Chapter 12.1: Mosaic (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 12.1: Mosaic (1/2)

Outside the Zhu Cultivation Town. At the center of the great radiance!

All the clan members gathered around to investigate.

“Immortal Zhang, this ten-thousand meters of bright light and a thousand beams of auspicious colors came from that cave, but there’s nothing inside!” She Tianba reported with knitted brows.

Zhang Shenxu grasped his white fan and looked at the explosive display in the sky with narrowed eyes. “It doesn't seem like the sign of a treasure appearing,” he said, “It’s more likely the vision created by some kind of enchanted artifacts. What was previously inside the cave? ”

“Previously?” She Tianba looked toward his clan members in confusion.

“Previously? There was nothing there. I inspected the place before. There wasn’t even a cave!” said one of the She Clan members.

“Impossible. Look at the markings in the cave. It must have been dug out a long time ago! How could this cave appear out of nowhere? Have you searched carefully?” She Tianba asked with stern eyes.

“Clan Lord She, I’ve also searched this place. There really was no cave before! ”

“I had also searched the surroundings. There was no cave here!”




The responses of those cultivators confused She Tianba. There wasn’t a cave before?You guys must be blind! Look at the markings! The cave looks like it’s been here for a very long time already! There are even moss patches growing all over… You’re telling me the cave was caused by the explosion?

At that moment, Zhang Shenxu fanned forcefully with his fan, immediately blowing away the nearby thickets; twelve holes on the ground were unveiled.

“Hmm? What are these?” She Tianba asked in shock.

“These are the keystones of a spell array!” Zhang Shenxu said in surprise.

“Keystones of a spell array?”

“Yes. There seemed to be an elementary array in place to conceal the cave; it’s no wonder you couldn’t see it before. The holes on the ground look messy. Someone must have forcefully pulled out the keystones in a hurry!” Zhang Shenxu explained with a serious face.

“Someone just fled from this place? Someone unwilling to leave his things even while running for his life... It... It was Wang Ke?” She Tianba’s expression changed drastically upon realization.

“Wang Ke?” Zhang Shenxu didn't understand She Tianba’s words.

“It must be Wang Ke. He’s hiding near the Zhu Cultivation Town and hasn't gone far yet. Chase after him, now!” She Tianba was excited as he issued the order to his men.

All the cultivations dispersed immediately in pursuit of Wang Ke. She Tianba excused himself from Zhang Shenxu before joining the other Clan Lords in the chase. After all, whoever captured Wang Ke would find Princess Youyue and claim the reward Zhang Shenxu had promised.

Zhang Shenxu didn’t stop them but was a little confused. Why would Wang Ke create such an explosive display to lure everyone into chasing him? Could it be...?

“Princess Youyue… Are you mocking me with this explosion for failing to capture you?” Zhang Shenxu said with cold-looking eyes.


In an old, abandoned temple, far from the Zhu Cultivation Town. The place was dilapidated; only half of the Buddha statue remained inside. And yet, the words “Demon Suppression Temple” written in ancient characters were still recognizable on the cracked and rotting plaque. The temple seemed to have been through the vicissitudes of time.

Wang Ke, Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao gasped for air.

Although the three were all at Innate Stage, their breath still grew ragged after running for so long without stopping.

Zhang Zhengdao sat paralyzed on the ground and exclaimed fearfully, “We’re finally safe. That was so dangerous… We were almost caught!” 

“This will not do. We must disguise ourselves a little. It’s too risky to continue running around with our own appearance!” Wang Ke said, breathing rapidly.

“Oh yes, right! Disguises, how could I forget that? Yes, I should disguise myself so that they can't recognize me!” Zhang Zhengdao jumped up instantly.

Princess Youyue thought of an idea and said, “Disguising? I’m very good at this! Wait for me! Don’t you peek!” 

She walked to the back of the Buddha statue as she spoke, to put up her disguise.

“Zhang Zhengdao, your disguise...?” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao.

“Don’t worry. This is the ability which has kept me alive. I know how to do it, wait for a bit. There’s a river near this temple. I will head over there to put on some makeup with the water’s reflection!” Zhang Zhengdao said.

Wang Ke nodded in agreement. Next, Wang Ke took out a fresh set of clothing from his storage bag and put it on.

After changing into the new clothes, he took out the twelve small flags he had plucked out before his escape just then. He wiped them carefully.

Luckily, I reacted in time. These twelve flags cost me a fortune! But it’s truly a pity that half of them were spoiled because I had to pull them out forcefully. Haiz! Wang Ke sighed lightly.

After a while, Princess Youyue walked out from the buddha statue wearing a man’s outfit.

Given her long legs, Princess Youyue still looked quite tall while posturing as a man. Her hat covered her long hair, but her “chest muscle” was rather prominent. Fortunately, men’s clothing was large and loose enough to cover it up. However, the scar on her face was still eye-catching.

“How did I do? You shouldn’t recognize me now, right?” Princess Youyue turned around and asked excitedly.

Wang Ke: “...........................! ”

I’m not blind. You only changed your clothes...Isn’t this still you?

“Uhhh, I almost can’t recognize you! Something is missing though!” Wang Ke said against his conscience. 

Princess Youyue asked in astonishment, “You can still recognize me? Impossible! No one was ever able to recognize me when I changed into a man's outfit in the royal palace!”

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Wang Ke: “...........................! ”

You were a princess in the royal palace. Who would dare to speak against your wishes?

“Anyway, I can still recognize you!” Wang Ke spoke the truth.

“Impossible...!” Princess Youyue was a little disappointed.

“Brother Wang, Princess, I’m done with my disguise. How do I look?” Zhang Zhengdao’s voice came from outside the temple.

Princess Youyue looked over but saw a fat, old woman walking toward the temple. The two gigantic lumps on her chest swayed from side to side along with the old woman’s stride. However, the two of them froze upon seeing the old woman’s face… The makeup on her face was ghostly; the lipstick was bloody and eye-catching. Princess Youyue’s eyes and face twitched rapidly at the sight of this.

How can there ever be a woman this ugly? In hindsight, Wang Ke’s big cousin sister seemed much more elegant and beautiful.

“Zhang... Zhang... Zhang Zhengdao? You disguised as a woman?” Princess Youyue said in shock.

Zhang Zhengdao rubbed his chest and said, laughing, “Yeah! It was fortunate that I still had two watermelons with me. They fit into my chest quite nicely!”

The smile made Wang Ke’s scalp go numb.

“Brother Wang, how’s my disguise?” Zhang Zhengdao asked expectantly.

“You have indeed disguised your appearance. But, somehow, I really want to beat you up!” Wang Ke replied awkwardly.

“Hahaha, it’s a success then! Oh yeah, why haven’t you two put on your disguises?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, feeling proud of himself.

“I...!” Princess Youyue’s expression froze.

Are you blind?You’re disguised as a woman. I disguised myself as a man. Don’t you see it?

But Princess Youyue finally came to a realization. Her maidservants had only wanted to please her, back in the palace. Her disguise as a man was definitely not in the same league as Zhang Zhengdao’s.

“Princess Youyue, shall I do the same makeup for you?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

The same makeup as you?I would rather die!

“Don’t come over!” Princess Youyue cried out in shock.

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