Chapter 32.1: Refusing To Be Body-checked (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 32.1: Refusing To Be Body-checked (1/2)

The Heavenly Wolf Sect. Sword-study Hall’s parade square!

Murong Luguang was furious because Wang Ke said that he was prone to cause domestic violence.

Previously—when he was pursuing the princess’ love, although her mother obstructed him—the princess admired and loved him. Now, he even had his revered teacher as a mediator to resolve the grudge inside the princess’ heart. This should have been easy! It’s all Wang Ke’s fault!What a bastard!

“Wang Ke, you collected all kinds of poisonous materials and used them for an evil cultivation technique. You used this evil technique to confuse the minds of others and bewitched Princess Youyue. You deserve to be punished!” Murong Luguang glared at Wang Ke.

“I haven’t been bewitched by any evil cultivation technique!” Princess Youyue continued insisting, clearly frustrated.

“Princess, those bewitched are unaware of their condition. The minds of those who turn into demons are also distorted. They don’t even realize they have changed!” Murong Luguang said with a stern tone.

“I’m fine!” Princess Youyue was increasingly frustrated.

Still, Wang Ke held the princess back, signaling her not to continue debating with the guy; her former lover’s mind was clouded by envy.

“East Wolf Hall Lord, your disciple has been demonized. His temperament changed drastically, and he finds every opportunity to accuse others. He no longer has the demeanor our eldest apprentice-brother should have. Esteemed Lord, please judge him and eradicate this demon!” Wang Ke said suddenly with cupped fists.

She Miejue looked at Wang Ke with narrowed eyes but decided to remain silent.

“Wang Ke, you dare slander me?” Murong Luguang said with an icy voice.

“You slandered me first!” Wang Ke shrugged his shoulders.

“Slander? Everything I said is true!” Murong Luguang replied coldly.

“I’ve also spoken the truth!” Wang Ke replied.

“Your accusation is just a bunch of baseless words. You have no evidence!” Murong Luguang rebutted coldly.

“Isn’t it the same for you too?” Wang Ke replied calmly.


“We are both slandering each other. Don’t talk as though you’re better than me. If you have evidence, take it out. The East Wolf Hall Lord has discerning eyes; even she has agreed that I’m not cultivating any evil techniques. Do you think you have a better judgement than hers? Moreover, you say I dabble in evil arts when even my Revered Teacher hasn’t noticed it... how is it that you can? You are so awesome! You clearly surpassed the East Wolf Hall Lord and even the Sect Lord. Why don’t you talk to your master and make her your eldest disciple, so that you may become the new Hall Lord?” Wang Ke said with a mocking tone.

“You!” Murong Luguang’s face blackened.

“East Wolf Hall Lord, this is Sword-study Peak! Please restrain your disciple! Please prevent him from disturbing our sect’s harmony!” Wang Ke looked toward She Miejue.

Murong Luguang’s face was unsightly. He usually wasn’t a rash person; but somehow, he couldn’t hold back his anger whenever he saw Wang Ke. It could be because the latter had snatched his woman and messed up his wedding. The hatred in his heart had pushed him to the edge.

She Miejue was surprised by Wang Ke’s words, but she didn't concede. “I think Murong Luguang has a point!” She Miejue replied calmly.

“Hmm?” Wang Ke looked at She Miejue with widened eyes.

You really have the face to say these words?You are so biased.

“See, Wang Ke? My revered teacher voiced her opinion. You cannot talk your way out of this!” Murong Luguang said coldly.

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“You said that I have a lot of poisonous materials. Why don’t you search the place? I will admit to your claims if you find any!” Wang Ke shrugged his shoulders.

Search? Of course, they could not find anything. All the materials had been turned into turbid essence Qi; there was no evidence left! Wang Ke invited them to search in order to buy time.

It’s obvious. Your revered teacher is biased. I would be stupid if I were to continue arguing with you!As long as I delay a while longer, Zhang Zhengdao will bring my revered teacher here. By then I’ll have my backing and will no longer be afraid of you.

Murong Luguang’s eyes glowed; he was about to step into Sword-study Hall.

“There’s no need to search. I’ve probed the area with my mind. There’s no poisonous material here!” She Miejue explained calmly.

“What?” Murong Luguang was shocked.

“Revered teacher, he must have hidden them in his storage bag! Or his storage bangle!” Murong Luguang reminded her.

There was a limited space inside storage bangles and bags. By right, Wang Ke shouldn't have been able to store that many carts of poisonous materials inside. Still, Murong Luguang was determined to condemn Wang Ke. So, he was desperate to check the latter’s storage bags and bangle; even if he only found remains of those materials, he could use that to support his case.

Only with enough evidence could he act against Wang Ke and punish him. At the same time, it would make Princess Youyue dislike Wang Ke and return to him.

“East Wolf Hall Lord.” Wang Ke’s expression changed. “Aren’t you guys too much? I’m the Sect Lord’s disciple. Why don’t we wait until the Sect Lord arrives and make the decision together?”

“No need. Checking the storage bangle won’t help, either. Evil cultivation techniques are mostly accompanied by demonic Qi. The only thing we need to do is test your essence Qi!” She Miejue said with a deep voice.

“East Wolf Hall Lord, can we wait for my revered teacher to come?” Wang Ke pleaded again.

“There’s no need! Even if he comes, my stance will not change. No demon shall remain alive before me! If you’re a demonic spy, I will slay you even if you’re the Sect Lord’s disciple. If you’re not, I will make my student apologize.” She Miejue was determined.

“Hold on!” Wang Ke cried out.

“Hahaha, ‘wait’? My revered teacher has given her orders. No one would dare stop at this point! Wang Ke, if you have no problems, you should just let me check!” Murong Luguang walked over proudly.

“Luguang, you must not act too harshly before we confirm he’s a demon!” She Miejue instructed.

“Don’t worry, revered teacher!” Murong Luguang walked toward Wang Ke.

“Murong Luguang, don’t come any closer!” Wang Ke said in great displeasure.

Wang Ke didn't expect the pair of teacher-disciple would subject him to a body-check!

Are you kidding me?I’m always the one who checks others. How can I allow anyone to check my body?What if my Indestructible Solar Divine Sword takes you as an intruder and automatically kills you when you check my body?

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