Chapter 44.2 It’s Too Crazy 2/2
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Indestructible God King Chapter 44.2 It’s Too Crazy 2/2

 In the Empress’ Residence

She Miejue could no longer imagine what was going on in the residence. How can there be such a pervert?The Zhu descendants are really disgusting! Even the sound of it was tarnishing her ears. And what about scanning the place with her mind? That would be even more preposterous! She was overwhelmed by disgust from the mere sound of it; it would be worse if she “looked” at it!

The howls continued to sound in the residence.

Zhu Yan up to the brim with hatred. He had the power to crush Wang Ke, but all he could do was endure his beating without being able to retaliate. What the crap is this?Immortal Qing, why are you such a busybody?

All the demons in the dungeon went into hiding because they heard Immortal Qing was around. And so, the scene in the room was still Wang Ke pinning Zhu Yan to the ground and whipping him while the empress was sleeping in the background.

“Tell me! Tell me now! I’m going to be serious if you don’t!” Wang Ke threatened gravely.

Zhu Yan’s heart was filled with bitterness. Fear struck the hearts of the demons in the dungeon! And She Miejue’s face glowered in disgust!

Wang Ke used the whip with his right hand while the left had a candle to illuminate Zhu Yan’s face.

Zhu Yan was currently in a very bad shape.

“You’re really tough, huh? I’ll search on my own if you don’t tell me!” Wang Ke said.

Search?That’s going to be bad! Zhu Yan was alerted.

“The owner of this bead bracelet... is she a lady with a scar on her face?” Zhu Yan asked carefully.

Wang Ke turned and stared fixedly at Zhu Yan, “Yes. She’s Princess Youyue. Where is she now? Why were you wearing her bracelet?”

Zhu Yan’s face twitched and said eventually, “That woman was brought here by Immortal Qing!”

“Immortal Qing? The Immortal Qing outside? Who is that?” Wang Ke frowned.

“The Zhu Clan has called her Immortal Qing for generations. But I know that she also goes by another name. She Miejue!” Zhu Yan answered.

“What? She Miejue is Immortal Qing?” Wang Ke was dismayed.

So the one who asked if Zhu Yan was okay was in fact She Miejue? She’s right outside?

Wang Ke was instantly covered in cold sweat. He cursed Zhang Zhengdao in his heart, This bastard. Didn’t I ask him to lure She Miejue and keep her distracted? How did she return so quickly? She even blocked the way out?

“Yes, Immortal Qing came to my palace to stay for some time; that is why I got to see the Princess Youyue you’re talking about. I heard their quarreling, but I was too far to catch all of it. I only saw Immortal Qing take off Princess Youyue’s beads and throw them away after telling her that the beads were concealing the attributes of her essence Qi! Princess Youyue wanted to pick it back up, but Immortal Qing grabbed her and took her away. I went and picked up the bead bracelet in secret! You should ask Immortal Qing if you want to find Princess Youyue!” Zhu Yan answered as he endured the pain.

“No wonder you had the bracelet. Where is Immortal Qing keeping her?” Wang Ke questioned.

“I don’t know. I was only able to hear some of their conversations, which were about her clan in the mortal realm. They had not been in contact for many years, but she found out that the Clan Lord was called She Tianba! Immortal Qing said that she would lock the princess up in the mortal branch of her clan until the time comes for the Nether Demon Assembly. She will take the princess there!” Zhu Yan explained.

“She Tianba? She Clan? How can it be? She Miejue is from the She Clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town? Why weren’t they in contact before?” Wang Ke said curiously with a raised eyebrow.

“The Zhu Cultivation Town?” Zhu Yan was also curious.

But Wang Ke ignored him as he thought deeply about it. Suddenly, he remembered that—when they were ambushed outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect—Zhang Shenxu told them he had received intel from She Tianba. That was why the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples were lying in ambush to get them.

Back then, Wang Ke had no time to think about why. But everything made sense now. He understood the whole thing!

She Tianba held Princess Youyue prisoner once again; that was why he was so certain that Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao would show up to save her. And so, he decided to use Zhang Shenxu to kill Wang Ke to claim revenge.

Princess Youyue must be in his hands. Is Zhu Yan telling the truth?

“Humph, it’s good that you came clean!” Wang Ke harrumphed.

He took out a rope to tie and hang Zhu Yan up while he spoke.

Zhu Yan glared at Wang Ke. Damn it, I really want to kill you, Wang Ke! But why does Heaven always make fun of me? I can only allow myself to be tied up… For me to be this strong, but I’m only able to hold back.Why?

“Okay, Zhu Yan. Thank you for the information. I’ll forgive your previous attempt to kill me. Don’t trouble me further, or I will kill you later!” Wang Ke warned Zhu Yan with a stare.

After that, Wang Ke packed up and was about to leave the room.

“Give me back the bracelet! Give it back!” Zhu Yan shouted angrily.

But Wang Ke could not care less. He picked up some of the pieces of clothing fragments torn by the whipping to stuff Zhu Yan’s mouth. He then opened the gate, which made a loud creak.

She Miejue was outside, so he had to leave immediately. It was a pity; there were lots of valuables in the room. Wang Ke was only able to pocket a few along the way.

“Wrrooorwoooowrooo!” Zhu Yan could only utter some noises with his stuffed mouth; he would not dare shout.

He was immensely powerful but he was afraid to show it. The whole situation was driving Zhu Yan crazy. It was fortunate that the troublemaker, Wang Ke, had finally left.

Once he left the Empress' Residence, Wang Ke lowered his hat and quickly ran away under the moonlight.

Standing afar—She Miejue saw a man running out from the Empress' Residence; she felt even more disgusted. The Qing Emperor and his empress really asked a guard to join in their intimacy?Ptoeeyy! How atrocious!

The eyes of the guards close to her were as wide as they could go. Who is this brother?So capable!He came out of that door alive?

Wang Ke also saw She Miejue on a far off roof, and his heart skipped a beat. He quickly lowered his hat further, not daring to look up, to avoid the chance of being exposed. He quickly ran into the shadows and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

This trip to sneak into the palace is too dangerous!

Wang Ke avoided the patrols and returned to the well he came in earlier. He supported himself with one hand and jumped into the well. He took a last glance at She Miejue, just before he made his way back.

She stood loftily on the rooftop. She was standing alone under the bright moonlight, giving an otherworldly appearance. But then, a man dressed in red showed up beside her.

He approached She Miejue’s back and hugged her.

This violent woman also has a lover? Wang Ke was surprised.

But the surprise was followed by a greater shock.

Wang Ke actually knew the man who was hugging She Miejue from behind.

“Zhu Hongyi? One of the Great Yin Demon Sect’s Parlor Lord. How… How can this be possible?” Wang Ke was appalled.

Not long ago, in the Wolf Cultivation Town, Wang Ke had tricked Zhang Shenxu into asking his next-door neighbor about demons. But somehow this had drawn the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s lightning bolts, and an Astral Infant stage demon intercepted the heavenly lightning while clamoring for Chen Tianyuan to fight him. That Parlor Lord was Zhu Hongyi. Wang Ke had seen him clearly.

And just then, right before his eyes, Zhu Hongyi was hugging She Miejue?

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A demonic sect’s Parlor Lord was hugging the East Wolf Hall Lord? No one in the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains would believe this had happened. But it did, right in front of Wang Ke.

This world is just too crazy! Even a cat and a rat can fall in love!

Wang Ke didn't shout, neither did he dare to. He immediately dived into the well. The situation was too dangerous; he had to rescue Princess Youyue as soon as possible.

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