Chapter 37.1: Great Yin Demon Sect (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 37.1: Great Yin Demon Sect (1/2)

Sword-study Peak!

“Didn’t Chen Tianyuan say that Wang Ke only needed a few days in deep concentration? He’s been in it for more than half a month! Is Chen Tianyuan really reliable?” Zhang Zhengdao circled around Wang Ke anxiously.

Wang Ke’s subordinates also stood around him, clearly worried.

One of Wang Ke’s subordinates asked curiously, “Immortal Zhang, didn’t Sect Lord Chen say that the longer he stays like this, the better it would be?”

“Yeah, but... but isn’t he taking too long? It’s been more than two weeks! I don’t think he’s that into swords; it cannot be this exaggerated. Something must have gone wrong… I can’t wait any longer, let me wake him up!” Zhang Zhengdao was about to walk up to Wang Ke.


Wang Ke opened his eyes, from which two beams of sword light flashed.

“Clan Lord, you woke up? Finally!” one of his subordinates cheered, being pleasantly surprised.

“Did I see things correctly?” Zhang Zhengdao rubbed his eyes. “ Did Wang Ke’s eyes flash with the light of sword will? Impossible! My eyes must be playing tricks on me.”

Wang Ke woke up in awe.

Great Solar Indestructible Divine Sword! Dear ancestor, this is an invaluable gift! I didn’t expect it to help me gain insights into the sword will my revered teacher gave me. Incredible! Wang Ke marveled in his heart.

“Wang Ke, your deep concentration lasted more than two weeks. How is it? How much have you learned? Are you in the beginning stage already?” Zhang Zhengdao asked curiously.

Wang Ke rolled his eyes. Are you kidding? Why would I tell you?

“Why are all of you surrounding me?” Wang Ke asked.

“Clan Lord, some people have been eyeing us!” a concerned subordinate of his reported.

“Oh?”“ Wang Ke turned serious.

That subordinate continued reporting, “We were gathering too many poisonous and contaminated materials. Just like you said, we disrupted the market’s order and caused a shortage of those supplies. Prices were hiked, and that is why some people have kept an eye on us. They even found their way to the Wolf Cultivation Town!”

“Those materials are used for demonic cultivation.” Zhang Zhengdao nodded. “It’s no wonder Murong Luguang suspects. Your cultivation even drew the demonic sects’ disciples over!”

“They’re here, in Wolf Cultivation Town?” Wang Ke frowned slightly.

“Yes. All the poisonous materials were gathered here before they were transported to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Our manor is already being watched. A few days ago, those people came to Wolf Cultivation Town and asked about us. They even bought the manor right next to ours!” that subordinate said respectfully.

“The manor next to ours also belonged to us. Good sale!” Wang Ke nodded.

“That’s for sure. We’ve been operating in Wolf Cultivation Town for more than a decade. How could we let others spy on us? That group of people is spying on our main manor, but we are ultimately the ones keeping an eye on them!” that subordinate said.

“And you’re sure they are demons?” Wang Ke asked, frowning.

“Yes. We didn’t dare inquire too deeply, but we overheard some of their conversations. They claim to be from the Great Yin Demon Sect!” said the subordinate.

“The Great Yin Demon Sect? That’s one of the top-four immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains!” Wang Ke said, still frowning.

“The Demon Sovereign was the one who planned to obliterate the Heavenly Wolf Sect recently. That’s the Sect Lord of the Great Yin Demon Sect! Wang Ke, you must be careful. The Great Yin Demon Sect is watching you!” Zhang Zhengdao said, taking pleasure in Wang Ke’s misfortune.

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“Well, I’m not the one who purchased the poisonous materials!”

Zhang Zhengdao was stunned by his reply, and his face froze. He had indeed been in charge of purchasing the materials needed for cultivation; this meant that Wang Ke was not their target, but himself!

“Wang Ke, you… you...!” Zhang Zhengdao was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.

Why?Why am I always the unlucky one?

“Oh yes, Zhang Zhengdao, I’ve only worked on mortal zones and cultivation towns, so I don’t know much about immortal sects. Can you tell me how powerful the Great Yin Demon Sect is?” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao with curiosity.

“The Great Yin Demon Sect? How powerful? Do you know which are the top-ranking immortal sects among the multitude of immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“Of course. The top four immortal sects are the Heavenly Wolf Sect, the Golden Crow Sect, Blood Temple, and the Great Yin Demon Sect! All the cultivation clans work toward making their disciples be accepted by one of them!” Wang Ke replied with a deep voice.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect, the Golden Crow Sect and Blood Temple are righteous sects! The Great Yin Demon Sect is demonic! There have been countless wars between righteous and demonic sects, and not one side has been able to overpower the other. So, how powerful do you think the Great Yin Demon Sect is?” Zhang Zhengdao said.

“The Great Yin Demon Sect can single handedly face the other three? They are this powerful?” Wang Ke exclaimed in shock.

“If they ever fight head-on, they may not be able to win against the other three. However, things are in balance now; I can’t really spell out the specifics. Either way, we’re in deep trouble now that the Great Yin Demon Sect is onto us!” Zhang Zhengdao said with a bitter-looking face.

“Don’t say it like that! You are their target, not me!” Wang Ke immediately drew the line.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Wang Ke looked at his subordinates and asked, “Have our people evacuated the main manor?”

“Yes, according to the Clan Lord’s emergency evacuation plan. Everything has been settled!” that subordinate replied respectfully.

“That’s good!” Wang Ke nodded.

“What’s good about that? What should we do now? Shouldn’t we inform the Heavenly Wolf Sect so they may eradicate the demonic cultivators?” Zhang Zhengdao urged.

Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao and asked, “Does it benefit us to ask the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciples to slay the demons?” 
“Uhhh, if that were the case, I think we wouldn’t be able to get virtue merits. Worse, the Great Yin Demon Sect would bear a greater grudge against us, wouldn’t they? Damn. Not only there’s no benefit. There are only bad consequences waiting for us!” Zhang Zhengdao said in dismay.

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