Chapter 33.1: Cultivation Leveled Up (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 33.1: Cultivation Leveled Up (1/2)


The explosion left the rushing Chen Tianyuan in dismay. He was dealing with some pressing matters related to the spirit mountain when Zhang Zhengdao ran to see him in tears, saying that Wang Ke was about to be beaten to death!

But of course, Chen Tianyuan didn't know Zhang Zhengdao’s character, or else he would have known that his Guest Elder was just exaggerating things.

My disciple is about to be beaten to death? Chen Tianyuan leaped onto his flying sword and rushed toward Sword-study Peak.

Chen Tianyuan composed himself along the way. All the sect knew that Wang Ke had become his disciple. He felt that no one would intrude on Sword-study Peak to kill Wang Ke. Could it be that Zhang Zhengdao is lying?

But the next moment, he heard an explosion coming from the peak’s direction.

The explosion of the flying sword shook the entire sect. Chen Tianyuan instantly felt that things were not right. He looked over and saw Murong Luguang pouncing onto Wang Ke.

“Stop it!” Chen Tianyuan roared in fury.

Didn’t I tell him to guard the gates as punishment?Why is he here?

But Chen Tianyuan was still too far away. Amidst the cloud of smoke, Murong Luguang dashed and moved close to Wang Ke. To Wang Ke’s horror, Murong Luguang dealt a heavy blow to his abdomen.

“Outrageous!” Chen Tianyuan let out a furious cry.

Murong Luguang was at the pinnacle of the Golden Core Stage. Wouldn’t that punch be enough to destroy an Innate Stage cultivator?

Chen Tianyuan flung his sleeve and swooped down with a palm strike, attempting to save Wang Ke.


Suddenly, a Qi palm soared toward the sky and met with Chen Tianyuan’s palm. The thunderous sound of the impact reverberated across the entire square.

“Hall Lord She?” Chen Tianyuan’s face blackened.

It was She Miejue who had stopped Chen Tianyuan. Of course, the two didn't use their full power, or else their Astral Infant stage power would have shaken the entire mountain.

However, Chen Tianyuan was unable to comprehend why She Miejue had allowed Murong Luguang to thrash Wang Ke.

“Sect Lord, there’s no need to be angry. Murong Luguang knows his limits! He just wants to test your disciple!” She Miejue explained.

Only then did Chen Tianyuan suppress the raging fire in his heart and stepped down from his flying sword.

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“They are really fighting?” Zhang Zhengdao mumbled to himself in shock as he rushed over.

Did Murong Luguang know his limits? No. Murong Luguang was simply letting free rein to impulse due to shame and anger. How could such a punch be within the limits? That punch would have penetrated the abdomen of any ordinary first level Innate cultivator.

But, Wang Ke was the one who had received the punch! Moreover, Wang Ke was at a loss.

“What... What happened?” Wang Ke asked in great astonishment.

The Indestructible Solar Divine Sword didn’t protect its owner, escaping exposure. But Murong Luguang’s punch did land squarely on Wang Ke’s abdomen.

The weirdest thing was... He felt no pain!

He didn't even feel the slightest tinge of pain!

Such a massive punch with the exploding sound of a cannon. Still, he felt no pain when it landed?

This... This is not scientific!

Wang Ke’s eyes widened in confusion. And so had Murong Luguang’s eyes. His heavy punch hit the target squarely. Why did nothing happen to Wang Ke? Don’t tell me my fist is fake?

Both of them were doubting their senses. Their postures froze as they looked at each other fixedly.

“So, you were just trying to frighten Wang Ke?” Princess Youyue heaved a sigh of relief.

Princess Youyue wasn’t the only one who thought so. The other two powerful cultivators, Chen Tianyuan and She Miejue, thought along those lines. Or else, why would Wang Ke’s face not show any pain? It was all empty thunder but little rain?So, Murong Luguang does know the limit!

But does he? Zhang Zhengdao, who was rushing over from not far, did not believe it.

“Wang Ke, are you all right? Don’t pretend to be strong!” Zhang Zhengdao said in shock.

Pretend?I really am not pretending. There’s no pain, at all!

