Chapter 33.2: Cultivation Leveled Up (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 33.2: Cultivation Leveled Up (2/2)

Murong defended himself, saying, “Sect Lord, during my time guarding our sect’s gate, I personally saw Zhang Zhengdao escorting large amounts of poisonous materials into our sect for Wang Ke! He’s surely cultivating with a demonic technique!”

“Oh?” Chen Tianyuan looked toward Wang Ke, frowning.

“Revered Teacher, Senior apprentice-brother is pursuing Princess Youyue’s love but to no avail, so he was driven nuts by envy when he saw that she was close to me…! I’m sure Teacher knows me well!” Wang Ke explained.

Hatred because of love?

Chen Tianyuan looked toward She Miejue, who didn’t refute. She looked as though she already knew it, but somehow, she condoned his disciple’s actions.

“Murong Luguang,” Chen Tianyuan said with a grave face, “You are Hall Lord She’s disciple. I shouldn't be the one to exact punishment. I tasked you to guard the gate so you would simmer down and control your violent inclinations. Why have you become worse?”

“It’s the truth! Sect Lord, Revered Teacher, you must believe me. Wang Ke is using a demonic technique. Or else, how could he resist my punch when he’s just at the Innate Stage?” pleaded Murong Luguang in frustration.

“Oh?” She Miejue raised her brow, suspicion growing.

“So, Senior apprentice-brother Murong really wanted to hurt me just now! I thought you wanted to help me break through to compensate for destroying my flying sword!” Wang Ke glared at him.

Chen Tianyuan’s face also showed hostility.

“Revered Teacher, Sect Lord, I could not test the depth of Wang Ke’s cultivation. Please vindicate me, Revered Teacher and Sect Lord. Wang Ke is using a demonic technique for sure. I guarantee it! Just check him and you will know!” Murong Luguang immediately responded with a deep voice.

She Miejue knitted her brow ever so slightly, still in doubt.

“Murong Luguang, Wang Ke is cultivating with our Heavenly Wolf Sect’s techniques. I personally helped him in the selection process. He has used this time to abolish his past cultivation to start over. He’s already putting in so much effort. How can you, the Eldest apprentice-brother of East Wolf Hall, slander your junior without any objective evidence?” Chen Tianyuan reprimanded him coldly.

“I swear as the Eldest apprentice-brother of the Heavenly Wolf Sect, I’m not slandering Wang Ke! Although I don’t have the evidence, you will know when you check him!” Murong Luguang insisted, refusing to give up.

“So, you’re saying that I’m teaching him demonic techniques?” Chen Tianyuan was also getting angry.

“I......!” Murong Luguang’s face froze.

Chen Tianyuan looked at Wang Ke and instructed. “Wang Ke, tell him what cultivation technique you chose!” He was apparently backing Wang Ke.

What cultivation technique? But how could Wang Ke reveal it? He didn't want to lie to his revered teacher, either. What if he was exposed? He looked at the nearby Zhang Zhengdao and hinted with his eyes.

“Wang Ke... He’s cultivating with the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique! I can bear witness!” Zhang Zhengdao added.

Zhang Zhengdao was the one who said it, not Wang Ke. So, it wasn't Wang Ke who lied, but Zhang Zhengdao.

“The Fire Divine Cultivation Technique?” Chen Tianyuan was a little puzzled.

It seemed that no one in the vicinity had chosen that cultivation technique. Chen Tianyuan had made an effort to throw a hint at Wang Ke that he cultivated with the Tempest Divine Cultivation Technique, hoping that Wang Ke would choose the same one. But in the end, Wang Ke chose differently.

“The Fire Divine Cultivation Technique? Impossible. Although I didn’t detect any demonic Qi when my punch landed just now, it’s definitely not the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique! He has no fire element, at all!” Murong Luguang immediately testified, feeling excited by his opponent’s apparent gaffe.

“Oh?” She Miejue stared at Wang Ke with a cold expression in her eyes.

She had yet to reveal her intentions, but she was clearly willing to believe in her disciple’s suspicion toward Wang Ke.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengdao felt anxious for his friend. Is he going to be exposed?

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“Fire element? What’s that? Essence Qi?” Wang Ke looked toward Murong Luguang.

