Chapter 45.1 Ill-fated Lovers (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 45.1 Ill-fated Lovers (1/2)

On a rooftop in the palace!

Zhu Hongyi suddenly appeared and wrapped She Miejue in his arms from behind.

She Miejue’s body stiffened and her face blackened; She jerked her body forcefully.


She broke free from Zhu Hongyi’s embrace.

“Zhu Hongyi, show me some respect!” She Miejue said as she glared at him.

All the guards were shocked as they looked at the man who had just appeared on the rooftop.

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Zhu Hongyi waved a hand, and some mist was manifested, which moved toward the guards. All of them were rendered unconscious the next moment.

“You tried to act cool in the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s turf not long ago. Now you’re going to massacre the people here?” She Miejue shot him a stare.

“You know about my trip to the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Ha, Qing’er, don’t mind me. I do not doubt your words; I was just passing by and was deceived by some rascals. Their leader had already gone into hiding when I turned back to look for them. I didn’t pursue the matter, so I immediately left the Wolf Cultivation Town. I did this to prevent a misunderstanding, really!” Zhu Hongyi gave bitter laughter.

“Then, these people...!” She Miejue pointed to the guards and asked grimly.

“Don’t worry, my Qing’er. They are merely unconscious; all of them will wake up tomorrow. How could I let anyone eavesdrop on our conversation?” Zhu Hongyi explained and smiled.

“Humph!” She Miejue grunted.

“Qing’er, I came here immediately after I heard that someone had humiliated you. That guy is called Zhang Zhengdao? Where is he? I’m going to kill him!” Zhu Hongyi asked.

“I’ve settled it already, it’s none of your business! You better do something to educate the descendants of your Zhu clan! Humph!” She Miejue said.

“The descendents of the Zhu clan? Do you mean Zhu Yan? That brat is really ruthless at times. He was my older brother’s descendant. I also dislike him, unfortunately he’s the only male left in the Zhu clan! I can’t do much about it, either. If... you’re really unhappy about him, I can remove him from the position anytime.” Zhu Hongyi sighed.

“Humph, how I feel about him has nothing to do with you!” She Miejue rejected him bluntly.

“Qing’er, are you still angry about what I did back then? We grew up together since young and were a perfect match. Our families disagreed, but we still strived to be together. You weren’t treating me like this back then!” Zhu Hongyi sighed.

“Hahaha, how dare you mention our past? Have you forgotten why I’m called She Miejue?”

TL: Miejue 

She Miejue stared at the man in front of her with crimson eyes.

“It’s all my fault! All of it! We had promised each other to enter an immortal sect to cultivate together, but I ended up joining a demonic sect! Still, I shouldn’t take the whole blame. Who asked the Heavenly Wolf Sect to look down on me? They only took you in and rejected me! That’s why I joined the demonic sect!” Zhu Hongyi sighed indignantly.

“So, were you forced to do it? Then, how about slaughtering my entire She clan and devouring my parents. Were you forced to do that too?” She Miejue interrogated grimly.

“I didn’t devour them; I only sucked their blood dry. They were still around, despite being dried corpses. I told you already, I couldn’t control myself when I had just become a demon. Back when I went to your She clan, your parents mocked and ridiculed me when they knew I had joined a demonic sect. I was already losing control of myself back then; their mockery stimulated my demonic nature so I lost control. It was a night with a full moon when my demonic nature manifested itself. I don’t even know what I did that night!” Zhu Hongyi sighed.

“You and I have an irreconcilable grudge. My parents and my siblings were all killed by you. That is why I took an oath to annihilate all demons and changed my name to She Miejue, so that I may never forget what happened that day. Zhu Hongyi, I can’t wait to eat your flesh and drink your blood!“ She Miejue said with an icy tone and bloodshot eyes.

“Qing’er, I know I still have a place in your heart! Or else, you wouldn’t have protected the Great Qing Empire for these many years!” Zhu Hongyi tried to console her.

“I didn’t offer my help because of you; I did it because of your older brother. He saved the remnants of the She clan from your murderous hands; that’s why I protected him until now. But this ends now! I’m not going to care anymore!” She Miejue retorted indifferently.

“You’re a demon-slaying maniac, and all the demonic sect disciples want to get rid of you. Is that why you didn’t let others know that you still have relatives in the secular world? Was it to prevent the demonic sects to exact revenge through them? You don’t have to worry about them that much! If you prevented the righteous sects from targeting the Great Qing Empire, how could I allow the demonic sects to harm the She clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town? Haven’t you realized it? The town has my surname. I’ve already given orders to the demonic sect disciples so they don’t go there!” Zhu Hongyi elaborated seriously.

“The Zhu Cultivation Town?” Zhu?” She Miejue felt surprised.

“Besides, do you know why the empire is called Great ‘Qing’? It’s named after you, Qing’er. ‘Qing’ is part of your name, She Qingqing!” Zhu Hongyi explained.

“Qing?” She Miejue bit her lip.

“Qing’er, it’s been so many years! I have never forgotten you! I miss you, Qing’er!” Zhu Hongyi took a step forward and attempted to hug her again.

“You!” She Miejue drew her sword and stopped him.

“Qing’er, I know your hatred for me runs deep in your heart. That is why it took so many years for me to dare find you! No matter how much I missed you, I forced myself to endure it! I know I wronged you! But everything is in the past, isn’t it? Let bygones be bygones!” Zhu Hongyi appealed warmly.

“Never! That will never happen!” Tears welled up in She Miejue’s eyes.

“You used to be in the righteous sect, so I decided to never face you again because I was too ashamed to. But then you were demonized; you are now a member of the demonic sect. Your demonic nature will soon erupt, and we will be the same kind of people again. That is why I dared to find you here! Qing’er, the Demonic Sovereign turned you into a demon and even made you the Fifth Parlor Lord. Do you know how I felt after hearing this?” Zhu Hongyi said with an affectionate look.

She Miejue’s sword trembled, and her eyes went red.

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