Wang Ke felt that the energy of that punch was being absorbed by his cells. Next, the powerful impact force had been channeled into his turbid essence Qi.

He could feel how his turbid Qi immediately turned from a golden yellow to a bright yellow.

It was progressing toward a black color, although in a very gradual manner.

All of a sudden, Wang Ke was reminded of the statement inside the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.”


‘Turbid Qi can absorb all kinds of power and change its color. Gold is the weakest state, while black is the most powerful! When it reaches super black, it becomes self-flammable! You can use virtue merits to turn it back into a gold color!’


Turbid essence Qi can devour all sorts of energy? Devour? It devoured the force that came from Murong Luguang’s punch? Wang Ke came to a sudden realization.


There was a loud noise from Wang Ke’s body, followed by a weak flow of Qi radiating from his skin.

“His cultivation is rising?” She Miejue was stunned.

“He’s breaking through to Innate Stage Level Two?” Chen Tianyuan also said to himself, while also being overwhelmed by shock.

“Wang Ke, your cultivation improved after being punched by Murong Luguang?” Zhang Zhengdao said in a loud voice, bewildered.

Murong Luguang: “...................................!”

A disbelieving Wang Ke looked at Murong Luguang with eyes wide open. It seems... It seems that it really happened.

The force from Murong Luguang’s punch was absorbed by his turbid essence Qi, which then changed into a bright yellow. It grew in power, and his cultivation leveled up?

Is it like passively charging a battery every time I get hit?No, I mean, passively leveling up my cultivation?And it’s not painful?

“Wang Ke, how are you feeling?” Princess Youyue asked. She was worried.

How am I?Can’t you see?Not only that, there’s no pain after getting beaten; I feel so good! And my cultivation even leveled up!But... What should I do?

If I’m not injured, how can I accuse Murong Luguang?

I could have pretended to be in pain despite feeling no pain. After all, I’m quite confident in my acting.But... What do I do about my cultivation?

If I stick to pretending to be in excruciating pain, continuously vomiting blood while my cultivation leveled up... Murong Luguang wouldn't be the only person trying to check my body, everyone would!

Forget it. I shall let Murong Luguang off this time.

Wang Ke leaped back and drew some distance from Murong Luguang with an awkward expression.

“Thank you, senior apprentice-brother Murong. I’ve broken through a bottleneck and my cultivation leveled up!” Wang Ke said with cupped fists.

“I see!” Chen Tianyuan nodded and felt relieved.

So, Murong Luguang was helping Wang Ke to break through his bottleneck.

Only two people knew that Wang Ke was lying.

The first was Zhang Zhengdao, who knew best that Wang Ke had just restarted his cultivation and had only reached the first level of the Innate Stage. Bullsh*t bottleneck! Seems like you leveled up because you got hit by that punch.Damn, I would have never expected to see such a devious cultivation technique in the world!What the hell is Wang Ke cultivating?

The other person was Murong Luguang. Help you, my a**! I was going to kill you with that punch!Kill you! You understand?But why aren’t you injured, at all, and you even had a breakthrough?Why?Why!Could all this be a hallucination?

“Revered Teacher, what a timely arrival. Just now, Senior apprentice-brother Murong destroyed my flying sword, but he also helped me achieve a breakthrough in my cultivation. I really don’t know how to face him. Please help me!” Wang Ke walked up to Chen Tianyuan immediately.

He had to lean on his revered teacher, of course. His cultivation technique could never be exposed, so he could only use Murong Luguang as a scapegoat. But seriously, Murong Luguang, you still have to compensate me for destroying my flying sword.

“What’s happening?” Chen Tianyuan frowned.

Wang Ke quickly answered before anyone else could speak. He gave a full recount of everything that had happened to Chen Tianyuan. However, he could only tell the truth because She Miejue was around, instead of exaggerating and making up stories; he only left certain parts out.

“Hall Lord She? What do you mean by this?” Chen Tianyuan asked with a frown.

“My disciple said that your disciple is cultivating with a demonic technique. It was highly likely that he was demonized, so I had to investigate!” She Miejue replied, still relentless in her stance.

“Demonized? Wang Ke? How can that be?” Chen Tianyuan asked with a frown.

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