Chapter 207 - Two Top Institutes; Covered In Boss Accessories
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 207 - Two Top Institutes; Covered In Boss Accessories

The news that the Fire God's Palace Hall dungeon had been upgraded to hell rank difficulty spread like wildfire. The students from the various institutes were all eager to tackle the dungeon.

After all, the legend of the Fire God's Palace Hall dungeon had been around for many years, widely circulated among class users. Many were extremely curious about the dungeon 'elemental fragments'.

Simultaneously, news of Lin Moyu setting a new dungeon record also spread. The record, slightly over an hour, made people lose any desire to compete.

But that didn't matter. If not first place, there was still second or third. After all, Lin Moyu had created one miracle after another. Being overshadowed by him wasn't something to be ashamed of.

It seemed that regarding any dungeon Lin Moyu tackled, others could only vie for second or third place. Anyway, as long as they ranked in the top three, they were considered strong.

When the various institutes were ready to take action, another piece of news came out.

The Baili Institute dispatched a party, led by Baili Sheng himself, but then returned in defeat. Baili Sheng left the Dungeon Hall disheartened, looking utterly crushed.

Despite how he usually conducted himself, Baili Sheng was still known for his strength. For him to fail was quite surprising.

Some curious individuals investigated the details of the dungeon.

From the members of the Baili Institute, they learned the specifics: the monsters were incredibly strong, similar to other hell rank dungeons; the party didn't get far before being forced to retreat due to the relentless assault of the fire element.

The key takeaway was the need for one support for status buffs and at least five Healers—with four it would be excessively hard to raid the dungeon.

As for damage dealers, they had to be Mages or physical class users of the wind, water, or lightning types. Fire-type damage dealers were useless.

There were some changes from the nightmare rank difficulty, but nothing major. The main difference was the number of Healers and the nee

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