Chapter 35.1: Netherborn (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 35.1: Netherborn (1/2)

At the entrance of the Sword-study Hall!

Murong Luguang helped Wang Ke extinguish his flame spell, and the latter thanked him sincerely. The atmosphere instantly became harmonious; She Miejue looked as though a wish of hers had been satisfied.

She waved her hand, and a Qi-barrier covered Chen Tianyuan and herself; the barrier barred all sounds from passing through.

“Hall Lord She, now can you explain to me the purpose of your visit?” Chen Tianyuan asked as he looked at She Miejue.

She Miejue nodded. “Sect Lord, you should know about the princess’ background, right?”

“Indeed. The Ghoul Empress left the empire to Princess Youyue, but the officials rebelled against her. So, she was forced to flee to our Heavenly Wolf Sect. I’ve done some investigations recently!” Chen Tianyuan nodded.

She Miejue gazed at Chen Tianyuan and asked with a stern tone, “Why do you think the Ghoul Empress left the massive empire behind?” 

Chen Tianyuan frowned, but remained silent.

“You don’t have to hide it anymore. It’s because the Ghoul Empress is a demon! She’s a real demon! Her identity was exposed; she knew she could no longer rule over the Ghoul Empire like before. Her own imperial officials would rebel against her if she didn't leave. That was her only choice!” She Miejue declared.

“Haiz!” Chen Tianyuan sighed lightly.

“There’s nothing to sigh about. A demon is a demon! There’s no compromise between righteous and evil sects. She would only cause more deaths if she were to continue as the empress! She ran off! Why did she leave her daughter behind to act as her successor?” She Miejue continued looking at Chen Tianyuan fixedly.

“Because Princess Youyue is his daughter!” Chen Tianyuan replied with a frown.

“Yes, Princess Youyue’s father is a human! And he’s a man of great authority among the righteous sects! The Ghoul Empress knew this and felt that no one would dare to make things difficult for the princess, but she was wrong! The righteous and demonic sects are irreconcilable. No matter how powerful and influential Princess Youyue’s father is, her mother is still a demon! The daughter of a human and a demon? Ha, how could those righteous-thinking officials in the Ghoul Empire allow the princess to take the throne? Of course, they would rebel! However, they didn’t kill her because they respect her father. They only sealed her cultivation and left her to her own demise!” She Miejue explained solemnly.

“I know…!” Chen Tianyuan said with tightly knit brows.

“Her father has subordinates in numerous factions. But you see, has anyone stood to protect her when in trouble? None, except for that reckless Zhang Zhengdao! Out of so many powerful cultivators, has any of them offered to protect her? No, no one! Sect Lord, why do you trouble yourself by keeping Princess Youyue in our sect?” She Miejue asked anxiously.

Chen Tianyuan frowned and said, “You came to the Sword-study Peak not because you’re targeting Wang Ke, but Princess Youyue?”
“What else do you think I’m here for? I’ve taken a look at your disciple. Although he’s shrewd, he hasn’t walked on the wrong path. I’m not worried about how you accept disciples! But, Princess Youyue…!” She Miejue’s face turned solemn.

“But weren’t you the one who asked Murong Luguang to pursue the princess in the past?” said Chen Tianyuan with a frown.

“Pursue? No, Luguang misunderstood me! I asked him to become the great general in the Ghoul Empire in order to get close to Princess Youyue and keep an eye on her!” She Miejue explained in a serious tone.

“Then, what now…?” Chen Tianyuan asked.

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“I don’t care how close you are to her father, but Sect Lord, you’ve upheld righteousness your entire life, determined to exterminate all demons. How can you go against your own ideology? Princess Youyue is not a human!” She Miejue appealed in all seriousness.

“Her father is human!” Chen Tianyuan sighed.

“No! A demon and a human should never be able to conceive a child. If a hybrid is born, that child will be half-human, half-demon, what we know as “Netherborn.” If such a child is demonized… She will become the demon among all demons!” She Miejue said, worried.

“If the Netherborn don’t turn into demons, those people can become the light of the righteous sects!” Chen Tianyuan shook his head.

“Sect Lord, have you forgotten the legends? All Netherborn are sources of catastrophe. They will turn against everyone around them other than themselves, dragging everyone into chaos. I heard that the Ghoul Empire experienced many disasters ever since Princess Youyue was born. Now, the Ghoul Empress was exposed, and it was very likely because of Princess Youyue! We must not keep her! She should be killed!” She Miejue urged.

“Nonsense!” Chen Tianyuan said in disbelief.

“Sect Lord, are you trying to deceive yourself?” She Miejue kept on persuading.

“Princess Youyue has not been demonized, and she has done no wrong. There was no iniquitous and demonic Qi in her, at all, so I cannot condemn her. Moreover, I sent a messenger to her father already. Given his status, he will surely have her properly settled down! Don’t you believe in her father?” Chen Tianyuan asked.

She Miejue was silent for a moment before responding, “Sect Lord, I shall trust in your judgment! But this cannot be delayed!” 


“Do you think her father is someone easily accessible to anyone? It will be very difficult for the messenger to reach him! This might delay things for a very long time. What if someone with evil intentions comes along and…!” She Miejue warned, frowning.

“Yeah. Princess Youyue’s identity is a sensitive issue indeed. Her father never stepped into the Ghoul Empire in all these years, just to avoid suspicion. Should there be someone with nefarious intent who could make use of this opportunity, it will indeed…!” Chen Tianyuan said in a worried tone.

“That’s why I hope that you, Sect Lord, would personally make the trip! The quickest way is for you to find her father personally. This will also make sure there’s no mistake in the process! Sect Lord!” She Miejue pleaded solemnly while maintaining a steady gaze at Chen Tianyuan.

The latter fell into deep thought and glanced at her, still doubtful.

“Sect Lord, you think I would make you leave so I could kill Princess Youyue while you’re not around?” She Miejue asked, staring at him.

Chen Tianyuan didn’t respond. He did seem worried about the possibility.

“Don’t worry, Sect Lord! I, She Miejue, will swear an oath to you! Unless I die, nothing bad will happen to Princess Youyue while you’re not around!” She Miejue said with determination.

Chen Tianyuan looked at her for a good while before giving a slight nod. He trusted in her because she was someone who always kept her word.

“Fine. Since this is the case, please guard the princess for me. I will leave to find Princess Youyue’s father immediately,” Chen Tianyuan said soberly.

“Sure!” She Miejue nodded.

The two reached a consensus. She Miejue waved her hand and the sound barrier disappeared. They looked toward Wang Ke and the rest, and then saw Murong Luguang’s green face while he retched endlessly.


The turbid essence Qi was snatched away by Murong Luguang, and it didn't end up in Princess Youyue’s hands. Wang Ke was greatly relieved by this, and was very thankful toward Murong Luguang.

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