Chapter 32.2: Refusing To Be Body-Checked (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 32.2: Refusing To Be Body-Checked (2/2)

The sword inside me is a divine sword!It’s okay if you die, but I will get in big trouble if my Indestructible Solar Divine Sword is exposed!

“Wang Ke, I believe in you. Let them check your body!” Princess Youyue was on Wang Ke’s side.

“Bull… Dear princess, I’m a man. Why should a man’s body be checked by another man?” Wang Ke tried to explain himself.

“But…!” The princess was confused by him.

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Wang Ke grew increasingly anxious. Zhang Zhengdao, you dumbass. Do you really need that much time to bring my Revered Teacher over?

“Wang Ke, my Revered Teacher asked me not to hit you too hard. Don’t worry, I won’t use any weapon, but if you still refuse to cooperate, I will have to do it by force!” Murong Luguang continued to walk toward him.

In the meantime, She Miejue stood aside and observed with narrowed eyes. She didn't seem to be against Wang Ke because her eyes were trained on Princess Youyue. No one knew She Miejue’s intention at the moment, but Wang Ke knew that She Miejue would not stop her disciple.

Murong Luguang was about to reach Wang Ke, but the latter refused to let him get closer. It would be a great loss if my Indestructible Solar Divine Sword is exposed!

“A man would rather die than be humiliated. Murong Luguang, you forced my hand!” Wang Ke yelled.


A sword shot out from one of Wang Ke’s sleeves, directly targeting Murong Luguang. That sword was bright and sharp, and its appearance shocked the latter.

“Flying sword?” Murong Luguang halted.


With a loud sound, that flying sword stopped in midair; it was pinched with two fingers by Murong Luguang.

After all, he was the eldest apprentice-brother in the sect. There was no way he could fall for a sneak attack of an Innate Stage cultivator like Wang Ke! Let alone using a flying sword.

“Is it Sun Song’s flying sword? And you still say you have no dealings with the demons?” Murong Luguang said coldly with the flying sword still held by his fingers.

“I struck that demon down. This is my loot!” Wang Ke said with a pale face while still trying to control his flying sword.

“Loot? No, you’re wrong. I gave this sword to Sun Song. This is my loot from demon-slaying. This flying sword was mine! Now, I shall take this as the sword returning to its rightful owner!” Murong Luguang declared unrelentingly.

Wang Ke’s eyes widened into a glare. Damn, your brain has brightened up?You know how to be shameless now?Why didn’t you just say that you’re fated to have this item?You dare dream about taking what is mine?

Wang Ke glanced at She Miejue, who was nearby. She wasn't at all moved, and was apparently condoning Murong Luguang’s attitude.

The two of them, an Astral Infant and a Golden Core Stage cultivator, colluding to snatch possessions from an Innate Stage weakling like me?Is there justice left in the world?The two of you... you pair of bullies!

Murong Luguang was about to sever the flying sword’s connection with Wang Ke and keep it for himself.

Seeing that, Wang Ke’s eyes turned crimson. You must be joking. No one has taken advantage of me before. How dare you even dream about taking what belongs to me!

“Detonate!” Wang Ke yelled with determined eyes.

“What are you doing? You’re detonating the flying sword? Are you nuts?” Murong Luguang was aghast. He could sense a billowing spirit energy coming from the flying sword still held with his fingers.


The flying sword exploded loudly by the Sword-study Hall’s main square.

Wang Ke’s subordinates had long before gone into hiding; only Princess Youyue was by Wang Ke’s side. He placed her behind him and took out a shield to protect himself before he detonated the flying sword.

The act of protecting the princess seemed to move She Miejue’s heart: her expression had a mixture of slight praise and acknowledgment, but was quickly substituted by a frown.

The massive explosion shook the entire Heavenly Wolf Sect. Countless disciples from different peaks looked up.

At the center of the explosion—Murong Luguang suffered a direct blow because he was restraining the sword with his fingers; the massive shockwave tore his clothes and messed up his hair. He had to thank his powerful cultivation; the explosion could have killed an ordinary Golden Core stage warrior.

Even though Wang Ke was quite a distance away, he still suffered a loss; the shield in his hand exploded into pieces, but fortunately, that protection and moving away had helped him survive.

Amidst the smoke and dust, a furious Murong Luguang painted a sorry picture. Wang Ke, you bastard. You would rather detonate your flying sword than return it to me?Forget about detonating the flying sword. How dare you use this chance to put on a show to protect the princess behind your back.Now she’s looking at you with even gentler eyes.

The princess is a Golden Core cultivator. Does she need an Innate Stage cultivator like you to protect her?You did it on purpose to gain her favor.

“Curse you!” Murong Luguang roared furiously as he pounced toward Wang Ke.

“Stop!” A loud cry came from the sky.

Wang Ke was ecstatic. “Revered Teacher, help me!”

It’s Chen Tianyuan’s voice. My Revered Teacher is here!That’s awesome!

Anger filled Murong Luguang’s heart. A Golden Core stage cultivator like him had suffered continuous losses because of a mere Innate Stage cultivator. More importantly, that weakling was his love rival. How could he not be mad about it?

Even though he had heard Chen Tianyuan’s loud cry, Murong Luguang didn’t stop; he actually hastened his movement. He reached Wang Ke in an instant and was about to vent his anger at the cost of being reprimanded by the Sect Lord.

“Enough!” She Miejue commanded.

But it was too late; Murong Luguang’s punch was too fast. It had already landed a direct blow on Wang Ke’s abdomen.

Wang Ke was overcome with fear. Is my Indestructible Solar Divine Sword going to be exposed?This dumbass Murong Luguang... If you want to be killed by my sword, at least don’t expose my treasure!Oh no, I can no longer hide my secret!


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