Chapter 206 - A New Record; An Invisible Slap In The Face Is The Most Devastating
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 206 - A New Record; An Invisible Slap In The Face Is The Most Devastating

Clack, clack!

The sounds of Skeletal Warriors running kept rising from behind. The Skeletal Warrior were dragging a bunch of corpses behind them. However, the monster corpses were disappearing, their health completely gone.

Only the Fire God's Palace Guards' corpses still remained. After all, their health was higher, and thus they could hold out a while longer.

The Skeletal Warriors, enveloped in flames, were constantly suffering damage. Even with the Elemental Resistance skill, which could reduce elemental damage by three times, even with the physique attribute of 24,000 points, the continuous stream of damage still gradually drained their health.

In nightmare rank difficulty, the Skeletal Warriors could last for up to 10 hours. In hell rank difficulty, however, the Skeletal Warriors could only last for less than three hours.

If they were to enter combat and take damage, the time would be further shortened.

Therefore, Lin Moyu was in a hurry. He didn't want to see more Skeletal Warriors dying.

After all, they were the most loyal soldiers, which he personally summoned. They couldn't speak and had no emotions, yet Lin Moyu was unwilling to let them die. He regarded them as comrades-in-arms and partners.

"Fortunately the dungeon isn't big!"

Yes, fortunately the dungeon wasn't big.

After passing through the garden of lava guarded by the Fire God's Palace Gardener, they entered the area where the boss was located.

That huge eye flew over again, landed on top of the waterfall, and then turned into a Lava Giant with a single eye.

The Lava Giant rose amid booming noise, awakening.

"Can't you be faster!"

Soul Blaze burned in Lin Moyu's hand, and then fell on the Lava Giant. But it didn't have any effect. There was an invisible force blocking Lin Moyu's Soul Blaze.

During the awakening process, the Lava Giant couldn't be attacked. This was a feature of the dungeon, restraining Lin Moyu's actions.

There was nothing he could do but wait. Nevertheless, he still tried to use Soul Blaze.

The health of the Fire G

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