Chapter 36.2: Ten-thousand Swords Incantation (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 36.2: Ten-thousand Swords Incantation (2/2)

Chen Tianyuan frowned a little but didn’t stop She Miejue.

Wang Ke was confused, but he still responded respectfully, “I’m all ears!”

“Do you like Princess Youyue?” She Miejue asked.

Wang Ke was stunned. What is going on?The elders of immortal sects like to gossip?Why do you care?

The princess was also stunned by the question. She didn’t expect her senior to be that blunt. She blushed a little, but she still turned her eyes toward Wang Ke.

“Yes!” Wang Ke didn’t deny it.

Princess Youyue was right beside him. How could he deny that? He wasn’t stupid!

“Forget about it!” She Miejue demanded.

“Hmm?” Wang Ke was bewildered.

Isn’t this too sudden?Does she have to be so straightforward? Wang Ke glanced toward Chen Tianyuan, but his revered teacher remained silent.

Princess Youyue was also puzzled.

“Hall Lord She, what do you mean by this?” Wang Ke asked with a displeased face.

“I say this because you’re the Sect Lord’s disciple, or else I wouldn't have cared! This is for your own good!” She Miejue said.

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

Do you think I believe you?You’re asking me to give up so that your disciple gets a chance?You must be joking!Moreover, how can I back down in front of the princess? She’s the first person who has given me this electrifying sensation in all these years I’ve been on this planet.

“Hall Lord She, do you have someone that you like?” Wang Ke asked with a deep voice.

She Miejue’s face darkened in a flash; a killing aura emanated from her body, which seemed to make the temperature drop.

“Wang Ke, how rude!” Chen Tianyuan shouted with a stern face.

Wang Ke immediately knew he found the right spot, seeing that his revered teacher was angry. This senior of his surely had some sort of trauma, to a degree that it wasn’t advisable to keep on rubbing salt in her wound.

Wang Ke quickly went along with his revered teacher’s cue and comforted She Miejue.“Hall Lord She, what I’m trying to say is that this is a matter between disciples. Please let us settle this on our own!” 

She Miejue took a deep breath and held back her surge of frustration and hostility before turning to look at Wang Ke again.

“How long have you spent with Princess Youyue? Do you understand her? Do you know her real identity? Do you think you’re a match for her? You only desire her body, right?” She Miejue questioned him.

“You’re right!” Wang Ke was astonished by the obvious questioning. “How can I say I like her if I don’t desire her?”

She Miejue: “............................!”

Her grilling was intended to imply that Wang Ke was cheap, but Wang Ke took in her words and replied blatantly. She Miejue glanced at Chen Tianyuan as though she was questioning his choice of disciple. See what I mean?Need I say more?

“Forget it, I won’t pry further. Sect Lord, I leave this matter to you. Humph!” She Miejue flung her sleeves and left.

Chen Tianyuan looked toward Wang Ke with an awkward expression.

“Revered teacher, did I say something out of turn? Why did Hall Lord She say those things just now, as though it was really for my good?” Wang Ke asked curiously.

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Chen Tianyuan opened his mouth, although not knowing how to explain.

He eventually was only able to sigh.“Hall Lord She is also a pitiful person! You must not badmouth her in the future! It was really for your own good!”

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

Next to him was Princess Youyue who was also frowning, but she didn't say a thing.

“I’m going to head out for an errand. Protect the princess while I’m not around!” Chen Tianyuan instructed Wang Ke.

“Yes, revered teacher!” Wang Ke was happy to agree.

“Initially, I wanted you to choose the same cultivation technique I use, the ‘Tempest Divine Cultivation Technique.’ It’s a pity that you chose the ‘Fire Divine Cultivation Technique’ instead. I’m not sure whether my sword skill is still suitable for you! But I will teach you nonetheless. My sword skill is called ‘Ten-thousand Sword Incantation’! Let me grant you a sword will. Try and see if you can grasp the basics!” Chen Tianyuan said seriously.

“Thank you, revered teacher, ” Wang Ke bowed respectfully.      

A small green sword appeared next to Chen Tianyuan’s fingertip before he tapped Wang Ke’s forehead; the sword will instantly went in. Wang Ke closed his eyes. He could faintly see a silhouette practicing a sword skill.

Wang Ke immediately stopped moving, seemingly being in a trance.

“He went right into deep concentration, just like that? Sect Lord, your sword will is awesome indeed. I didn’t know you could teach like that! Can you grant me a sword will, too? I also want to learn sword skills!” Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes were red in envy.

Wang Ke was very fortunate. His teacher, Chen Tianyuan, had such mastery over the sword that he was able to impart knowledge through sword will!

Chen Tianyuan ignored Zhang Zhengdao as he then looked at Wang Ke’s subordinates.

“The longer Wang Ke remains in deep concentration, the more he will learn. This might take a few days; you must guard him well and let no one disturb him!” Chen Tianyuan instructed.

“Yes!” Wang Ke’s subordinates responded.

“Princess Youyue, please stay in the Sword-study Peak until I’m back!” Chen Tianyuan requested.

“Sure!” The princess nodded.

Her heart was still thumping rapidly because of Wang Ke’s public confession just then. All she wanted was to rush back into her own room; she had no mind to listen to what others said at the moment.

Chen Tianyuan helped in settling Wang Ke down, then he flew out of the Heavenly Wolf Sect on his flying sword.

Right by the East Wolf Hall’s entrance—She Miejue witnessed Chen Tianyuan’s departure with a tinge of guilt in her eyes.

“Sect Lord, this is the last time. Please forgive me for doing things my way! I can’t keep the promise I made to you!” She Miejue said to herself with a bitter smile.

She turned back, then looked toward the Sword-study Peak and to the place where Princess Youyue was staying. A murderous aura flashed in her eyes.

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