“You’re right. The essence Qi from the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique carries the fire element. It’s scorching like fire; spells become fire spells when combined with this element. It’s something that other cultivation techniques cannot imitate! Wang Ke, I’ve got you this time!” Murong Luguang claimed proudly.

But Wang Ke replied confidently, “Essence Qi? Fire spell? What’s so difficult about that?”

“Oh?” Murong Luguang said with squinting eyes, “Why don’t you channel your essence Qi for us to take a look? Essence Qi from demonic cultivation techniques usually comes with a black demonic Qi. Wang Ke, I bet you don’t dare to do it!”

Wang Ke looked into Murong Luguang’s eyes and asked, “What if my essence Qi doesn’t have demonic Qi and can cast fire spells?”

“What do you want?” Murong Luguang asked with a deep voice.

“Compensate me. You destroyed a flying sword of mine. You have to give me another one. You also injured the princess’ servants. You have to compensate for the cost of treating their injuries and psychological trauma. Let me calculate it… Let me give you a twenty percent discount since we are apprentice-brothers and only charge you ten-thousand pounds of spirit stones. What do you think?” Wang Ke demanded while continuing to look at Murong Luguang fixedly.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes widened in disbelief. Are you trying to scam him right in front of the Sect Lord?Ten-thousand pounds of spirit stones?I helped you run so many trips, and it only cost you a few thousand pounds to pay me. And now you’re earning it all back from them?

“Fine!” Murong Luguang agreed.

He was sure that there’s something wrong with Wang Ke’s cultivation technique, so he conceded, not bothering to bargain.

Zhang Zhengdao felt rather anxious, seeing how straightforward Murong Luguang’s answer was. Wang Ke, why in the smelly farts are you betting with him? Fire element?Please, it’s the Fart element!Won’t you expose it the moment you use it?

Wang Ke stretched out his hand and an egg-sized Rasengan—uhh no, an essence Qi sphere—appeared in his palm.

But the sphere of essence Qi was no longer golden yellow but bright yellow.

“Murong Luguang, does it contain demonic Qi?” Wang Ke asked with a deep voice.

Wang Ke compressed his turbid essence Qi in his palm; that’s why the smell didn't leak out.

“Where’s the demonic Qi?” Chen Tianyuan reprimanded him coldly.

Wang Ke had apparently revealed his essence Qi, so there was no need for anyone to check him. His essence Qi was in his palm, and by no means did it look like demonic Qi.

Chen Tianyuan was increasingly displeased toward Murong Luguang.

This made She Miejue curious. She asked, “No, I remember that the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique’s essence Qi has a tinge of crimson. Yours is bright yellow…?”

She no longer looked at Wang Ke with the same cold eyes, once she confirmed that his Qi was not demonic; but there’s still doubt in her heart.

Zhang Zhengdao could not bear to look at the Qi sphere. No way that’s bright yellow! That’s sh*t yellow!O Wang Ke, your cultivation technique is going to be exposed after all.

“The Qi mutated a little because of my physique. This is normal!” Wang Ke explained.

“Mutated? Humph, Wang Ke, where’s the fire element? Where is your flame? I don’t see any fire in your essence Qi. Tell me, how do you cast fire spells?” Murong Luguang kept on asking.

“Hmm?” Everyone frowned.

Oh yeah, where’s the fire element? Even if the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique mutated, it should still be a cultivation technique of the fire element. But, no one could sense fire. Could Wang Ke be lying?

Even Chen Tianyuan’s brows were knitted into a frown.

“Fire? What’s so difficult about that? Give me a matchstick!” Wang Ke ordered a subordinate of his.

Soon, he was given a matchstick.

And while everyone’s confused eyes were still looking at him, he struck the matchstick.


The matchstick was lit!

Zhang Zhengdao was stupefied. This is the fire spell you were talking about?You just lit a matchstick! Are you insulting our intellect? What the fart does it have anything to do with your essence Qi?

And then, Wang Ke touched his essence Qi sphere with the flame on the matchstick.


The ball of Qi caught fire almost instantly, and it burned brightly.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Chen Tianyuan: “............................!”

She Miejue: “............................!”

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

Murong Luguang: “...................................!”

Your fire spell needs a match to ignite?

A fire spell that can only be cast by lighting a matchstick? It won’t ignite without one?

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