Chapter 49.1 Let’s Rescue Mrs. Wang Together! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 49.1 Let’s Rescue Mrs. Wang Together! (1/2)

Zhu Cultivation Town, She Clan!

“Third Uncle! Bad news, bad news!” a She Clan member ran into the She Clan’s courtyard.

“What happened? Why is there such a racket in town?” a She Clan elder asked.

“I went to Gongyi Teahouse! There’s a lot of people there! I couldn’t even squeeze into the crowd! What I managed to hear from outside was that they were shouting something about Wang Ke. Third Uncle, is Wang Ke back?” That She Clan member was worried.

“How can that be? Wouldn’t he be flayed alive if he returned?” That elder was doubtful about it.

“Maybe they’re flaying Wang Ke inside? Should we inform the Clan Lord?”

“We can’t. He said he’s in secluded cultivation; I have no idea where he went! You guys go there again and try to find out what’s happening!” the same elder commanded.



Inside the She Clan dungeon.

Princess Youyue had her eyes closed while she sensed everything that was happening in the teahouse through her connection to the Longing Orbs. She heard Wang Ke turning lies into truth, deftly fooling the crowd of cultivators.

The princess would have never believed that someone could lie as blatantly if someone would have told her about it in the past.

Still, her eyes were opened that day.

“The most painful thing in this world is: Being alive, but you ran out of money!”

The princess could no longer hold it in and burst out giggling when she heard this.

Her laughter caught She Tianba’s attention, who was refining his flying sword nearby. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the princess.

What’s happening?Wasn’t Princess Youyue shouting frantically just now?Why is she giggling all of a sudden?Did she go nuts?

“Princess Youyue, what are you laughing at?” She Tianba asked in confusion.

“Nothing. It’s just that you will soon be in deep trouble! The princess laughed.

“Trouble? Humph. Wang Ke is the one who’s in deep sh*t, not me! I was fooled by you people the last time. Do you think I’d fall for your lies again this time? Moreover, you yourself are a rotten liar. Humph!” She Tianba snorted before ignoring the princess again.

Princess Youyue then continued to focus on the teahouse’s platform; she had no intention to debate with the guy.

Back in the remote scene, Wang Ke said that the most painful thing in the world was to be alive but having run out of money. After that, a silent feeling of frustration pervaded the entire back court of Gongyi Teahouse.

It’s heart-piercing!He’s rubbing salt on our wounds!

Painful?Yes! We’ve been in so much pain all this time!Sure, it was money we made through dubious means, but it’s still our money! And we lost it, just like that! How could we not feel pain?

None of the people whom Wang Ke had sold his financial products to were the upright sort. So, he had a much lesser psychological burden as he fooled them.

“Wang Ke, what’s the use of talking so much? Where’s the money? You sent us a letter saying that you would be distributing money generously. Where’s the money then? a clan lord yelled.

“Yeah, Wang Ke! Where is the money! I brought all the financial products here. Look, here are the contracts! Give me my money now! I’ll forgo the interest, just give me the original sum!” Many started grumbling.

By then everyone had accepted the fact that She Tianba had lied to them. But that would be meaningless for them if they saw no money! We’ll believe everything you say as long as you give us money!

“Now, let’s talk about money!” Wang Ke cried out.

He immediately silenced the crowd without the need for his rousers to help.

“All of your money can be split into two categories. The first category is the money that She Tianba cheated off of you. The second is the refund for the financial products! Correct?” Wang Ke asked.

“That’s right!” Everyone shouted.

“Let’s talk about the money related to the financial products first, before moving on to the money She Tianba took from you!” Wang Ke said.

“Sure!” They agreed.

“As you all know, my Wang Clan was overturned by She Tianba, which means he took away all the money that you paid for the financial products. My mountains of money are now lumped together in the She Clan’s treasury. As long as I get my money back, I will surely refund everyone accordingly!” said Wang Ke.

“What! You mean you won’t refund us if you can’t make She Tianba return your money?” someone questioned angrily.

