Chapter 205 - I'm In A Hurry
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 205 - I'm In A Hurry

When they stepped out of the caves, the Skeletal Warriors immediately spotted by the giant burning eye.

The giant burning eye issued an alarm just like last time. The dungeon shook, and lava shot into the sky and turned into a rain of fire.

The Skeletal Warriors ignored the rain of lava and continued to run forward. They rushed into the palace, drew the two Fire God's Palace Guards, and then turned back instantly, not engaging the opponent in combat.

Subsequently, the Skeletal Warriors ran back toward the caves, followed by a bunch of monsters. From Fire Sprites, to Winged Flamewinders, and Flare Lizards, they were followed by different kinds of monsters.

The two Fire God's Palace Guards could only be squeezed into the back of the group.

Lin Moyu stepped out of the caverns at this time, looked at the skeletons running his way, and showed a knowing smile.

He can use explosions once more!

Skeletal Warriors appeared one by one, for a total of 10. This time they weren't released from the summon space, but were newly summoned.

At this moment, Lin Moyu's EXP reached 98%. Once the monsters pursuing the four Skeletal Warriors were blown up, he will definitely be able to level up.

After he has leveled up, his spirit force will be reset. This was a great opportunity that can't be wasted.

Lin Moyu made calculations beforehand. After summoning the 10 Skeletal Warriors, he still had 400-plus spirit force left. This was enough for him to unleash several explosions and level up.

The 10 brand new Skeletal Warriors and the four returning Skeletal Warriors join together. The 14 Skeletal Warriors targeted a Flare Lizard at the front of the monster legion and activated their skill.

Lin Moyu wasn't idle either. He raised his hands and used two skills at the same time.

Skill: Slowing Curse!

Skill: Soul Blaze!

Along with a droning sound, a large red net fell down, and the pursuing monsters turned slow.

At this moment, the attacks of the Skeletal Warriors and Soul Blaze arrived.

Instakill! Before the Flare Lizard even had

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