Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms

A disgraced war god becoming OP and face slapping everyone that stands in his way

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Dao Is Not Easy
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Fang Chen was once the strongest martial artist and a highly respected marshall of Great Xia, but a tragic defeat in the Three Realms Mountain that resulted in the deaths of 600,000 soldiers dragged him down from his lofty position.

He became blind, and his enemy destroyed his ki sea, crippling him as a martial artist for good.

Five years later, Fang Chen stumbles upon a wandering daoist who sees potential in him as a cultivator and takes him in as a disciple. By then, Great Xia has become the weakest state in the region, and it's suffering from both internal and external threats. With his newfound power and sharp wits, Fang Chen will purge the filth in his country, eliminate external threats, and restore the dignity of his people!

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