Chapter 11.2: Princess Youyue Is a Jinx (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 11.2: Princess Youyue Is a Jinx (2/2)

“Head out?” I’m not planning to head out!” Wang Ke replied.

Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao looked at Wang Ke in shock.

“It’s a mess outside right now. Do you want us to get killed? This cave is being concealed by a very expensive enchanted artifact I purchased; Innate Stage cultivators would never find this place. Moreover, I’ve been haunted by bad luck over the past decade. Let’s stay put and avoid any risks. I’ve done some tests and found that bad luck won’t strike if I stay in the same place. But, once I start running around, then…!” Wang Ke said as he shook his head.

“Wait? For how long?” Princess Youyue asked curiously.

“Until they give up searching!” Wang Ke explained.

“How will you know when they’ll stop?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“My men will inform me. So, let’s wait for a while!” Wang Ke replied.

Princess Youyue frowned while Zhang Zhengdao’s jaw dropped, but neither could think of a better alternative.

Wang Ke picked up Princess Youyue’s artifact and said, “Princess Youyue, you dropped your black sphere. Come, put it back in your storage bag.”

“I activated the artifact’s safety mechanism. You cannot touch it. It’ll activate if anyone other than myself touches it!” Princess Youyue cried out.

“It’s activated now? This useless black sphere?” Wang Ke mumbled doubtfully.

“This isn't an ordinary black sphere. It’s called the ‘Grand Ceremonial Light.’ Among all the enchanted artifacts I invented, this is the one that pleases me the most. You mustn’t underestimate it just because it has no destructive power. Once it detonates, it’ll send out a burst of radiance ten thousand meters wide and a thousand beams of auspicious colors!” Princess Youyue explained in a serious tone.

“Ten thousand meters of radiance? A thousand beams of auspicious colors? Ha! What’s the use of that? Hold on, what did you say? It explodes?” Wang Ke’s expression changed drastically halfway through his sentence.

Princess Youyue nodded with a serious look.


Meanwhile, outside the Zhu Cultivation Town, members of every clan were searching for the princess, but Wang Ke was too good at hiding; no one had found anything.

Just when the members of each clan were anxious and lost—

A loud explosion was heard in a nearby forested mountain.


It sounded as if lightning from the Ninth Heaven had struck the forested mountain. And then, everyone saw beams of auspicious colors soaring in the sky, beautiful and magnificent. They were followed by a blinding radiance which beamed out from that valley and lighted up the entire place. Endless colors and light covered the sky like an extremely auspicious sign. Everyone was stupefied.

“A treasure appeared?” Countless astonished people started running toward that valley.

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Back in the valley, Wang Ke, Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao were at the epicenter of that explosion. They were completely stunned.

The explosion was harmless and their clothing was in perfect condition. Still, the deafening noise, the blinding light, and the auspicious colors were like fireworks in the dark, midnight sky. It was awfully bright and eye-catching.

They were exposed!

Wang Ke glanced at Princess Youyue. Is Princess Youyue a Jinx?This invention is a piece of crap!So unreliable!It’s okay if she lost her empire, but why bring disaster upon me?I’m already haunted by bad luck, and now you make me the brightest star in the entire mountain range?


Wang Ke pulled Princess Youyue and ran helplessly.

“Wait for me!” Zhang Zhengdao followed right behind them.


Zhu Cultivation Town, She Clan.

Zhang Shenxu, the Golden Crow Sect’s disciple, sat on an armchair with the white fan in his hand. All the Clan Lords stood respectfully in front of him. She Tianba stood at the forefront with a miserable look, telling Zhang Shenxu about the entire process of catching and losing Princess Youyue.

Zhang Shenxu played around with his white fan as he closed his eyes while he contemplated for a short while.

“Your heads will remain on your necks for now. You’ve lost Princess Youyue, but I can give you one chance to make up for it!” Zhang Shenxu said with a deep voice.

“Thank you, Immortal Zhang!” She Tianba said.

“Continue the search for Princess Youyue. I will behead all of you if you can’t find her!” Zhang Shenxu instructed coldly.

“Immortal Zhang, we are willing to do our best, but our men have searched for two days already without finding any clues. What if... What if…!” She Tianba asked fearfully.

Everyone else agreed. We’re all going to die if we can’t find her?What if we really can't find her?

“If I’m not mistaken, Princess Youyue’s destination should be the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I had already arranged for men to ambush her on the way, but I didn't expect her to come to the Zhu Cultivation Town. Humph! Seems like there’s some truth to the rumors. It is said that Princess Youyue has a bad sense of direction and was heading somewhere else!” Zhang Shenxu said coldly.

“Uhh? A bad sense of direction?” She Tianba was at a loss.

“In the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains, Princess Youyue is the only one who knows people from the Heavenly Wolf Sect; she will surely go there. You bunch should just pursue along the way and set up checkpoints to lock them in. You decide how to go about it. I will still reward you with the five placements to enter my sect as long as you capture Princess Youyue. If you can’t... Humph!” Zhang Shenxu snorted coldly.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, Immortal Zhang!” everyone replied excitedly.

They were motivated after being given a starting point to their search. Princess Youyue must be on her way to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. We just need to ambush her along the way!Five placements for the Golden Crow Sect?That would be a great gain if we can find her!

Everyone rubbed their hands together, looking forward to the day Princess Youyue was caught.

Zhang Shenxu fidgeted with his fan and smiled coldly. By showing both his might and grace, those people had become willing subordinates under his command.

“Immortal Zhang, you said that the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples are guarding the way to the Heavenly Wolf Sect. So, we only have to pursue the princess… But what if we get into conflict with your fellow disciples?” She Tianba said, expressing his concern.

Zhang Shenxu thought for a moment before taking out a golden token, carved with a Three-footed Golden Crow image.

“This is our sect’s Golden Crow Token; I shall lend it to you. My sect disciples won’t stop you as long as you show it to any of them!” Zhang Shenxu tossed it into She Tianba’s hands.

“Thank you, Immortal Zhang! We will surely devote our lives to catching Princess Youyue!” She Tianba said while exhilarated.

“Good!” Zhang Shenxu nodded.

At that moment, a massive explosion resounded in a mountain outside the Zhu Cultivation Town.


The explosion shook the heavens, followed by a thousand colorful beams soaring into the sky. The blinding radiance lit up the entire sky auspiciously.

Everyone was stunned by such a loud noise. All of them turned to look toward the source of the explosion.

“A treasure appeared?” Zhang Shenxu asked in surprise.

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