“Hush! Let Clan Lord Wang finish what he wants to say!” someone reprimanded that interrupter.

Wang Ke scolded them, saying, “This shopkeeper asked a good question. Will I still refund you if I can’t get the money back? Do you think I’m as unreasonable as She Tianba? You are looking down on me! I’ve been doing business for so many years… Credibility has always been my top priority! What is the foundation for all my businesses? Conscience! Conscience, you hear?”

But then they somehow felt comfort after Wang Ke scolded them.

“I, Wang Ke, will never allow anyone to take advantage of me when it comes to business, and I will also never take advantage of others! The She Clan also took the book of accounts where all your purchases were registered. I will surely refund you if I get the book back!” Wang Ke shouted into the crowd.

“Clan Lord Wang, does that mean you won’t refund us if you can’t get the accounting book back?” someone asked anxiously.

“Clan Lord Wang, do you still have money?”

“Shut up! Let Clan Lord Wang speak!” The others in the crowd disrupted the questions.

“Everyone, do you know what happened during this time? Why did the Golden Crow Sect cancel their bounty for Princess Youyue? And why did I, Wang Ke, dare to come back here again?” Wang Ke looked at all the people present.

None of them had a clue.

“Because I fled with Princess Youyue when the She Clan destroyed my entire clan! I went to the immortal sect and was rewarded for handing the princess over. That is why the Golden Crow Sect removed the bounty!” Wang Ke explained.

“You already handed Princess Youyue to the Golden Crow Sect? And then they rewarded you by taking you in as a disciple?” Everyone was surprised.

Wang Ke didn't explain which immortal sect he had enrolled in; he merely waved his hand.


A flying sword started circling around him; beams of light were shot out from the sword; everyone was looking at him with envious eyes.

“A flying sword? That’s a flying sword! Some Golden Core stage cultivators may not even have one; how come you do?” The crowd was astonished.

A flying sword! It was a legendary item in mediocre cultivation towns! And then, Wang Ke suddenly produced one.

“I was enrolled in an immortal sect and was gifted with a flying sword; what’s so difficult about getting one?” Wang Ke flipped his hand and stored his flying sword.

Everyone then believed in Wang Ke’s words. They were simultaneously thinking in their hearts, you are really damn lucky! Your entire clan died, but hey, at least you entered an immortal sect!The Golden Crow Sect promised five spots. Did you use the other four to exchange for a flying sword?

“Everyone, what do you think? Am I able to pay you back?” Wang Ke looked at the audience.

He’s already in the Golden Crow Sect! How can he be broke?The flying sword would have cost more than the sum of all our financial products!

“I believe some of you may have lost your contracts, right?” Wang Ke said.

“Yeah. I thought you were dead, so I tore it in a fit of rage!”

“Me too! I took the contract to the She Clan, and they tore it!”

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Some of the unlucky ones expressed their frustrations.

“It is all right! I will refund you accordingly, provided that I get back my book of accounts! Everyone! Do you think I can get back the accounting book?” Wang Ke asked.

“You must get it back! You must!” The crowd was stirred.

“It’s been so long. I wonder if the She Clan has destroyed it already...” a clan lord asked with a frown.

“That’s right. This is also the reason why I gathered all of you. It’s okay if it’s been destroyed, the Wang Clan has a backup!” Wang Ke said.

“Oh?” This came as a surprise to everyone. A backup?

“The backup book is with my wife! I can recover the records if I can find my wife!” Wang Ke explained.

“Your wife? We have never heard about you having a wife before!” They were perplexed.

It’s been a decade, why didn’t any of us know about your wife?

“My wife never left our home for ten whole years; of course, you wouldn’t know her! Still, every single one of you has seen her face!” Wang Ke continued.

“What?” Everyone was confused.

Then, Wang Ke took out a scroll and rolled it open; it was the portrait of a graceful lady. Everyone looked up.

“Hmm? It’s her?” All of them cried out in shock.

Back in the She Clan’s dungeon—Princess Youyue’s face suddenly flushed red because it was her portrait.

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