Chapter 36.1: Ten-thousand Swords Incantation (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 36.1: Ten-thousand Swords Incantation (1/2)

She Miejue removed the barrier and witnessed the removal of the princess’ veil with Chen Tianyuan. That scar is not a big deal, why did Murong Luguang vomit at the sight of it?

Such humiliation rendered Princess Youyue furious. She was accustomed to being praised by many. Even after her empire had been overthrown, no one doubted that she was the most beautiful woman in the Ghoul Empire. And now, you think that I’m ugly just because of a scar?So ugly that it makes you want to vomit?

“Murong Luguang, you are too much! Humph!” Princess Youyue harrumphed furiously.

The last remaining feelings he had for Murong Luguang were totally swept away right then.

Both She Miejue and Chen Tianyuan were clueless about the situation. But Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao knew it all.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes widened in exhilaration when he saw the turbid Qi enter Murong Luguang’s nostrils. Finally, someone experienced the same ordeal he went through; he was overjoyed.

But Wang Ke only felt regret. After all, the amount of turbid Qi Murong Luguang had taken in was far too little. He was only retching nonstop, given his higher resistance when compared to Zhang Zhengdao. It would have been so much better if you simply foamed at the mouth and fainted!

Despite the subpar outcome, Wang Ke went all out when it was time to add insult to injury!

“Senior apprentice-brother Murong, you’re too much! What’s wrong with the scar on the princess’ face? I, Wang Ke, love this kind of scar! The princess has nothing to do with you… Do you need to put up an act like that?” said Wang Ke while shooting an indignant stare.

“Blarrghh, blargghhh, blarghhh!”

Murong Luguang retched and fell back a few steps. Tears were falling from his eyelids.

“Princess, stand behind me. Murong Luguang is such a hypocrite; he will surely seize the situation as an excuse for doing something bad. Don’t let him hurt you!” Wang Ke cried out.

Even though he was addressing the princess, those words had been intended for his revered teacher, Chen Tianyuan.

Of course, Chen Tianyuan frowned slightly despite the confusion. He stepped forward and stayed alert.

Murong Luguang took hold of himself again once the foul stench went away; he didn't inhale much of the turbid Qi after all. He wondered why he had ended up in such an awkward spot, but he was able to figure it out. Who among the people present would want to poison him?

“Wang Ke! It was you! You did it on purpose to embarrass me! Wang Ke, you are asking for it!” Murong Luguang roared furiously and was about to pounce on Wang Ke.

But the latter had nothing to fear because Chen Tianyuan was around. He immediately lifted his chest and guarded the princess at his back as though it was a heroic rescue.

“Humph!” Chen Tianyuan snorted coldly.


A Qi-palm appeared in midair and slammed onto Murong Luguang, sending him crashing into a huge tree; waves of dust were swept up.

The palm strike didn’t come from Chen Tianyuan, but She Miejue.

Her own disciple was going berserk; of course, she had to do something about it.

“Luguang, what’s wrong with you?” She Miejue reprimanded with an icy voice.

Murong Luguang got back on his feet with a sorrowful face. He pointed at Wang Ke and said, “Revered teacher, it’s him! He laid a trap for me! He poisoned me, he.....!”

Zhang Zhengdao was watching happily by the side. Poison?No!That’s odor, not poison!Has your mind been blown away by the fart? Do you really think She Miejue can’t identify by a glance whether you’re poisoned or not?You’re obviously fine. If you try to make a case with this, wouldn’t it be seen as you “framing” Wang Ke?

Indeed, Wang Ke was putting up an innocent face.

Before Murong Luguang could explain further—

“Shut up!” She Miejue glared at him.

“I…!” Murong Luguang’s expression was unsightly.

“I brought you here today to clear up your misunderstandings with Wang Ke, and still you show no repentance and continue to fight over the smallest trifles. Is this how the eldest apprentice-brother carries himself? Princess Youyue has no feelings for you, so you choose to force yourself on her? Did I not teach you properly?” She Miejue chided coldly.

“I, I…!” Murong Luguang’s face contorted even further.

Many disciples were already looking at them by then, so the latter no longer dared to talk back to his revered teacher. This only made his hatred toward Wang Ke grow. 

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“You can stop saying you’re my disciple if you continue to find trouble with Wang Ke!” She Miejue threatened coldly.

“Revered Teacher!” Murong Luguang bowed his head with a bitter face.

Wang Ke was surprised by this. What’s happening?Why is She Miejue protecting me now?This shouldn’t be the case. She’s Murong Luguang’s teacher! Even if she dislikes him, why would she back me and embarrass her own disciple?

Zhang Zhengdao was also surprised. He turned to look at Chen Tianyuan. Could She Miejue has an affair with the Sect Lord?

Chen Tianyuan let out a soft sigh and said, “All right, Hall Lord She, all the disciples are watching. You don’t have to rebuke him so harshly, or else he might lose respect as the eldest apprentice-brother!”

But She Miejue carried on with her admonishing, “What an embarrassment. Disappear from my sight and seclude yourself to reflect, now!”

There was a tinge of anxiousness in her eyes. She was upset after seeing that her disciple was still too immature to hold his own.

She was aware that her disciple was telling the truth. Wang Ke tricked him, but he was still oblivious about the matter.

How can you flare up before you even know how you were tricked?Where’s your tactfulness?Does your brain stop working when you see a beautiful woman?

He then turned around and shot a hateful stare at Wang Ke before he quickly left the area on his flying sword.

Only then did She Miejue turn her eyes toward Wang Ke.

Wang Ke’s face froze because she looked as though she had just been widowed. Her face looked terrifying. Does she know what happened just now?

“Wang Ke?” She Miejue said deeply.

“Here!” Wang Ke responded in a formal tone.

She Miejue continued, “You are the Sect Lord’s disciple. I shouldn't be the one who says this, but our Sect Lord has a lenient heart and was unable to speak about certain things. So now, let me say something on his behalf.”

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