zhengdao stomped his feet restlessly.

Wang Ke’s face also looked a little grim too; he took a deep breath and nodded.

After settling matters his subordinates, Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao got on their way.

She Miejue was their enemy; they could not be careless. Even their departure from the Heavenly Wolf Sect had to be hidden from the other disciples in order to prevent anyone from informing her.

Since they wanted to leave secretly, they would have to put up some disguise.

Once again, Zhang Zhengdao turned into the big-breasted old woman while Wang Ke chose to put on his mosaic. They marched out of the Heavenly Wolf Sect while trailing behind a group of Wang Ke’s subordinates.

Thanks to such disguises, not even She Tianba—who was already familiar with them—would recognize them, much less the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples guarding the gate! The sentries felt a burning sensation in their eyes after seeing their faces. They quickly avoided them and opted not to search them.

And so, that was how they left the Heavenly Wolf Sect without anyone knowing.

Wang Ke knew the right direction thanks to the Longing Orb’s guidance, making the search much easier. They disappeared into the woods after they left the sect premises.

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